File Title
1 The 'Dark Tetrad' Makes Up the World of the Internet Troll
2 Sadism in Everyday People--It's More Common than You Think
3 Texting May Be a Tip-Off for Delinquent Behavior in Adolescents
4 War on Illegal Drugs Is a Losing Battle for Authorities
5 Security Experts Uncover New, Stuxnet-Like Cyber-Espionage Trojan
6 Mozilla Drops Google, Taps Yahoo as New Default US Search Provider
7 Sony Pictures to receive "Christmas gift" of secrets from hackers
8 Warehouse drones are the inventory workers of the future
9 Stanford Team Combines Logic, Memory to Build a 'High-Rise' Chip
10 Google Cardboard VR Device Passes 500K Units Shipped
11 Scientists Use 'Off-The-Shelf' Equipment to Digitize Insects in 3-D
12 Using 3D Printing to Visualize Theoretical Physics
13 Disney Researchers Reconstruct Detailed 3D Scenes from Hundreds of High-Resolution 2D Images
14 New Imaging System Generates 3-D Models Using Unmanned Aircraft
15 Holographic 3D Telepods May Revolutionize Videoconferencing
16 Microsoft's Do Not Track Measures in Hot Water
17 Fogo Volcano Being Monitored on Sentinel's Radar
18 Large, Restless Volcanic Field in Chile Explored by UW Team
19 Small Volcanic Eruptions May Help Cool the Earth
20 First Eyewitness Accounts of Mystery Volcanic Eruption
21 Lower Mantle Chemistry Breakthrough
22 Understanding the Forces Behind Tectonic Plates
23 WSU Undergrad Helps Develop Method for Detecting Water on Mars
24 Ka-Band: The Future of Space Communications
25 A Novel Solution for Overloaded Cell Networks
26 E-Signatures Less Trusted than Handwritten Signatures
27 Microsoft Warning: Hackers Using Counterfeit Digital Certificates to Spoof Popular Websites
28 Second NSA-Developed Encryption Tool Discovered in RSA's Security Kit
29 European Researchers Reveal the Physics of the Secret
30 'Password' No Longer Tops the List of Worst Passwords
31 Study Shows Collared Treerunner More than a Single Species
32 How Do Geckos Deal with Wet Feet
33 Sandfish Lizard Inspires Robotics
34 Late Cretaceous Ecology Clues from Fossilized Amber
35 Chinese Mosquito Found in Amber
36 Baltic Amber Deposits Reveal New Species from the Past
37 Australian Rock Determined to Be Oldest Material Formed on Earth
38 Smartphone Screens Made of Sapphire Could Be Around the Corner
39 Scientists take step forward in "editing" human genetic mutations
40 New Study Suggests that People Could Become Addicted to Sunbathing
41 Deeper Insights into Protein Folding
42 Insects Top Latest Inventory of Newly Discovered Species
43 Discovery of Four New Species of Water-gliding Rove Beetles in Ningxia, China
44 Male Hummingbirds Use Their Beaks to Joust for Mates
45 Researchers Discover the Origins of Sex in the Primordial World
46 Semen Secrets: How a Previous Sexual Partner Can Influence Another Male's Offspring
47 Climate Change Appears a Mixed Bag for a Common Frog
48 Koalas Select Leaves with More Nitrogen, Fewer Toxins
49 Australian Citizens Are Helping to Save Koalas
50 Cool Tree Trunks Help Koala Bears Beat the Heat
51 Grazing Red Kangaroos Use Their Tail as an Extra Leg
52 Artificial Tooth Enamel Makes Teeth Whiter, Prevents Tooth Decay
53 Study Finds Energy and Sports Drinks Damage Teeth
54 Weedy Evidence that Prehistoric Man Knew How to Control Tooth Decay
55 What's the Best Way to Brush Your Teeth?
56 Brands of Beer Identified Using Electronic Tongue
57 Archaeologists Find Tomb of Mayan Ruler
58 Ancient Terracotta Chinese Warrior Relics Preserved with Air Curtain
59 Museum Researchers Discover Possible Fate of 'Lost Colony'
60 Lost Tudor Sculptures Reassembled Using 3D Scanning
61 New Discovery Shows Ancient Mayans Dismembered Their Enemies
62 Ancient Human Skulls Show Evidence of Prevalent Inbreeding
63 New "Magnifying Glass" Helps Spot Delinquency Risks
64 The Damaging Effect of Media Violence on Young Children
65 Surveys Indicate Decline in Children's Exposure to Violence
66 Limiting Screen Time Improves Sleep, Academics and Behavior
67 Half of Black Males, 40 Percent of White Males Arrested by Age 23
68 Antarctic photo science archive unlocked
69 LA River's flood role is 'paramount'
70 NASA emails spanner to space station
71 Stem cell scandal scientist Haruko Obokata resigns
72 Birds 'heard tornadoes coming' and fled one day ahead
73 Carbon dioxide satellite mission returns first global maps
74 New record for deepest fish
75 Shrinking ship bubbles 'could counteract climate change'
76 7ft. ichthyosaur fossil found on beach near Penarth
77 Badger cull fails to meet target in Gloucestershire
78 British bats 'showing signs of recovery'
79 Philae comet landing 'all a blur'
80 Festival lights viewed from space
81 Volume of world's oldest water estimated
82 Sentinel radar satellite tracks continued Napa slip after quake
83 Ministers unveil science strategy
84 Arctic ground squirrels unlock permafrost carbon
85 Scientists challenge 'Abominable Snowman DNA' results
86 Beautiful images of Earth from space
87 America's 'ringing' rock arches recorded
88 Five things you didn't know about Christmas trees
89 The largest vessel the world has ever seen
90 UN climate deal in Peru ends historic North-South split
91 Are massive squid really the sea monsters of legend?
92 Quantum thinking: Cats to computers
93 Microbes discovered by deepest marine drill analysed
94 Alcatraz 1962 escapees had small chance of success
95 Booming year for bitterns
96 North Korea seeks joint probe with US on Sony hack
97 Lockerbie bombing: Lord Advocate reaffirms Megrahi's guilt
98 Pakistan Taliban: Military 'kills five militants'
99 Off-duty PC Neil Doyle murder suspect arrested
100 Four Afghan Guantanamo inmates sent home
101 Small Data: What are the chances of snow at Christmas?
102 The 12 pubs of Christmas
103 Crossrail: Tunnelling beneath London
104 International refugees learn US winter survival skills
105 'Depression and Christmas just don't go'
106 Hart in Hampshire remains UK's most desirable place
107 Alex Salmond calls for English referendum
108 Christmas shoppers 'to spend 1.2 billion pounds on Panic Saturday'
109 Bristol teacher banned after kissing pupil
110 Facebook users crack photo card mystery in under an hour