File Title
1 Amount of mitochondrial DNA predicts frailty, mortality in humans
2 Legal Dangers Involved with Sexting Largely Ignored by Teenagers
3 MIT Engineers Trying to Make Computers Communicate More like Humans
4 Self-Propelled Hybrid Bio-Bots Developed at University of Illinois
5 No-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity Could Fuel Internet of Things Reality
6 Large-Scale Analysis Finds Inappropriate Lab Testing Throughout Medicine
7 UMass Amherst Biologists Say that 'Oddball Science' Has Proven Worth
8 Mysterious Flotsam Came from Deepwater Horizon Rig
9 Is Natural Gas a 'Bridge' to a Hotter Future?
10 New Study Indicates that Increased Natural Gas Use Will Not Slow Climate Change
11 NASA Gets Budget Boost in $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
12 Mysterious Period of African Rainfall Explained
13 Buckyballs Enhance Carbon Capture
14 The Yin-Yang of Polar Sea Ice
15 Tourism Poses a Threat to Dolphins in the Balearic Islands
16 Dragonflies Display Complex Choreography While on the Hunt
17 Scientists Discover Ancient Creature in the Depths of the Arctic Ocean
18 Scientists Use Ancient Parchment DNA to Study Agricultural Development
19 Environmental Change Impacts Differ for Male and Female Migratory Shorebirds
20 Little Penguins Search for Food Together
21 Safe Sugar Dose in Humans Proves Toxic to Mice
22 Microbes played a significant role in human evolution, study says
23 Many Workers Sacrifice Sleep for Work Hours and Long Commutes
24 Lethal Control of Wolves Provides No Benefit to Livestock
25 The Iberian Wolf Lives Close to Humans More for Shelter than for Food
26 Wolves Susceptible to Yawn Contagion
27 The Brains of Obese Children May Be Wired Differently
28 Obesity Can Cut Up to 8 Years Off Your Life
29 Why Do Women Purchase Magazines that Promote Impossible Body Images?
30 Rethinking Fish Farming to Offset Its Public Health and Environmental Risks
31 Ancient British Diets Traced by Archaeologists and Chemists
32 Concerns Over Mercury Levels in Fish May Be Unfounded
33 Researchers Successfully Turn a Meat-Eating Fish into a Vegetarian
34 Potato Extract May Help Control Obesity
35 Healthy or sugary: Timing is everything when choosing snacks
36 Losing Weight Could Drastically Reduce Breast Cancer Death Risk
37 House Dust Mites Get the Travel Bug
38 New Fossil Sheds Light on Mesozoic Mammals
39 Wireless Brain Sensor Could Unchain Neuroscience from Cables
40 Gateway to Human Memory Pinpointed by Brain Researchers
41 Space-Mapping Neurons React Differently to Virtual Reality
42 Memory Cells Affected by Sleep Deprivation
43 Did Reduced Testosterone Levels Help Human Culture Advance?
44 Testosterone Spikes in Non-competitive Activities Studued by UCSB Anthropologists
45 Sequencing of Mitochondrial DNA Used to Track Spread of First European Farmers
46 New Muscular Dystrophy Treatment Shows Promise in Early Study Led by Children's National
47 Genetic Evidence Shows How Early Humans Migrated from Africa to Europe
48 Mesolithic Human Travelers Brought Snails to Ireland
49 It's in the Genes: Europeans Have Been One Big Family for Past Thousand Years
50 Hungry Workers Feel More Entitled, Research Suggests
51 US Judge Backs Law Enforcement Access to Email Account
52 Supreme Court Rules Warrants Mandatory for Cell Phone Searches
53 Appeals Court Says Police Must Obtain Warrant Before Attaching GPS Unit to Your Car
54 Pirate Bay Founder Gets Sentence Reduced, Cleared of Bank Hacking Charges
55 High School Students Being Recruited by Silicon Valley Firms
56 Web Inventor Berners-Lee 'Deeply Concerned' About Online Privacy
57 Internet Turns 30 Years Old, but Don't Thank Al Gore
58 Sweden Rated Highest On Tim Berners-Lee's Web Index
59 There Will Be One Wi-Fi Hotspot for Every 20 People Worldwide by 2018
60 5 Times Faster Wi-Fi by 2015--Samsung Wants to Speed Up Wi-Fi Technology
61 Super Fast Wi-Fi, Courtesy of Japan
62 WiFi Networks Could Be Used to Transmit Computer Viruses
63 Bloomberg Says Harlem to Get Nation's Largest Public Wi-Fi Network
64 Engineers Present Battery-Less Technology for Wireless Gadgets
65 Blood-Sugar Breathalyzer May Spare Diabetics the Pin Prick
66 Light-Based Glucose Monitor for Diabetics Could Eliminate Need for Finger Pricks
67 Loyola Study Assesses Use of Fingerstick Blood Sample with I-STAT Point-Of-Care Device
68 Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Material Now Usable On Wood, Other Surfaces
69 Super-Adhesive Material Inspired by Gecko Feet
70 NSF Invests in Science and Engineering Infrastructure in Six Jurisdictions Across the Nation
71 Natural-Terrain Schoolyards Reduce Children's Stress, Says Colorado University-Boulder Study
72 California Drought Is the Worst in 1,200 Years
73 Regenerating Ammonia Battery Using Low-grade Waste Heat
74 Social Media, Cell Phones Have Played a Prominent Role in the 2014 Midterm Elections
75 Tea Party Support Linked to Educational Segregation
76 ICANN Is in No Rush in Respect to Transfer of Internet Addresses
77 Study Reveals Americans' Surprising Response to Government During Great Recession
78 Politics, Not Severe Weather, Drive Global Warming Views
79 Causes of California Drought Linked to Human-caused Climate Change
80 Arctic Sea Ice Helps Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere
81 Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide Rose Significantly After Last Ice Age
82 On the Road to Artificial Photosynthesis
83 Sharks in Acidic Waters Could Lose Ability to Smell Food
84 Climate Models Reveal that Icebergs Once Reached As Far South As Florida
85 Refreezing Meltwater Could Be Speeding Up Greenland Ice's Journey to Sea
86 35,000 Strong Mass of Walruses Cause US Flight Reroutes
87 Sea Ice Surrounding Antarctica Reaches New Record Maximum
88 Left-Handed Crafty Crows
89 Rio Negro Shrimp Research Shows Amazonian Diversity
90 Northern Extension of Fiddler Crabs Range May Be Sign of Climate Change
91 Unusual 'Glow Worm' Discovered in Peruvian Rainforest
92 Who Will Visit Your Bird Feeder in 2075?
93 Less Diversity Found in Bird Species of 125M Years Ago
94 Genetic Basis of Pest Resistance to Biotech Cotton Discovered by Scientists
95 Mechanical Law Highlighted by Tiger Beetle's Chase of Its Prey
96 Is It Better to Be Social or Stinky in Thwarting a Predatory Attack?
97 Vocal Variety in African Penguins
98 The Rise and Fall of Prehistoric Penguin Populations, and What It Means to Modern Penguins
99 Research Finds Clicking the Mouse Changes the Way We Learn
100 Leap Motion Controller Gets Positive Moves
101 Mice Are Capable of Learning to Sing; Sort Of
102 Zinc sparks fly during human conception
103 Twitter May Help Shine New Light on Mental Illness Trends
104 Healthy Sleep Is Key to Less Sick Time from Work
105 Study of Twins Discovers Gene Mutation Linked to Short Sleep Duration
106 Sleep Studies Find Contradictory Results Pertaining to Lunar Cycles
107 Wolves Learn from Each Other Better than Dogs
108 Wolves Have an Effect on Coyotes, Foxes Across North America
109 Heavy Mother Wolves Determine Health of the Pack
110 Detecting Emotions by Reading Goose Bumps