File Title
1 Konza Prairie Research Program Receives $6.76 Million NSF Grant Renewal
2 Joslin Scientists Discover a New Step in a Molecular Pathway Responsible for Neural Tube Defects, a Birth Defect that Is Increased in Diabetic Pregnancies
3 For Tiger Populations, a New Threat
4 Salk Scientists Discover a Key to Mending Broken Hearts
5 Researchers Provide First Peek at How Neurons Multitask
6 NASA's Hubble Surveys Debris-Strewn Exoplanetary Construction Yards
7 Transitions Between States of Matter: It's More Complicated, Scientists Find
8 Greater Use of Social Media Gets Science, Scientists Noticed, Study Says
9 ORNL Thermomagnetic Processing Method Provides Path to New Materials
10 Study Casts New Light on Origins of Early Humans
11 Maize Analysis Yields Whole New World of Genetic Science
12 UW Team's Plants Return to Earth After Growing in Space
13 Research Resolves Contradiction Over Protein's Role at Telomeres
14 Astronomers Peer into Galaxies' Star-Forming Centers
15 Genes Contribute to Behavior Differences Between Fierce and Friendly Rats
16 Developing Lifesaving Vaccines in a New Way
17 Major Initiative Endorsed Today to Protect Asia's Migratory Mammals
18 3D Deep-Imaging Advance Likely to Drive New Biological Insights
19 New Master's Program in Energy Conservation Is First of Its Kind
20 Locating World War II Airmen Lost in Waters Off Palau
21 Chicago Biomedical Consortium Announces $3 Million Infrastructure Initiative
22 Historic Advances in International Shark and Ray Conservation
23 U-M Students Complete Detroit's First Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory
24 ORNL Materials Researchers Get First Look at Atom-Thin Boundaries
25 Wildfires that Could Impact Human Communities in Eastern Colorado Rockies Most Likely to Start on Private Lands, Experts Say
26 Good Vibrations Give Electrons Excitations that Rock an Insulator to Go Metallic
27 Stopping Wildlife Crime? There's an APP for That
28 UChicago Instrument to Help Comet Lander Study Building Blocks of Life
29 Johns Hopkins University Astrophysicist Shares $3 Million Breakthrough Prize
30 Playing Action Video Games Can Boost Learning
31 Bending--But Not Breaking--In Search of New Materials
32 The Cat's Meow: Genome Reveals Clues to Domestication
33 Too Many People, Not Enough Water--Now and 2700 Years Ago
34 ALMA Finds Best Evidence Yet for Galactic Merger in Distant Protocluster
35 Global Warming Not Just a Blanket--in the Long Run, It's More like Tanning Oil
36 UAH Professor Watching Galaxy He Discovered Collide with Cluster
37 All the Electronics that's Fit to Print
38 A Billion Holes Can Make a Battery
39 Bizarre Mapping Error Puts Newly Discovered Species in Jeopardy
40 Space: The Final Frontier in Silicon Chemistry
41 Tracing the Course of Phosphorus Pollution in Lake Pepin
42 UI Researchers Find East Coast Hurricanes Can Flood the Midwest
43 Scientists Build a Better Eye on Our World
44 International Scientific Society Reacts to L'aquila Seismologists Acquittal
45 'Forests' of Carbon Nanotubes Grown on 3-D Substrates
46 Tree Diseases Can Help Forests
47 Preserving the Declaration of Independence and Other Historical Documents
48 High-Tech Authentication of Ancient Artifacts
49 Picasso and Braque, Beneath the Surface
50 Government of Gabon Announces the Decision to Create a New Marine Protected Area Network--Covering About 23 Percent of Gabon's Territorial Waters and EEZ
51 Researchers Target 'Superchip' with $725,000 U.S. Air Force Grant
52 Scripps Florida Scientists Unveil New Targets, Test to Develop Treatments for Memory Disorders
53 Electronic 'Tongue' to Ensure Food Quality
54 Patent Awarded for Genetics-Based Nanotechnology Against Mosquitoes, Insect Pests
55 Want to Improve Your Putt? Try Listening to Jazz
56 Largest-Ever Confiscation of Illegal Manta Ray Parts
57 New Theory by Texas Tech Scientist Suggests All "Quantum Weirdness" Caused by Interacting Parallel Worlds
58 Moving Cameras Talk to Each Other to Identify, Track Pedestrians
59 Gene Sequencing Projects Link Two Mutations to Ewing Sarcoma Subtype with Poor Prognosis
60 The Backwards Brain? New TSRI Study Shows How Brain Maps Develop to Help Us Perceive the World
61 Soldiers at Increased Risk for Suicide Within a Year of Psychiatric in-Patient Treatment
62 Behavioral Changes Seen After Sleep Learning
63 UAMS Researcher Received Best NIH Score for Cancer Diagnosis with Photoswitchable Nanoparticles
64 Scientists Develop Scoring Scheme that Predicts Ability of Cancer Cells to Spread to Other Parts of the Body
65 Disease Could Cost Black Walnut Industry Millions, Forest Specialist Warns
66 Mars, Too, Has Macroweather
67 Cats and Athletes Teach Robots to Fall
68 UNC Researchers Silence Leading Cancer-Causing Gene
69 An Interstellar Journey: Webcast to Examine Human Colonization of Space
70 How Adult Fly Testes Keep from Changing into Ovaries
71 It's Not Always the DNA
72 UCLA Researchers Identify Unique Protein Key to the Development of Blood Stem Cells
73 Self-Repairing Software Tackles Malware
74 The Party's Over for These Youthful Compact Galaxies
75 Tea Time Science
76 5 Flavor Trends to Watch in 2015
77 11 Ways to improve Heart Health
78 Electron-Beam Technology a Better Way to Sanitize Ebola Waste?
79 Wearable Tech for the Battlefield and People at Risk for Heart Attacks
80 Expert Pitch: Texas A&M AgriLife Scientist: eBeam Sanitization of Ebola Waste Could Be Cheaper and 'Greener.'
81 UAMS Researcher Receives Best NIH Score for New Concept of Early Disease Diagnosis with Photoswitchable Nanoparticles
82 TMT Launches the Hawaii Island New Knowledge (THINK) Fund
83 New Form of Crystalline Order Holds Promise for Thermoelectric Applications
84 Dr. Roeland van der Marel Appointed as STScI Lead on Proposed 'Wide View' Hubble Space Telescope
85 Oak Ridge to Acquire Next Generation Supercomputer
86 Scientists Employ Satellite Tags to Solve Whale-Sized Mystery
87 UT Southwestern Scientists Uncover Novel Looping Mechanism that Controls the Fitness of Cells, Impacting Aging and Disease
88 Infection-Fighting B Cells Go with the Flow
89 Where Will Big Neuroscience Take Us?
90 Stony Brook Researchers Receive Two-Year INCITE Award of 50 Million Supercomputing Hours for Modeling Astrophysical Explosions
91 Researchers Create and Control Spin Waves, Lifting Prospects for Enhanced Information Processing
92 TSRI Researchers Discover New Type of Neuron that Plays Key Role in Nicotine Addiction
93 Researchers Identify Gene Mutations and Process for How Kidney Tumors Develop
94 Ten Ways Remote Sensing Can Contribute to Conservation
95 Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Gives Tulane $15 Million
96 Texas Tech Climate Scientist Named to Foreign Policy's 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2014
97 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Reveal Weak Spots in Ebola's Defenses
98 Why Lizards Have Bird Breath
99 Social Media for Social Good: Researchers Estimate Air Pollution from Online Posts
100 Spiraling Back in Time
101 Penn Study Shows Bed Bugs Can Transmit Parasite that Causes Chagas Disease
102 'Probiotics' for Plants Boost Detox Abilities; Untreated Plants Overdose and Die
103 Major Brain Pathway Rediscovered After Century-Old Confusion, Controversy
104 Viruses Impaired if Their Targets Have Diverse Genes
105 NSU Receives $8.5 Million to Study Oil Spill Effects on Deep Sea Ecosystem
106 Cybersecurity Innovation: Securing Your Future
107 Turtle Mike Technology Bridges Communications Systems
108 As Elephants Go, So Go the Trees:
109 Focus of Upcoming Denver Risk Conference Ranges from Fracking to Marijuana to Natural Disasters
110 Helping Wheat Defend Itself Against Damaging Viruses