File Title
1 Local enforcement of federal immigration laws affects immigrant Hispanics' healthcare
2 Urban stressors may contribute to rising rate of diabetes in developing nations
3 Hot flashes linked to increased risk of hip fracture
4 Less than half of UK prescriptions for antipsychotics issued for main licensed conditions
5 In one aspect of vision, computers catch up to primate brain
6 Tooth loss linked to slowing mind and body
7 Expectant fathers experience prenatal hormone changes
8 CNIO researchers treat heart attacks with new gene therapy based on telomerase enzyme
9 Preventing hepatitis C patients from being lost in the health-care system
10 Internet addiction affects 6 percent of people worldwide
11 Mutations need help from aging tissue to cause leukemia
12 NOAA establishes 'tipping points' for sea level rise related flooding
13 Research shows E.B. White was right in 'Charlotte's Web'
14 Neuroscientists identify brain mechanisms that predict generosity in children
15 OCD patients' brains light up to reveal how compulsive habits develop
16 High blood sugar in young children with type 1 diabetes linked to changes in brain growth
17 Televised medical talk shows: Health education or entertainment?
18 Family criticizing your weight? You might add more pounds
19 Technophobia may keep seniors from using apps to manage diabetes
20 Reducing emergency surgery cuts health care costs
21 IMF lending undermined healthcare provision in Ebola-stricken West Africa
22 Consumer purchases of cakes, cookies and pies have decreased by 24 percent
23 NASA study shows 13-year record of drying Amazon caused vegetation declines
24 Researchers detect possible signal from dark matter
25 SwRI scientists develop solar observatory for use on suborbital manned space missions
26 Interstellar mystery solved by supercomputer simulations
27 Swarms of Pluto-size objects kick-up dust around adolescent Sun-like star
28 Nuclear fragments could help uncover the origins of life-supporting planets
29 Researchers use real data rather than theory to measure the cosmos
30 Earth's most abundant mineral finally has a name
31 Satellite shows return of the Pineapple Express
32 Massive study provides first detailed look at how Greenland's ice is vanishing
33 Migrating 'supraglacial' lakes could trigger future Greenland ice loss
34 NASA's MAVEN mission identifies links in chain leading to atmospheric loss
35 NASA Goddard instrument makes first detection of organic matter on Mars
36 Ancient, hydrogen-rich waters discovered deep underground at locations around the world
37 New TGen test uses the unique genetics of women to uncover neurologic disorders
38 Control on shape of light particles opens the way to 'quantum internet'
39 Algorithm identifies networks of genetic changes across cancers
40 Ancient wisdom boosts sustainability of biotech cotton
41 Stanford team combines logic, memory to build a 'high-rise' chip
42 Too much, too little, just right
43 Molecular 'hats' allow in vivo activation of disguised signaling peptides
44 A novel tool to study life-threatening arrhythmias: A genetically engineered pig
45 Potential new tool for cervical cancer detection and diagnosis
46 Climate change could leave cities more in the dark
47 Lead islands in a sea of graphene magnetize the material of the future
48 Disney Research builds computer models to analyze play in pro basketball and soccer
49 New algorithm a Christmas gift to 3-D printing--and the environment
50 Research finds confusion has 'chilling effects' in online creative publishing
51 Dartmouth researchers create 'green' process to reduce molecular switching waste
52 Researchers generate tunable photon-pair spectrum using room-temperature quantum optics silicon chip
53 'Radiogenetics' seeks to remotely control cells and genes
54 Microwave imaging of the breast
55 First real-world trial of impact of patient-controlled access to electronic medical records
56 Cracking the code of brain development
57 New technology advances eye tracking as biomarker for brain function and brain injury
58 Stay complex, my friends
59 Big-data analysis reveals gene sharing in mice
60 Better focus at the micro world: A low-budget focus stacking system for mass digitization
61 Fine tuning your campaign
62 Machine learning reveals unexpected genetic roots of cancers, autism and other disorders
63 'Deep learning' finds autism, cancer mutations in unexplored regions of the genome
64 New technique moves researchers closer to new range of biosensors
65 CNIO researchers treat heart attacks with new gene therapy based on telomerase enzyme
66 How does enzymatic pretreatment affect the nanostructure and reaction space of lignocellulosic biomass?
67 Research aims to improve rechargeable batteries by focusing on graphene oxide paper
68 Scientists reveal breakthrough in optical fiber communications
69 The VuePod: Powerful enough for a gamer, made for an engineer
70 Making a good thing better
71 Atom-thick CCD could capture images
72 Earth's deep crust could support widespread life
73 Comet lander's location still eludes scientists
74 Parasite test shows where validation studies can go wrong
75 UK releases world's largest university assessment
76 Ebola survivors fight prejudice
77 Still no stem cells via easy 'STAP' path
78 Secret to crowdfunding success: build a fanbase
79 European court clears way for stem-cell patents
80 Books & Arts of 2014
81 How do you test an Ebola vaccine?
82 Satellite maps global carbon dioxide levels
83 Japanese scientist resigns as 'STAP' stem-cell method fails
84 Animal-rights activists ramp up campaigns in Europe
85 Peer review--reviewed
86 Ebola raises profile of blood-based therapy
87 US to lift ban on blood donations from gay men
88 Rudimentary egg and sperm cells made from stem cells
89 N/A
90 Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram
91 Developing world: Far-flung physics
92 Challenge the abuse of science in setting policy
93 Keep asking the question
94 Honest brokers
95 Spin cycle
96 Astrobiology: Prescient words on comets and life
97 Scientific method: Defend the integrity of physics
98 Infectious disease: Mobilizing Ebola survivors to curb the epidemic
99 Viking Women Colonized New Lands, Too
100 Opulent Clothing Unearthed in Ming Dynasty Tomb
101 Did Deadly Gamma-Ray Burst Cause a Mass Extinction on Earth?
102 Quantum Teleportation Reaches Farthest Distance Yet
103 How Your Refrigerator Will Help Power the Future (Op-Ed)
104 Alleged Dead Sea Scrolls Looters Indicted in Israel
105 Secrets of Dinosaur Footprints Revealed in Bird X-Rays
106 Parents May Overestimate Marijuana's Effects on Kids' Seizures
107 Laser-Zapping Experiment Simulates Beginnings of Life on Earth
108 Tech that Checks Your Vital Signs Could Find What Docs Miss
109 California Drought Linked to Natural Causes, Not Climate Change