File Title
1 Physicists Predict Fano Resonance in Lead-Free Relaxors
2 A Link between DNA Transcription and Disease Causing Expansions Which Lead to Hereditary Disorders
3 UF/IFAS Process Can Convert Human-Generated Waste into Fuel in Space
4 UIC's Artificial Intelligence Lab Wins $5.5 Million IDOT Contract
5 Giammar Seeking New Solutions for Underground Carbon Storage
6 Better Forecasts for Sea Ice Under Climate Change
7 X-Ray Powder Diffraction Beamline at NSLS-II Takes First Beam and First Data
8 It's Particle-Hunting Season! NYU Scientists Launch Higgs Hunters Project
9 Process Converts Human Waste into Rocket Fuel
10 Copper on the Brain at Rest
11 Modeling the Past to Understand the Future of a Stronger El Nino
12 Shaping the Future of Energy Storage with Conductive Clay
13 Rush Physicians Named Among World's Top Scientists
14 Some Mosquitoes Better at Carrying Malaria than Others
15 What's an Artist Doing at Fermi Lab?
16 Can Cockpit Automation Cause Pilots to Lose Critical Thinking Skills? Research Says Yes
17 Innovative "Tumor in a Dish" Turns Cells into Cancer
18 Texas Tech Engineers Discover New Method to Determine Surface Properties at the Nanoscale
19 New Process Helps Identify Odorant Receptors in Live Mice
20 Iowa State, Ames Lab Researcher Working to Save Energy with Nanotechnology Insulation
21 Computer Equal to or Better than Humans at Cataloging Science
22 Computational Tools Will Help Identify Microbes in Complex Environmental Samples
23 The Human Eye Can See 'Invisible' Infrared Light
24 UW Team Explores Large, Restless Volcanic Field in Chile
25 Most of Earth's Carbon May Be Hidden in the Planet's Inner Core, New Model Suggests
26 Natural "High" Could Avoid Chronic Marijuana Use
27 TSRI Scientists Create New Tool for Exploring Cells in 3D
28 Sophisticated HIV Diagnostics Adapted for Remote Areas
29 Predators and Isolation Shape the Evolution of 'Island Tameness,' Providing Conservation Insights
30 Don't Hurt the Dirt: Soil Health Experts Gather in France December 2-5
31 UF/IFAS Scientists Find Potential Biological Control for Avocado-Ravaging Disease
32 Maternal Insulin Resistance Changes Pancreas Development, Increases Risk of Metabolic Disorders in Offspring
33 Another Case Against the Midnight Snack
34 All People Should Have Access to Safe Food and Water: Updated Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
35 A Better Look at the Chemistry of Interfaces
36 India Joins the Thirty Meter Telescope Project as a Full Member
37 Lengthening the Life of High Capacity Silicon Electrodes in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
38 UIC's Computer Science Department Ranked No. 26 'Most Innovative'
39 New Path of Genetic Research: Scientists Uncover 4-Stranded Elements of Maize DNA
40 Powerful New Technique Simultaneously Determines Nanomaterials' Chemical Makeup, Topography
41 Mapping the Interactome
42 REPORT: More Hispanics Earning Bachelor's Degrees in Physical Sciences and Engineering
43 Virginia Tech Researchers Help Set Agenda on 'Big Data' Challenges at Virginia Academy Summit
44 Argonne Researchers Demonstrate Extraordinary Throughput at SC14
45 Parasites and the Evolution of Primate Culture
46 Virginia Tech Researchers Find a Relationship Between Sleep Cycle, Cancer Incidence
47 U-M Releases Online Tool to Help Cities in Great Lakes Region Plan for Climate Impacts
48 Texas Tech's Sequencing of Cotton A-Genome Could Revolutionize Industry
49 'Mirage Earth' Exoplanets May Have Burned Away Chances for Life
50 Volunteers Can Now Help Scripps Research Institute Scientists Seek Ebola Cure in Their (Computer's) Spare Time
51 World's Fastest 2-D Camera May Enable New Scientific Discoveries
52 Solving a Long-Standing Mystery, Scripps Research Institute Scientists Identify Principal Protein Sensor for Touch
53 Michigan Tech Students Researching Bird-Window Collisions
54 Arabian Sea Humpback Whales Isolated for 70,000 Years
55 Smaller Lidars Could Allow UAVs to Conduct Underwater Scans
56 Ever Tried a "Laser Delicious" Apple?
57 Weizmann Institute Scientists Find a 3D Compass in the Brain
58 Beer, Beef and Politics: Findings at Viking Archaeological Site Show Power Trumping Practicality
59 Earth's Shifting Tropical Belt, Nuclear Nonproliferation, Australian Budget Cuts, the Physics of Skipping Stones and the Deep Space Network at 50
60 Study Suggests Potential Therapy for Second Most Common Form of Dementia
61 36 Years of Data Show Regional Warming
62 SLAC, RadiaBeam Build New Tool to Tweak Rainbows of X-ray Laser Light
63 Technology Breakthrough Reveals Cellular Transcription Process
64 Selling Off Our Forests Is a Business for the Peruvian Government
65 Atomic-Level View Provides New Insight into Translation of Touch into Nerve Signals
66 Don't Worry, Be Happy; Just Go to Bed Earlier
67 Six Lessons to Boost Your Climate Vocabulary
68 Greenhouse Gases Linked to Past African Rainfall
69 Finding Infant Earths and Potential Life Just Got Easier
70 Rattled Atoms Mimic High-Temperature Superconductivity
71 Electric Eels Deliver Taser-Like Shocks
72 X-Ray Laser Reveals How Bacterial Protein Morphs in Response to Light
73 Alzheimer's in a Dish Model Converts Skin Cells to Induced Neurons Expressing Amyloid-Beta and Tau
74 A First-of-Its-Kind Discovery with an XFEL
75 New Signaling Role for Key Protein May Contribute to Wound Healing, Tumor Growth and Inflammatory Diseases
76 Wistar Receives $100K Grant from W.W. Smith Charitable Trust for Research into Cell Growth that Causes Human Cancers
77 Climate Change Already Showing Effects at Kennedy Space Center
78 South Sudan War Threatens Existence of Elephants, Giraffes, and Other Wildlife
79 An Unholy Alliance--Colon Cancer Cells in situ Co-Opt Fibroblasts in Surrounding Tissue to Break Out
80 Blood Brain Barrier on a Chip Could Stand in for Children in Pediatric Brain Research
81 Screening for Matrix Effect in Leukemia Subtypes Could Sharpen Chemotherapy Targeting
82 Gravity--It's the Law Even for Cells
83 Complementary Light Switchable Proteins and Superresolution Reveal Moving Protein Complexes in Live Cells at Single Molecule Level
84 Missouri S&T Students, Recent Graduate Lead a Mars Landing Team
85 UF/IFAS Researchers Build Searchable Database of Non-Native Plants
86 New York City Pier to Be Transformed into Scientific Discovery Destination on Unique 400-Acre Urban Estuarine Sanctuary
87 Salk and Harvard Scientists Chart Spinal Circuitry Responsible for Chronic Pain
88 Promising Compound Rapidly Eliminates Malaria Parasite
89 American Mathematical Monthly Showcases Mathematical Biology
90 'Family' Matters When Predicting Ecosystems' Reaction to Global Change
91 Unusual Electronic State Found in New Class of Unconventional Superconductors
92 Physicist Presents New Observational Solar Weather Model
93 Two-Headed Salamander Tadpole Discovered in the Community Ecology Lab of the University of Haifa
94 See T-Cells Kill Cancer, Proteins Spin in Space, and Cells Heal their Wounds as ASCB's Celldance Releases Three Eye-Popping Microscopic Video Blockbusters
95 NIH Funds Robots to Assist People with Disabilities
96 University of Tennessee Research Offers Explanation for Titan Dune Puzzle
97 World Record for Compact Particle Accelerator
98 New Research Offers Explanation for Titan Sand Dune Mystery
99 NYIT Expert Predicts Growth in Demand for 3D Kidneys, Livers and Hearts
100 Survey Shows Floridians Have Concerns About Food Safety, GMOs
101 Re-Thinking Southern California Earthquake Scenarios
102 Study May Help Slow the Spread of Flu
103 Seeking Innovative Solutions
104 OU Professor, Inventor Reaches Major Milestone in the Development of Interband Cascade Lasers
105 Storing Hydrogen Underground Could Boost Transportation, Energy Security
106 Innovative Method for Studying Malaria Parasites Receives 4-Year NIH Grant of Up to $1.8 Million
107 Paying Attention Makes Touch-Sensing Brain Cells Fire Rapidly and in Sync
108 Society Announces Leaders in the Field of Toxicological Research
109 Controlling Obesity with Potato Extract
110 Twitter Posts May Shine a Fresh Light on Mental Illness Trends