File Title
1 Picture perfect proof that Mars once had wet seasons
2 Ancient DNA reveals rise of the power horse
3 Pubic hair bugs could help solve sex crimes
4 UNC Researchers Silence Leading Cancer-Causing Gene
5 How Adult Fly Testes Keep from Changing into Ovaries
6 It's Not Always the DNA
7 UCLA Researchers Identify Unique Protein Key to the Development of Blood Stem Cells
8 Self-Repairing Software Tackles Malware
9 The Party's Over for These Youthful Compact Galaxies
10 Infographic: RHIC Cooks Up a Quantum Tempest in a Teacup
11 Tea Time Science
12 5 Flavor Trends to Watch in 2015
13 11 Ways to improve Heart Health
14 Electron-Beam Technology a Better Way to Sanitize Ebola Waste?
15 Texas A&M AgriLife Scientist: eBeam Sanitization of Ebola Waste Could Be Cheaper and 'Greener.'
16 Wearable Tech for the Battlefield and People at Risk for Heart Attacks
17 UAMS Researcher Receives Best NIH Score for New Concept of Early Disease Diagnosis with Photoswitchable Nanoparticles
18 TMT Launches the Hawaii Island New Knowledge (THINK) Fund
19 New Form of Crystalline Order Holds Promise for Thermoelectric Applications
20 Dr. Roeland van der Marel Appointed as STScI Lead on Proposed 'Wide View' Hubble Space Telescope
21 Oak Ridge to Acquire Next Generation Supercomputer
22 Scientists Employ Satellite Tags to Solve Whale-Sized Mystery
23 Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin to Receive the Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence in the Field of Vaccines
24 UT Southwestern Scientists Uncover Novel Looping Mechanism that Controls the Fitness of Cells, Impacting Aging and Disease
25 Brookhaven Lab Smart Grid Resiliency Workshop Focuses on Microgrids
26 Infection-Fighting B Cells Go with the Flow
27 Where Will Big Neuroscience Take Us?
28 Stony Brook Researchers Receive Two-Year INCITE Award of 50 Million Supercomputing Hours for Modeling Astrophysical Explosions
29 Researchers Create and Control Spin Waves, Lifting Prospects for Enhanced Information Processing
30 U-M Students Showcase Sustainability Research; Three Teams Win Distinguished Awards
31 Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Gives Tulane $15 Million
32 Texas Tech Climate Scientist Named to Foreign Policy's 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2014
33 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Reveal Weak Spots in Ebola's Defenses
34 Why Lizards Have Bird Breath
35 Social Media for Social Good: Researchers Estimate Air Pollution from Online Posts
36 Spiraling Back in Time
37 Penn Study Shows Bed Bugs Can Transmit Parasite that Causes Chagas Disease
38 'Probiotics' for Plants Boost Detox Abilities; Untreated Plants Overdose and Die
39 Viruses Impaired if Their Targets Have Diverse Genes
40 New Matter, Mathematical Models & Larry McLerra
41 NSU Receives $8.5 Million to Study Oil Spill Effects on Deep Sea Ecosystem
42 Cybersecurity Innovation: Securing Your Future
43 Turtle Mike Technology Bridges Communications Systems
44 As Elephants Go, So Go the Trees:
45 Focus of Upcoming Denver Risk Conference Ranges from Fracking to Marijuana to Natural Disasters
46 Helping Wheat Defend Itself Against Damaging Viruses
47 New Model Clarifies Photoexcited Thin-Film Lattice Dynamics
48 Pumping Zinc
49 Microbes Take Their Sulfur Light
50 Scientists Get to the Heart of Fool's Gold as a Solar Material
51 Cells' Natural Response to Chronic Protein Misfolding May Do More Harm than Good
52 University of Delaware Announces Recipient of $60,000 Boer Solar Energy Medal of Merit
53 Georgia Tech Professor Proposes Alternative to 'Turing Test'
54 A 3-D, Talking Map for the Blind (and Everyone Else)
55 New Technologies, Policies Spur Agricultural Innovations
56 Camera Trap Images Help Wildlife Managers ID Problem Tigers in India
57 Of Mice, Not Men
58 Scientists Map Mouse Genome's 'Mission Control Centers'
59 New Understanding of Genetic Replication Could Help in the Fight Against Cancer
60 Salk Scientists Deliver a Promising One-Two Punch for Lung Cancer
61 Team of Scientists Forecast Direction of Nutrition Research by End of the Decade
62 Study: Environmental Bleaching Impairs Long-Term Coral Reproduction
63 Spiraling Light, Nanoparticles and Insights into Life's Structure
64 Crops Play a Major Role in the Annual CO2 Cycle Increase
65 Out of India
66 Bacterial Slime: It's What's for Dinner
67 A Path to Brighter Images and More Efficient LCD Displays
68 'Cloaking' Device Uses Ordinary Lenses to Hide Objects Across Continuous Range of Angles
69 Study: Volunteering Can Help Save Wildlife
70 Salk Scientists Unveil Powerful Method to Speed Cancer Drug Discovery
71 Discovery Sheds Light on Nuclear Reactor Fuel Behavior During a Severe Event
72 VLA Visitor Center Film Earns Prestigious Media Award
73 Deep-Earth Carbon Offers Clues on Origin of Life on Earth
74 What in the Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle?
75 Scientists Raise Alarm that Shortage of Human Islet Cells Will Slow Diabetes Research
76 Cohesin: A Cherry-Shaped Molecule Safeguards Cell-Division
77 Streamlining Thin Film Processing for Electrodes, Display Screens
78 Next-Door Leopards: First GPS-Collar Study Reveals how Leopards Live with People
79 Mind the Gap Between Atomically Thin Materials
80 Is Interstellar's Science So Stellar?
81 New Web Portal Displays West Coast Ocean Acidification Data
82 Scanning Robot Helps Put Insect Collections Online
83 How the Hummingbird Achieves Its Aerobatic Feats
84 N/A
85 The Physics of Fizziness
86 The Secret of Dragonflies' Flight
87 Breakthrough Discovery by NUS Researchers Contributes Towards Future Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Inflammation
88 Scientists do Glass a Solid--with New Theory on How it Transitions from a Liquid
89 Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases Celebrates 10 Years of Protecting Livestock Industries and Global Health
90 The Charming, Useful Ladybug
91 Got Leftovers? Tips for Safely Savoring Food the Second Time Around
92 Full Speed Ahead: The Physical Art of Sailing
93 Pain and Itch in a Dish
94 UCLA Researchers Unlock Protein Key to Harnessing Regenerative Power of Blood Stem Cells
95 Researchers Create New Company to Optimize Wind Plant Performance
96 The Physics of Jackson Pollock
97 What Online Gaming Can Tell Us About Organizational Trust
98 Artist and Scientist Team up to Explore Stunning Whisky Art
99 University of Minnesota, Tufts University Part of Global Workforce Development Against Emerging Pandemic Threats
100 CPRIT Awards UTSW Faculty $22.5 Million for Recruitment and Research in Liver Cancer, Leukemia, and Immunotherapy
101 Flower Links Civil War, Natural History and 'the Blood of Heroes'
102 A Better Beagle: $2 Million Upgrade to UChicago Supercomputer Will Boost Biomedical Research
103 How to Save Billions of Gallons of Gasoline
104 Espresso in Space
105 When Dogs Drink Water
106 Tropical Parasite Uses Swim Stroke Not Shared by Any Other Creature
107 Circumstances Are Right for Weed Invasion to Escalate, Researchers Say
108 Climate Control in Termite Mounds
109 NIH Scientists Determine How Environment Contributes to Several Human Diseases
110 Creighton Physicist Publishes New Research on Fighting Bacterial Infections