File Title
1 Despite Recent Problems, Support for the Massachusetts Health Insurance Law Remains High
2 ICANN Denies Google's Request for Dotless Domains
3 Amazon Takes Flak Over Bid for 'Anticompetitive' Web Names
4 11 trillion gallons of water needed to end California drought, NASA data suggests
5 Predicting Future Droughts in California
6 UEA Research Reveals How Farmers Could Mitigate Nitrous Oxide Emissions
7 Researchers Gain Insight into Protective Mechanisms for Hearing Loss
8 Study Shows Fruit Fly Ideal Model to Study Hearing Loss in People
9 Prototype Generators Emit Much Less Carbon Monoxide
10 Dinosaurs Possibly Killed by a One-Two Punch
11 Quantum Physics Could Offer Solution for Credit Card Fraud, Identify Theft
12 OPALS: Light Beams Let Data Rates Soar
13 New Device Platform Combines Sound and Light for Improved Wireless Communications Performance
14 Spiral Laser Beam Creates Quantum Whirlpool
15 Visual Features of Bioluminescent Sharks
16 New Molecule Enables Quick Drug Monitoring
17 Researchers Show Fruit Flies Have Latent Bioluminescence
18 Observing Live Gene Expression in the Body
19 Swimming Birds Evolved Rudder-like Tail to Dive for Food
20 Shy Male Birds Likely to Flock Together and Have Fewer Friends
21 Pacific Island Birds Vanished Without a Trace After the Arrival of Man
22 Fruit Flies Pickier than You Think
23 Reconstructing Bonelli's Eagle Diet to Improve Population Conservation
24 Predator-Prey Made Simple
25 After the Mass Extinction Amphibians and Dinosaurs Were the New Large Predators
26 New Study Reveals How Falcons Hunt
27 The Beetle's White Album
28 Remarkable 24 New Species Added to Carabid Beetle Tribe Lachnophorini
29 Remarkable New Beetle Specimens from Brazil
30 Tahiti Is a Hot Spot for Biodiversity in the Pacific
31 Your Surgeon's Playlist Could Determine Your Surgery's Success
32 Most of Earth's Carbon May Be Hidden in the Planet's Inner Core
33 New Map of Bird Brains Finds Fundamental Similarities to Mammalian Brains
34 Genetics Could Explain Parrots Ability to Parrot
35 New Otago Study Confirms that Sperm Quality Decreases with Age
36 Looking to Conceive? Drink Beer and Eat Meat
37 Uterine Contractions Increase the Success of Artificial Insemination
38 Developing a Noninvasive Test for Endometriosis
39 Better Sleep Could Help Those Overwhelmed by Negative Thoughts
40 Schizophrenia May Be Triggered by Excess Protein During Brain Development
41 Vitamin D, Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression Linked
42 Scientists finally discover molecular pathway behind albinism
43 Brain-controlled robotic arm moves in 10 different directions
44 Social Relationships Drive Wolf Howls
45 Co-Evolution Benefits Australia's Martu People and Wildlife
46 Australia's Dingo Is One-of-a-Kind
47 Dingoes Wrongly Accused of Animal Extinctions
48 Humans, Not Disease, Drove Tasmanian Tiger to Extinction
49 Our Ancestors Were Getting Drunk 10 Million Years Ago
50 Chimpanzees Plan Ahead for a Good Early Breakfast
51 Evidence of Chimp Culture--Novel Tool Use Spreads Through Wild Chimp Group
52 Eating Regular Meals with Family Can Help Lessen Risk of Obesity in Children
53 Fat Jokes on Social Media Are More Damaging than Helpful
54 Tectonics and Sea Level Rise May Have Jump Started the Cambrian Era
55 Sloths: Life in the Evolutionary Fast Lane
56 Misunderstood Worm-Like Fossil Finds Its Place in the Tree of Life
57 In Human Evolution, Changes in Skin's Barrier Set Northern Europeans Apart
58 Skin Cancer Risk May Have Driven Evolution of Black Skin
59 Gene Mutations in Rock Pigeon Pigmentation Have Implications for Human Medical Research
60 Shining a Light on the Damage that Daily Sun Exposure Can Cause: Study Highlights Need for Better Sunscreens
61 Things to Think About When Getting a Tattoo
62 High-Carb Diet Caused Dental Disease in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers
63 Study Finds Hairstyle Can Affect Exercise for African-American Women
64 Researchers Crack the Ponytail Code
65 Bye Bye Baldness and Belly Bulge! New Discovery Could One Day Lead to Fat-Dissolving Cream
66 Gray Hair Not as Common as You Think, Says L'Oreal
67 Activist FoodBabe Scores Another Win: Beer Makers Begin Listing Their Ingredients
68 Twitter Mapping Project Reveals Regional Preferences of US Beer Drinkers
69 Brands of Beer Identified Using Electronic Tongue
70 Automatic Home-Brewing Machine Takes Off on Kickstarter
71 Organic Electronics Could Lead to Inexpensive, Wearable Medical Sensors
72 Exploring Exciting Avenues for Energy Production and Storage with Help from New Form of Ice
73 Better Understanding of Arctic Climate Change Based on Shark Teeth
74 Damn the Torpedoes: U.S. Navy Approves Invisible Laser Weapon for USS Ponce
75 The Evolution of Jaws Based on a 325M-Year-Old Shark-Like Fossil
76 Did Bone Ease Acid for Early Land Crawlers?
77 Our First Steps: Polypterus Walking Fish Study Reveals Clues About How Our Ancestors Evolved to Walk on Land
78 From Swimming to Walking, the Evolution of Hips Simpler than Thought
79 Taking Great Ideas from the Lab to the Fab
80 To Advance Care for Patients with Brain Metastases: Reject Five Myths
81 Helium Ions May Provide Superior, Better-Targeted Treatment in Pediatric Radiotherapy
82 New Test Developed to Detect Men at High Risk of Prostate Cancer Recurrence
83 Cheetahs Aren't Just Fast Hunters, They're also Adaptable
84 Tracking Study Reveals Amazing Acceleration of the Cheetah
85 Conservationists Warn that Giraffes Are Facing Extinction
86 IUCN Red List Update: Okapi, White-Winged Flufftail Facing Extinction
87 Unique Leg Bone Structure Helps Keep Giraffes on Their Feet
88 New Ligament Discovered in the Human Knee
89 Energy Expenditure of Cheetahs Suggests Humans Are Responsible for Their Decline
90 Legend of the Aztec Crystal Skulls Debunked by Science
91 Study of Hallstatt Skulls Causes Evolutionary Headache
92 Monkeying Around with Math--Dopamine Plays a Role in Cognitive Reasoning
93 Human Brain Cells Implanted to Create Intelligent Supermouse
94 Very Few Americans Seek Professional Help for Depression
95 Does Milk Really Give You Stronger Bones? New Research Questions Long-Held Beliefs
96 Chocolate Milk Ban in the School Lunch Rooms Backfires
97 Are Better-tasting Reduced-fat Desserts, Dressings and Sauces Coming Soon?
98 Cattle Code Cracked in Detail
99 ASU, IBM Move Ultrafast, Low-Cost DNA Sequencing Technology a Step Closer to Reality
100 Long-Term Climate Factors Led Early Humans into Patchwork Evolution
101 Mosaic Pattern of Cranial Evolution Supported by Study of Neanderthal Skulls in Spain
102 American Mastodons Were Only Temporary Residents in Arctic Region
103 Rare 1.8 Million-Year-Old Skull Fossil Suggests Early Humans Belonged to Same Species
104 Inner Ear Fossil Shakes Up the Understanding of Human Evolution
105 Alternate Mechanism of Species Formation Picks Up Support, thanks to a South American Ant
106 Minimizing Belief in Free Will May Lessen Support for Criminal Punishment
107 Getting Excited Helps with Performance Anxiety More than Trying to Calm Down
108 Free Will Seems a Matter of Mind, Not Soul
109 Can Someone Actually Be Born to Kill?
110 Mental Health Patients More than Twice as Likely to Be Victims of Homicide than the General Public