File Title
1 Vultures survive toxic diet with bacterial help
2 LHC's 'heart' starts pumping protons before restart
3 Polyethylene mulch, glazing create optimal conditions for soil solarization
4 Researchers discover natural resistance gene against spruce budworm
5 Next-door leopards: First GPS-collar study reveals how leopards live with people
6 Hello, world [new plant species discovered in S. Carolina]
7 Can stress management help save honeybees?
8 Endangered Idaho salmon regaining fitness advantage
9 Italian natural history museums on the verge of collapse?
10 Avoiding ecosystem collapse
11 Lionfish analysis reveals most vulnerable prey as invasion continues
12 Climate Change Could Affect Future of Lake Michigan Basin
13 Grasshoppers signal slow recovery of post-agricultural woodlands, study finds
14 Biology trumps chemistry in open ocean
15 CT scans of coral skeletons reveal ocean acidity increases reef erosion
16 Study: Conserving soil and water in dryland wheat region
17 Circumstances are right for weed invasion to escalate, researchers say
18 International collaboration completes genome sequence of centipede
19 Scientists could save thousands of pounds with student's DIY microscope
20 Endangered hammerhead shark found migrating into unprotected waters
21 Mining can damage fish habitats far downstream, study shows
22 A warming world may spell bad news for honey bees
23 Another reason to be thankful: turkeys may be lifesavers
24 Hydrothermal Settlers
25 Study investigates land use concepts in tropical mountain forests
26 Toolkit for ocean health
27 The influence of the Isthmus of Panama in the evolution of freshwater shrimps in America
28 Taking a deeper look at 'ancient wing'
29 African diamond mine reveals dinosaur and large mammal tracks
30 New insights into an old bird
31 Exquisite ancient horse fossil preserves uterus with unborn foal
32 Tricky take-off kept pterodactyls grounded
33 Complete 9,000-year-old frozen bison mummy found in Siberia
34 Rabbit-proof hoof: Ungulates suppressed lagomorph evolution
35 Ancient DNA shows earliest European genomes weathered the Ice Age
36 New Zealand's moa were exterminated by an extremely low-density human population
37 Origin of the unique ventilatory apparatus of turtles
38 A/C came standard on armored dinosaur models
39 Termite of the sea's wood destruction strategy revealed
40 Archaeologists discover remains of Ice Age infants in Alaska
41 Too many people, not enough water: Now and 2,700 years ago
42 Supercomputing beyond genealogy reveals surprising European ancestors
43 Climate change was not to blame for the collapse of the Bronze Age
44 Has one of Harald Bluetooth's fortresses come to light?
45 Queen's researchers prove for the first time that ash clouds can cross Atlantic Ocean
46 Digging for Answers
47 Dizzying heights: Prehistoric farming on the 'roof of the world'
48 Laser from a plane discovers Roman goldmines in Spain
49 Ancient rock art discovery across Asia
50 Permafrost soil: Possible source of abrupt rise in greenhouse gases at end of last Ice Age
51 Extreme weather in the Arctic problematic for people, wildlife
52 Mediterranean meteorological tide has increased by over a millimetre a year since 1989
53 Livermore Lab scientists show salinity matters when it comes to sea level changes
54 GPM measured Tropical Storm Adjali's rainfall before dissipation
55 Fiddler on the Roof? Northern Extension of Fiddler Crabs' Range May be Sign of Climate Change
56 Environmental 'tipping points' key to predicting extinctions
57 Underwater robot sheds new light on Antarctic sea ice
58 El Nino stunts children's growth in Peru
59 New volume documents the science at the legendary snowmastodon fossil site in Colorado
60 Global warming cynics unmoved by extreme weather
61 Unmanned underwater vehicle provides first 3-D images of underside of Antarctic sea ice
62 Better forecasts for sea ice under climate change
63 Researchers find way to turn sawdust into gasoline
64 Satellite Views Early Thanksgiving Travel Trouble Areas in U.S.
65 First harvest of research based on the final GOCE gravity model
66 Vegetable oil ingredient key to destroying gastric disease bacteria
67 A link between DNA transcription and disease-causing expansions
68 Mere expectation of treatment can improve brain activity in Parkinson's patients
69 Powdered measles vaccine found safe in early clinical trials
70 Therapy Found Effective in Older, African American Lung Cancer Patients
71 Bioengineering study finds two-cell mouse embryos already talking about their future
72 Dogs hear our words and how we say them
73 Research on a rare cancer exposes possible route to new treatments
74 iPS cells used to correct genetic mutations that cause muscular dystrophy
75 Enzyme may be key to cancer progression in many tumors
76 Precise measurements of microbial ecosystems
77 Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration, study says
78 The mysterious 'action at a distance' between liquid containers
79 Classical enzymatic theory revised by including water motions
80 New guide to the genetic jungle of muscles can help health research
81 An eel-lectrifying future for autonomous underwater robots
82 Amazonian shrimps: An underwater world still unknown
83 Process converts human waste into rocket fuel
84 Copper on the Brain at Rest
85 Firms Intentionally Pressure Sales People to Invest in Costly Internal Negotiations, INFORMS Study Finds
86 A global report card: Are children better off than they were 25 years ago?
87 New survey of employers about the health insurance market
88 New 'CoCo' bonds may worsen financial crisis situations
89 Possibilities for personalized vaccines revealed at ESMO symposium
90 Immune checkpoint inhibitors may work in brain cancers
91 Trouble with your boss? Own it.
92 Obesity-attributable absenteeism among US workers costs the nation more than $8 billion annually
93 Self-regulation intervention boosts school readiness of at-risk children, study shows
94 UT Arlington Theatre Arts research provides insight into human behavior for scientists, engineers who build social robots
95 ASU, IBM move ultrafast, low-cost DNA sequencing technology a step closer to reality
96 High-dose interleukin-2 effective in mRCC pre-treated with VEGF-targeted therapies
97 Teens prescribed anxiety, sleep medications likelier to illegally abuse them later
98 Preconception care for diabetic women could potentially save $5.5 billion
99 Incomes fall as stressed economy struggles
100 Full-day preschool linked with increased school readiness compared with part-day
101 Breakthrough in flexible electronics enabled by inorganic-based laser lift-off
102 Feeling--Not Being--Wealthy Drives Opposition to Wealth Redistribution
103 Using wash cloths in jails shows promise for reducing costly infections
104 Superbug in SE Michigan shows recent decline
105 Dr. Glenn Palomaki Contributes to Debate on Breast Cancer Screening
106 Entrepreneurs to Venture Capitalists: Don't be a Scrooge
107 Hacked emails slice spam fast
108 Stand Up to Cancer Supported Research Discovers Why Patients Respond to a Life-Saving Melanoma Drug
109 Lawrence Livermore researchers develop efficient method to produce nanoporous metals
110 Stanford engineers invent high-tech mirror to beam heat away from buildings into space