File Title
1 Warmer Pacific Ocean Could Release Millions of Tons of Seafloor Methane
2 Nanoscale Resistors for Quantum Devices
3 Studies Look at Long-Term Aging of Electronics in Nuclear Weapons
4 Thyroid Hormones Reduce Animal Cardiac Arrhythmias
5 Consider the Invader: Minor Differences May Have Major Impact
6 Iowa State Physicist Helps Write the (Very Big) Book on Two Major Physics Experiments
7 Carbon Soot Particles, Dust Blamed for Discoloring India's Taj Mahal
8 Worms' Mental GPS Helps Them Find Food
9 Breakthrough Solves Centuries-Old Animal Evolution Mystery
10 Dragonflies on the Hunt Display Complex Choreography
11 Discovery Links Shift in Metabolism to Stem Cell Renewal
12 Sharing that Crowded Holiday Flight with Countless Hitchhiking Dust Mites
13 Father-Son Research Team Discovers Cheatgrass Seeds Survive Wash Cycle
14 Unleash Your Inner Scientist: A Formula for Success
15 A New Way to Diagnose Brain Damage from Concussions, Strokes, and Dementia
16 Society of Toxicology Announces 2015 Best Toxicological Paper Award
17 Air Pollution Down Thanks to California's Regulation of Diesel Trucks
18 The Story of a Bizarre Deep-Sea Bone Worm Takes an Unexpected Twist
19 Agenus and Ludwig Sign Agreement for Further Development of Novel Immunotherapies
20 WCS Documents a Major Comeback for Sea Turtles
21 Decoding the Tree of Life: UF Geneticist Contributes to Groundbreaking Study of Bird Evolution
22 Guideline Through the Labyrinth of Nanomaterials
23 How Long Can Ebola Survive Outside the Body?
24 Producing Fish Feed Ingredients Using Plant-Based Proteins
25 UB Research Raises Consciousness for Dehydration Concerns in Diabetic Patients
26 Herpes Virus Rearranges Telomeres to Improve Viral Replication
27 Rosetta Results Crucial to Understand Early Solar System
28 Seeing Is Believing
29 Ebola Virus May Replicate in an Exotic Way
30 Human DNA Shows Traces of 40 Million-Year Battle for Survival Between Primate and Pathogen
31 Swarms of Pluto-Size Objects Kick-Up Dust around Adolescent Sun-Like Star
32 Texas Tech Biologist Leads Group that Mapped Crocodilian Genomes
33 Birds of a Feather? NSU Researcher Working to Unlock the Genome of Birds
34 DESY's Henry Chapman Awarded Leibniz Prize for X-ray Laser Research
35 New Studies Power Legacy of UW-Madison Research, 60 Years Later
36 Philanthropic Prize Supporting High Risk, High Reward Research Addressing Modern Problems Awarded to Laurie T. Krug for Research on How Viruses Cause Disease
37 Is an Understanding of Dark Matter Around the Corner? Experimentalists Unsure
38 Earth's Most Abundant Mineral Finally Has a Name
39 FDA Approves Drug that Extends Survival in the Most Common Type of Lung Cancer
40 NSU Researcher Leads Study of Threatened Coral Reefs
41 New Theory Suggests Alternate Path Led to Rise of the Eukaryotic Cell
42 Smithsonian Launches Major New Initiative to Better Understand Life on Earth
43 PNNL Talks Climate, Carbon, Drinking Water and the Nexus of Health & Environment at AGU
44 Scripps Florida Scientists Win Grant to Uncover Ways to Erase Toxic PTSD Memories
45 Nuclear Should Be in the Energy Mix for Biodiversity
46 The History of King David
47 Signaling Mechanism Could Be Target for Survival, Growth of Tumor Cells in Brain Cancer
48 'Darwinian' Test Uncovers an Antidepressant's Hidden Toxicity
49 Neighborhood Designs Can Cut Carbon Emissions, Electric Costs
50 Joslin Discovery May Hold Clues to Treatments that Slow Aging and Prevent Age-Related Chronic Disease
51 Climate Change Could Leave Cities More in the Dark
52 Past Global Warming Similar to Today's
53 Molecular "Hats" Allow in vivo Activation of Disguised Signaling Peptides
54 'Radiogenetics' Seeks to Remotely Control Cells and Genes
55 New Study Reveals Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Accelerated Recovery After Intense Cycling
56 Massive Study Provides First Detailed Look at How Greenland's Ice Is Vanishing
57 Nutrient Protecting 'Peanut Brittle' for Cattle Receives Patent
58 A Novel Tool to Study Life-Threatening Arrhythmias: A Genetically Engineered Pig
59 Back to Future with Roman Architectural Concrete
60 Is the Higgs Boson a Piece of the Matter-Antimatter Puzzle?
61 What Was the "Paleo Diet?" There Was Far More than One, Study Suggests
62 Extra Vitamin E Protected Older Mice from Getting Common Type of Pneumonia
63 What Happens in the Arctic, No Longer Stays in the Arctic
64 Virus Causing Mass Duck Die-Offs on Cape Cod Identified
65 Tracking the Eyes: The Keys to Consumers' Plant Preferences
66 Microwave Imaging of the Breast
67 Future Batteries: Lithium-Sulfur with a Graphene Wrapper
68 5 Common Food Safety Kitchen Mistakes
69 Day in the Life of a Food Science Student
70 Essential Oils Help Control Fungus Growth in Argentinian Corn
71 Nova Southeastern University Researcher Identifies New, RARE, Sea Lily Species
72 'Macaroons' May Protect Companies like Sony from Future Cyber Attacks
73 Carbon-Trapping 'Sponges' Can Cut Greenhouse Gases
74 Plants Are the New Protein
75 What Your Kitchen Will Look Like in 2050
76 Colorado State University Scientist Behind Methane-Sensing System in Google Street View Cars Available
77 Amount of Mitochondrial DNA Predicts Frailty and Mortality
78 Glacier Beds Can Get Slipperier at Higher Sliding Speeds
79 Benefits of Naming People, Objects in Baby's First Year
80 Methane gas spikes renew speculation of life on Mars
81 Quantum credit cards 'impossible to hack'
82 Want to lose weight? Breathe out
83 Femme fatale mantis makes a meal out of males
84 Elephant caught on CCTV cleaning up trash
85 Educational Program Helps Students Thrive in a Digital World
86 Chickens and Turkeys 'Closer to Dinosaur Ancestors' than Other Birds
87 Could Virtual Bodyswapping Help End Racism and Discrimination?
88 Is Your Dog Upbeat and Optimistic? Or Is He Cautious and Pessimistic?
89 Research On Meat Species in Pet Foods Shows Not All Brands Follow Regulations
90 Study Suggests Neurobiological Basis of Human-Pet Relationship
91 Speak Nicely to Your Dog--It's Not What You Say, but How You Say It
92 Soft Robotics Toolkit Features Everything a Robot-Maker Needs
93 Why Don't More Minority Students Seek Careers in STEM Fields?
94 Young People More Likely to Abuse Pain Pills if They Skip College
95 Improving Student Success in Mathematics During the First Two Years of College
96 Childcare Costs Can Rival College Tuition
97 World's First Solar Battery Runs On Light and Air
98 Study Shows Earlier Snowmelt Is Prompting Arctic Birds to Breed Earlier
99 Global Warming Behind Earlier Migration of Some Bird Species
100 Diverse Diet of the Cougar May Have Helped Them Survive the Pleistocene Mass Extinction
101 Mice and Rats Stressed by the Scent of Male Experimenters and Could Impact Research Findings
102 Dogs May Have Helped Early Man Hunt Mammoths to Extinction
103 Wolves from British Columbia's Mainland and Coast Are Genetically Distinct
104 More Frequent Smaller Meals May Help Curb Obesity in Cats
105 Researchers Find Reducing Fishmeal Hinders Growth of Farmed Fish
106 Mealworms, the Next Big Foodie Fad?
107 Bully Sticks Dog Treats Are High in Calories and Contain Harmful Bacteria
108 Top-Selling Eye Vitamins Don't Match Scientific Evidence
109 Decoding Fat Cells: Discovery May Explain Why We Gain Weight
110 Even expectant dads experience prenatal hormone changes