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1 Low birth weight, preterm birth may increase risk for hip replacement in adulthood
2 Moderate alcohol benefits: only for 15% of population
3 Teen binge drinking linked to long-term brain changes
4 Smoking linked to increased risk of chronic back pain
5 Exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke linked to reduced blood vessel function
6 Drugs raise sexually transmitted infection risk for swingers
7 Specific brain neurons responsible for nicotine addiction
8 Could a high-fat diet help slow brain aging?
9 Walnut-enriched diet slows Alzheimer's progression in mice
10 Researchers identify new neurological disorder linked to Alzheimer's
11 Vitamin B may not reduce memory loss risk after all
12 Traumatic brain injury in older adults linked to increased dementia risk
13 'Milk consumption may increase risk of fractures, overall mortality'
14 Habitual running 'may protect against knee osteoarthritis, not cause it'
15 Ibuprofen 'preferable to morphine' for child fractures
16 Better bone strength offered by new dietary supplement
17 What are the health benefits of watercress?
18 GPs should prescribe Vitamin D to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain
19 Western University researchers identify potential therapeutic target for osteoarthritis
20 Sleeping with more than 20 women in a lifetime linked to lower prostate cancer risk
21 Stem cells that release cancer-killing toxins offer new brain tumor treatment
22 Study extols anti-prostate cancer effects of walnuts
23 Lactose-intolerant people have lower risk of certain cancers--but why?
24 Oral HPV 'can be transmitted by oral-to-oral, oral-to-genital routes'
25 Heart failure linked to gut bacteria compound
26 Use the force: genes controlled by the power of human thought
27 Single blood test that screens for several cancers steps closer
28 Pancreatic cancer blood test: scientists discover more potential markers
29 Simple saliva test may reveal deadly diseases early enough to treat them
30 Endoscopy alternative found in 'sponge on a string' test for pre-cancer diagnosis
31 Weight 'influenced by gut bacteria'
32 Ancient viruses regenerated from 700-year-old frozen reindeer poop
33 Surviving or dying from Ebola may be partly down to genes
34 The genetic origins of 21 autoimmune diseases revealed by molecular map
35 The secret life of anti-cancer drugs
36 Automated reminders improve medication adherence and cholesterol control
37 How to get teens and young adults with chronic conditions to take their medications
38 Reminders to take meds via text messages could be useful tool in fight against malaria
39 Seasonal depression 'caused by increased levels of serotonin transporter protein'
40 Cigar smoking 'just as harmful as cigarette smoking'
41 Can secondhand smoke exposure cause weight gain?
42 New WHO protocol on 'safe and dignified' Ebola burials
43 Lasting protection against Ebola from single-dose inhaled vaccine looks feasible
44 Cheap, fast 'paper strip' test for Ebola, other infections, steps closer
45 CDC issue interim guidance on Ebola monitoring
46 Ebola survivors' blood to undergo evaluation as treatment option
47 What is an 'unusual' sexual fantasy?
48 Black tea, citrus consumption 'could lower ovarian cancer risk'
49 Sea sponge-derived drug could extend life for breast cancer patients
50 Women's finer sense of smell may be due to more brain cells
51 Low-cost air purifiers can help to eliminate 'sick-building syndrome'
52 Children's lungs adversely affected by indoor air pollution
53 CDC: improper contact lens care can lead to blindness
54 Macular degeneration may respond to new laser therapy
55 New gene linked to blindness and Parkinson's diseases
56 Google glass: could it cause blind spots?
57 Prostate cancer spread may be halted by molecular breakthrough
58 Potential new treatment for two major eye diseases using tiny needles
59 Cocoa flavanols associated with improved memory in seniors
60 Older brains benefit from all types of exercise
61 High levels of toxic molds identified in herbal medicines
62 FDA approves Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) for the treatment of patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis
63 Europe approves novel Australian drug developed for rare sun disease
64 Miniature human stomach grown from stem cells
65 Celiac disease triggers may include non-gluten proteins
66 Drink more fluid to cut risk of further kidney stones, say doctors
67 Researchers question long-term benefits of popular diets
68 Chronic fatigue: structural abnormalities found in brains of patients
69 Study investigates why sadness is the longest-lasting emotion
70 High consumption of trans fats linked to poorer memory in men
71 Researchers discover lung regeneration mechanism
72 Could a common blood pressure drug completely reverse diabetes?
73 Type 2 diabetes: brown fat signalling pathway could yield new treatment
74 Molecule could suppress immune system's 'friendly fire'
75 What are the health benefits of pears?
76 Scientists convert human skin cells directly into brain cells
77 Researchers identify first molecular steps that lead to pancreatic cancer
78 High-intensity sound waves shape platform for regenerative medicine
79 Study of stem cell origins sheds new light
80 Insight into how cells copy chromosomes important for fighting cancer
81 The health benefits of whole grain oats: new scientific review
82 Study links high LDL cholesterol to aortic valve disease
83 Reduced risk of heart disease associated with replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat
84 Heart health enhanced by herbs and spices
85 Among other health benefits walnuts slow prostate cancer growth
86 Genetically 'editing' human blood stem cells--a possible new approach to treating HIV/AIDS
87 Breakthrough in stem cell treatment for Parkinson's
88 Hepatitis C vaccine shows promise in early clinical trial
89 Chemical in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease
90 IU researchers identify key mechanism and potential target to prevent leukemia
91 Smart bomb engineered by researchers to attack childhood leukemia
92 What is bone marrow? What does bone marrow do?
93 UF researchers discover leukemia's hiding places
94 Healthier food choices could dramatically decrease environmental costs of agriculture
95 Scientists trigger self-destruct switch in lung cancer cells
96 Highly effective new anti-cancer drug shows few side effects in mice
97 A vaccine directed against tumor blood vessels suppress tumor growth and metastasis
98 Diagnosing lung cancer before it is detected by imaging
99 New effective, safe and cheap treatment strategy for rheumatoid arthritis
100 Could a Japanese mushroom extract eradicate HPV?
101 AHCC, Japanese mushroom extract, eradicates HPV infections in women
102 Geographic origin of AIDS pandemic identified
103 New technique to switch off pain at source
104 Pain relief for dogs with arthritis: new natural supplement may have implications for humans too
105 Diabetes nerve pain can be treated with cheaper drugs just as effectively
106 Smoking in early teens linked to higher risk of severe menstrual cramps
107 Predicting tumor spread by sorting traveling cancer cells
108 Promising treatment option and improved survival rates for patients with ovarian, breast, pancreatic, and prostate cancers
109 Updated guideline recommends not using PSA test for prostate cancer
110 Lab on a chip detects prostate cancer, kidney disease on the spot