File Title
1 Why Do We Yawn? Study Claims to Have the 'Cool' Answer
2 Dogs Catch Yawns, but Young Puppies Can't
3 Human Yawns Are Contagious to Chimps, but Only Older Ones
4 Dogs Find Owner's Yawn More Contagious than a Stranger's
5 Can Loss of Sleep Affect Your Brain Size?
6 Home Cooking Is a Main Ingredient for a Healthier Diet
7 Doctors Often Unable to Visually Diagnose Obesity
8 The Larger Your Friends the Larger Your Appetite
9 Taung Child's Skull and Brain Not Human-Like in Expansion
10 2 Million Years Ago, Human Relative 'Nutcracker Man' Lived On Tiger Nuts
11 Humanlike Features Discovered in 4.4M-Year-Old Ardipithecus Skull
12 Partial Skeleton Discovery Suggests Ruggedly Built, Tree-climbing Human Ancestor
13 Natural Selection Favors Pale Skin Even Though Cancer Risk Is Higher
14 Genetic Variant Linked to Freckling, Sun Sensitivity Discovered
15 Bald Men at Greater Risk of Heart Disease than Those with Full Head of Hair
16 Decrease Obsession for Thin Bodies with Realistic Images of Females in the Media
17 Bald Is Beautiful, Powerful, Commanding and Bold
18 Bald Is Beautiful, Powerful, Commanding and Bold
19 That Pricey Fish On Your Plate Might Be a Cheap Impostor
20 Magnets keep shaken beer from volcanic gushing
21 Antioxidant Capacity of Citrus Juices Is Multiplied Tenfold
22 Using a 'Stronger' Chickpea to Fight Malnutrition
23 The 'Melissa Loop': Closing the Recycling Circle
24 Fish Farming Can Be Conducted with Low Environmental Impact: NOAA
25 Study Investigates Extraordinary Trout with Tolerance to Heavily Polluted Water
26 Electric Eels Can Stun Their Prey with Taser-Like Abilities
27 Mass Extinction Led to Many New Species of Bony Fish
28 The Benefits of Eating a High-Protein Breakfast Every Day
29 Shortened Radiation Treatment for Better Breast Cancer Results
30 New Device Promises to Ease Mammography Discomfort
31 Anti-Leukemia Drug May also Work Against Ovarian Cancer
32 Kids' Flu Shots Help Others Fight Flu, Too
33 Move Over, Cheetah--This Mite Is Now the World's Fastest Land Animal
34 Microscopic Creepy-Crawly Discovered by Ohio State Graduate Student
35 New Tiny Water Mites Described in South Korea and the Russian Far East
36 Study of Dust Mites Show that Reverse Evolution Is Genetically Possible
37 Archeologists Unearth Alien-Like Skulls in a Mexico Cemetery
38 Hey America, Is Your Head Big or Is It Just Me?
39 Development of Individual Cranial Bones Influenced by Brain Size
40 Longstanding Forensic Identification Technique in Question
41 Study Proposes Alternative Way to Explain Life's Complexity
42 Neuroscientists Push Back On Brain Game Claims
43 Booze and Your Brain--Moderate Alcohol Consumption by Seniors May Boost Episodic Memory
44 Arousing Curiosity Primes the Brain for Learning and Long-Term Memory
45 Artificial Pancreas Improves Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
46 Breath Test Could Help Diagnosis Diabetes in Children
47 'Good Fat' Could Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
48 Human Trial Will Test Drug Which Completely Reverses Diabetes in Mice
49 New Data Show Agricultural Anabolic Steroids Regenerate in Aquatic Ecosystems
50 Steroids Capable of Regenerating Themselves in the Environment
51 Anabolic Steroids May Affect Future Mental Health
52 Plastic Surgeon Claims Smoking Marijuana Can Cause Man Boobs
53 Ancient Europeans Were Lactose Intolerant for Thousands of Years
54 Genetic Study Pushes Back Timeline for First Significant Human Population Expansion
55 Mastering Fire--Tabun Cave Yields New Insights into Early Man's Use of Fire
56 Independent Innovation, Not Population Expansion, Responsible for Advanced Stone Age Tools
57 Muscle Health Depends On Sugar Superstructure
58 Burnt Sugar Derivative Reduces Muscle Wasting in Fly and Mouse Muscular Dystrophy
59 Blind Scottish Centipede Genome Unlocks Evolutionary Secrets
60 Evolutionary Tree of Insects Released
61 Engraved Shell May Have Been Created by Ancient Homo Erectus
62 Neanderthals Not a Subspecies of Homo Sapiens
63 Thigh Bone DNA Helps Narrow Down When Humans, Neanderthals First Intermingled
64 Archaeologists Find Earlier Stone Age Artifacts in Northern Cape of South Africa
65 Modern Humans, Neanderthals Lived Together Longer than Previously Thought
66 Humans Have One Penis, Lizards Have Two: Why?
67 New Genetic Map of Autoimmune Variants
68 Want to Know if Someone Is Narcissistic? Just Ask Them!
69 Narcissists Are Capable of Feeling Empathy, They Just Have to Be Shown the Way
70 State of the Nation's Egotism: On the Rise for a Century
71 Region of the Brain Discovered that Enables Children to Overcome Emotional Self-centeredness As They Mature
72 WSU Researchers Tackle 'Virtually Ignored' Psychological Study of Spite
73 Email Overload: Checking Your Email Too Much Could Be Stressing You Out
74 Majority of Parents Want Email Consults with Docs, for Free
75 Self-Destructing Emails? AT&T Has Already Filed the Patent
76 The Fashion Scout and the Cop: Scanning the Streets with Similar Methods for Different Targets
77 What Exactly Sunk the Titanic?
78 Chelyabinsk Meteor Collided with Asteroid Before Hitting Earth
79 English and Russian languages are better at spreading ideas across cultural gaps
80 Facebook Drops Bing As Its Search Results Provider
81 Instagram Outpacing Twitter, Hits 300 Million Monthly User Milestone
82 I'm Not a Robot--Google Unveils New One-Click CAPTCHA Checkbox
83 New algorithm makes 3D printing more efficient, less wasteful
84 Russian malware "SoakSoak" attacking WordPress sites
85 New Technology May Allow People to Track How Their Data Is Used
86 Textbook Theory Behind Volcanoes May Be Wrong
87 Magma Chamber of Galapagos' Sierra Negra Volcano Imaged in 3D
88 Galapagos Islands' Volcanic Plume Not Where It Should Be
89 Bringing Increased Data, Reduced Latency Rates to Wi-Fi
90 LED Light Technology Proving Useful in Speedy Data Transmission
91 CERT Warns that Wi-Fi Routers Maybe Not Be So Protected
92 Identified for the First Time What Kind of Explosive Has Been Used After the Device Has Been Detonated
93 Trapping T-Rays for Better Security Scanners
94 Single Pixel Terahertz Imaging Advanced with Laser Guided Codes
95 Scientists' Fishing Expedition Reveals Viral Diversity in the Sea
96 New Technique Could Convert Plastic Polymers into Liquid Fuel
97 Research Team Develops Artificial Surfaces Insects Cannot Stick To
98 Researchers Work to Create New Ultraslippery Glass Coating
99 Bivalve Adhesive Serves As Inspiration for New Medical Breakthroughs
100 For Geckos--Even Dead Ones--Being Sticky Doesn't Require Any Effort
101 Scientists Discover New Species of Gecko in Madagascar
102 Closing the Gap: Extreme Desert Gecko Spotted On Salt-Flats in Central Oman
103 Humans Can Climb like Geckos Thanks to DARPA's Z-Man Program
104 Secrets Behind Gecko's Amazing Adhesive Skills Revealed in New Study
105 New Tool Makes a Single Picture Worth a Thousand--and More--Images
106 Natural-Terrain Schoolyards Reduce Children's Stress, Says Colorado University-Boulder Study
107 Exoskeleton Could Benefit Elderly Patients, Stroke Patients and Paraplegics
108 Minority Political Candidates Just Need a Chance
109 Mexican Immigrants' Politics More Diverse than Pundits Assert
110 Senate Democrats Uphold Contraception Coverage Mandate