File Title
1 Density of alcohol outlets in rural areas depends on the town's average income
2 Healthy eaters: Ignore glycemic index
3 Herd mentality: Are we programmed to make bad decisions?
4 Use of alcohol, cigarettes, number of illicit drugs declines among US teens
5 Mild memory and thinking issues: What works, what doesn't? U-M experts weigh the evidence
6 Social connections keep workers on board
7 Depression in dementia more common in community care, study finds
8 Study recommends GPs should be more open when referring patients for cancer investigations
9 Main reason for lifespan variability between races not cause of death
10 Previously removed immigrants more likely to be rearrested later, study finds
11 When pursuing goals, people give more weight to progress than setbacks
12 Population Council reports positive acceptability for investigational contraceptive ring
13 Teen contraband smokers more likely to use illicit drugs: Study
14 Introverts could shape extroverted co-workers' career success, OSU study shows
15 Certain parenting tactics could lead to materialistic attitudes in adulthood
16 US children are safer, better-educated, and fatter
17 More than half of all children in the US will likely live with an unmarried mother
18 Combining social media and behavioral psychology could lead to more HIV testing
19 Fine tuning your campaign
20 Study finds that employees who are open about religion are happier
21 Study: 49 percent of patients withhold clinically sensitive information
22 Big data may be fashion industry's next must-have accessory
23 Consumer loyalty driven by aesthetics over functionality
24 Subtle but important memory function affected by preterm birth
25 The quality of parent-infant relationships and early childhood shyness predict teen anxiety
26 Early caregiving experiences have long-term effects on social relationships, achievement
27 Report: Clearing rainforests distorts wind and water, packs climate wallop beyond carbon
28 High-dose flu vaccine superior for frail elderly living in long-term care facilities
29 Don't be tempted to buy your teen a cheap (old) car, parents warned
30 Study finds Illinois is most critical hub in food distribution network
31 Public opinion in Russia: Russians' attitudes on economic and domestic issues
32 High socioeconomic status increases discrimination, depression risk in black young adults
33 AGU talk: Scaling climate change communication for behavior change
34 The Deep Carbon Observatory: Quantities, movements, forms and origins of Earth's carbon
35 Live images from inside materials
36 New colorectal cancer risk factor identified
37 Squid supplies blueprint for printable thermoplastics
38 Potential new tool for cervical cancer detection and diagnosis
39 Lead islands in a sea of graphene magnetize the material of the future
40 NASA's MAVEN mission identifies links in chain leading to atmospheric loss
41 NASA's Fermi Mission brings deeper focus to thunderstorm gamma-rays
42 Major milestones for Carnegie-hosted Deep Carbon Observatory
43 Dartmouth researchers create 'green' process to reduce molecular switching waste
44 Microwave imaging of the breast
45 When you lose weight, where does the fat go?
46 Thumbs-up for mind-controlled robotic arm
47 Future batteries: Lithium-sulfur with a graphene wrapper
48 First steps for Hector the robot stick insect
49 NREL compares state solar policies to determine equation for solar market success
50 Kent State professor publishes exact solution to model Big Bang and quark gluon plasma
51 New tracers can identify coal ash contamination in water
52 The simplest element: Turning hydrogen into 'graphene'
53 Population Council reports positive acceptability for investigational contraceptive ring
54 NASA Goddard instrument makes first detection of organic matter on Mars
55 Back to the future? Past global warming period echoes today's
56 Probing bacterial resistance to a class of natural antibiotics
57 Big-data analysis reveals gene sharing in mice
58 NTU Singapore invents smart window that tints and powers itself
59 Why some antidepressants may initially worsen symptoms
60 Australia's coastal observation network may aid in understanding of extreme ocean events
61 The hot blue stars of Messier 47
62 New hope for rare disease drug development
63 'Master regulator' gene--long tied to autism disorders--stimulates other genes in early brain development
64 Scientists open new frontier of vast chemical 'space'
65 Multiple allergic reactions traced to single protein
66 Unraveling the light of fireflies
67 Anti-diabetic drug springs new hope for tuberculosis patients
68 Regulation of maternal miRNAs in early embryos revealed
69 Bugs life: The nerve cells that make locusts 'gang up'
70 Heat boosts phthalate emissions from vinyl crib mattress covers
71 A new strategy for developing drugs to fight cancer and other diseases
72 New class of synthetic molecules mimics antibodies
73 Researcher to cancer: 'Resistance will be futile'
74 Surprising theorists, stars within middle-aged clusters are of similar age
75 ORNL microscopy pencils patterns in polymers at the nanoscale
76 'Perfect storm' quenching star formation around a supermassive black hole
77 Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems launch creates new forum
78 Switching to spintronics
79 Ultrafast imaging of complex systems in 3-D at near atomic resolution nears
80 Spider's web weaves way to advanced networks and displays
81 'Hairclip' protein mechanism explained
82 Could ibuprofen be an anti-aging medicine?
83 Ibuprofen use leads to extended lifespan in several species, study shows
84 Tackling neurotransmission precision
85 Creation of 'Rocker' protein opens way for new smart molecules in medicine, other fields
86 High-dose flu vaccine superior for frail elderly living in long-term care facilities
87 How the physics of champagne bubbles may help address the world's future energy needs
88 Electron spin could be the key to high-temperature superconductivity
89 New research solves old mystery of silent cell death
90 RUB researchers discover protein protecting against chlorine
91 Pilot plant for the removal of extreme gas charges from deep waters installed
92 Choreography of an electron pair
93 Stem cells born out of indecision
94 New technique moves researchers closer to new range of biosensors
95 CNIO researchers treat heart attacks with new gene therapy based on telomerase enzyme
96 Origin of long-standing space mystery revealed
97 How does enzymatic pretreatment affect the nanostructure and reaction space of lignocellulosic biomass?
98 Kepler proves it can still find planets
99 Computational clues into the structure of a promising energy conversion catalyst
100 Oregon researchers glimpse pathway of sunlight to electricity
101 NASA's IMAGE and Cluster missions reveal origin of theta auroras
102 Instant-start computers possible with new breakthrough
103 Research aims to improve rechargeable batteries by focusing on graphene oxide paper
104 Quantum physics just got less complicated
105 Epithelial tube contraction
106 Quantum world without queues could lead to better solar cells
107 A 'GPS' for molecules
108 New challenges for ocean acidification research
109 Steroid-based treatment may answer needs of pediatric EoE patients
110 The state of shale