File Title
1 A colorful gathering of middle-aged stars
2 'Eye of Sauron' provides new way of measuring distances to galaxies
3 Using supermassive black holes to measure cosmic distances
4 'Giant' charge density disturbances discovered in nanomaterials
5 Carnegie Mellon researchers identify brain regions that encode words, grammar, story
6 Van der Waals force re-measured
7 Shaping the future of energy storage with conductive clay
8 Young scientist discovers new method to achieve ultra-narrow laser linewidth
9 Glassy protein solution may cause eyesight deterioration
10 Global quantum communications--no longer the stuff of fiction?
11 Protons fuel graphene prospects
12 Particles, Waves and Ants
13 New International Collaboration Investigates the Laguna del Maule Volcanic Field, Chile
14 Study details laser pulse effects on behavior of electrons
15 Matched "hybrid" systems may hold key to wider use of renewable energy
16 NASA's Van Allen Probes Spot an Impenetrable Barrier in Space
17 Blu-ray disc can be used to improve solar cell performance
18 Body size requires hormones under control
19 Centipede's genome reveals how life evolved on our planet
20 DNA may survive suborbital spaceflight, re-entry
21 Arctic conditions may become critical for polar bears by end of 21st century
22 Modeling the past to understand the future of a stronger El Nino
23 The unbelievable underworld and its impact on us all
24 Diverting a river from ecological disaster in northwestern China could provide new sustainable model
25 Clues to trees' salt tolerance found in native habitat, leaf traits
26 Graphene/nanotube hybrid benefits flexible solar cells
27 Musicians show advantages in long-term memory, UT Arlington research says
28 Handheld ultrasound technology can help medical students improve their physical diagnosis
29 When it comes to teen alcohol use, close friends have more influence than peers
30 New Report Explores NYC Students' Pathways into and Through College
31 Illinois researchers develop social sensing game to detect classroom bullies
32 Professional majors strengthen the mission of liberal arts colleges
33 Job authority increases depression symptoms in women, decreases them in men
34 Effectiveness of campaigns addressing violence against women and girls examined
35 Unstable Child Care Can Affect Children by Age 4
36 It's filamentary: How galaxies evolve in the cosmic web
37 Vermicompost leachate improves tomato seedling growth
38 Educating on sickle cell risk
39 Understanding natural compounds
40 Stock market models help NYU researchers predict animal behavior
41 Gene sequencing projects link two mutations to Ewing sarcoma subtype with poor prognosis
42 Forecasting diseases using Wikipedia
43 Solving the puzzle of cooperation in group environments
44 Study predicts likely Ebola cases entering UK and US through airport screening
45 Recommendation theory
46 Credit score can also describe health status
47 Datasets used by policymakers, scientists for public health analyses inconsistent
48 People who gained weight after quitting smoking still had lower death risk
49 New model clarifies photoexcited thin-film lattice dynamics
50 Computer model sets new precedent in drug discovery
51 Risk analysis for a complex world
52 'Green Revolution' changes breathing of the biosphere
53 Epidemic spreading and neurodegenerative progression
54 A new tool for identifying onset of local influenza outbreaks
55 When vaccines are imperfect
56 How the hummingbird achieves its aerobatic feats
57 Penn team's game theory analysis shows how evolution favors cooperation's collapse
58 Tiny Patient Prompts Advance in Neuro-genetics
59 An enzyme that fixes broken DNA sometimes destroys it instead, Stanford researchers find
60 Post-medieval Polish buried as potential 'vampires' were likely local
61 Blistering skin disease may be treatable with 'therapeutic reprogramming,' researchers say
62 How a common antacid could lead to cheaper anti-cancer drugs
63 Study finds potential predictive biomarker for response to PD-L1 checkpoint blocker
64 Scientists discover treatment breakthrough for advanced bladder cancer
65 Vaccines may make war on cancer personal
66 Human antibodies produced in DNA-vaccinated cows protect in lethal models of hantavirus
67 New measuring system to objectively ascertain the level of fatigue in physicians through eye movement
68 Research team proves the efficacy of new drug against stem cells that provoke the onset and growth of cancer and its metastasis
69 Study unlocks basis of key immune protein's two-faced role
70 Minimally invasive disc surgery is a pain in the neck
71 Brain Researchers Pinpoint Gateway to Human Memory
72 More public health interventions required to tackle grim reaper of 'lifestyle' diseases
73 Saving ovaries does not help prevent prolapse for women after menopause
74 SLU Researcher Finds an Off Switch for Pain
75 Trial shows new imaging system may cut x-ray exposure for liver cancer patients
76 The American athletics track is still a man's world
77 11-country survey of older adults: Americans sicker but have quicker access to specialists
78 UC Research Examines an Emerging Issue: Treatment of Transgender Prison Populations
79 Not all baseball stars treated equally in TV steroid coverage, says study of network news
80 Ambulance risk
81 Brain's reaction to virtual reality should prompt further study, suggests new research by UCLA neuroscientists
82 Policing Canada in the 21st century: New policing for new challenges
83 International Team Reveals Barriers to Public Health Data-Sharing; Proposes Life-Saving Solutions
84 Sportswomen still second best to the Press
85 Problem gambling, personality disorders often go hand in hand
86 Study Maps How City Neighborhoods Affect Diabetes Risk
87 Athletes' testosterone surges not tied to winning, study finds
88 Why do people with autism see faces differently?
89 Elderly brains learn, but maybe too much
90 With age, we lose our visual learning filter
91 Study: Most people with dementia never have screening
92 Why do so many seniors with memory loss and dementia never get tested?
93 Follow-up on psychiatric disorders in young people after release from detention
94 How various brain areas interact in decisions
95 Sun's rotating 'magnet' pulls lightning towards UK
96 Spooky alignment of quasars across billions of light-years
97 A jettisoned black hole?
98 Unravelling the mystery of gamma-ray bursts
99 Himalaya tectonic dam with a discharge
100 The riddle of the missing stars
101 How to estimate the magnetic field of an exoplanet?
102 Time-lapse photos and synched weather data unlock Antarctic secrets
103 Asteroid impacts on Earth make structurally bizarre diamonds, say ASU scientists
104 Star Trek-like invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth
105 Researchers identify a natural shield against harmful radiation belt
106 Study Supports Free "Super WiFi"
107 A hybrid vehicle that delivers DNA
108 Research yields material made of single-atom layers that snap together like Legos
109 Studying the speed of multi-hop Bluetooth networks
110 University of Minnesota engineers make sound loud enough to bend light on a computer chip