File Title
1 How birds get by without external ears
2 Fish use chemical camouflage from diet to hide from predators
3 Invasive species can dramatically alter landscapes, study shows
4 Major comeback for sea turtles: Highest reported nest counts in Nicaragua
5 Energy efficient homes linked to asthma
6 Story of bizarre deep-sea bone worm takes unexpected twist: Evolutionary reversal previously unseen in animal kingdom
7 The Jaws effect: Biting review finds shark policy based on movie myths
8 Water's role in the rise and fall of the Roman Empire
9 Tourism poses a threat to dolphins in the Balearic Islands
10 Re-discovered diaries shed new light on one of the world's most studied woods
11 Sampling rivers for genes rather than organisms
12 NASA study shows 13-year record of drying Amazon caused vegetation declines
13 Scientists estimate total weight of plastic floating in world's oceans: Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution floating in the ocean
14 New insights into the origins of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent
15 First images of historic San Francisco shipwreck, SS City of Rio de Janeiro
16 Oldest horned dinosaur species in North America found in Montana: Hooked beak, sharply pointed cheeks distinguishes neoceratopsian species
17 Fungus-growing ants selectively cultivate their crops
18 No laughing matter: Nitrous oxide rose at end of last ice age
19 Ancient creature discovered in the depths of the Arctic Ocean
20 Carbon soot particles, dust blamed for discoloring India's Taj Mahal
21 What quails can teach us about the gait of dinosaurs
22 Major Viking hall identified in Sweden
23 Ancient horse DNA revealed human breeding preferences: Leopard complex spotting and congenital night blindness
24 Better biomonitor for children with asthma
25 U.S. taxpayers bear financial burden of smoking-related disease
26 Government healthcare spending linked to maternal mortality rates across the EU
27 Guidelines for treatment of Ebola patients are urgently needed
28 Most exaggeration in health news is already present in academic press releases: Scientific community can improve the situation
29 Conservation targeting tigers pushes leopards to change
30 Smoking still causes large proportion of cancer deaths in the United States
31 Wealth, power or lack thereof at heart of many mental disorders
32 Combining insecticide spraying and bed nets no more protective against malaria than nets alone
33 Asbestos: An ongoing challenge to global health
34 Maintaining a reliable value of the cost of climate change
35 Occupational sitting among women linked to obesity
36 Bitcoin, virtual money: User's identity can be revealed much easier than thought
37 Entrepreneurs are not corporate rebels: High performers more likely to set off on own without path
38 Job authority increases depression symptoms in women, decreases them in men
39 It pays to have an eye for emotions
40 Verbal abuse in the workplace: Are men or women most at risk?
41 Working night shift burns less energy, increases risk of weight gain
42 Businesses can help preserve endangered species with small landscape changes
43 Model for evaluating product-recommendation algorithms suggests that trial and error get it right
44 Distraction, if consistent, does not hinder learning
45 Ideals may play role in knowledge formation, professor's research says
46 Heavier newborns show academic edge in school
47 It's mean boys, not mean girls, who rule at school, study shows
48 Education is key to climate adaptation
49 Elderly brains learn, but maybe too much
50 Two studies, 2 editorials put focus on school breakfasts, lunches
51 Education empowers Canadians, but raises risks of overwork, work-family stress
52 Social sensing game detects classroom bullies
53 Training can lead to synesthetic experiences: Does learning the 'color of' specific letters boost IQ?
54 Promising compound rapidly eliminates malaria parasite
55 Uncovering one of humankind's most ancient lineages
56 Blows to head damage brain's 'garbage truck,' accelerate dementia
57 See it, touch it, feel it: Researchers use ultrasound to make invisible 3-D haptic shape that can be seen and felt
58 Don't worry, be happy: Just go to bed earlier
59 In world first, researchers convert sunlight to electricity with over 40 percent efficiency
60 45-year physics mystery shows a path to quantum transistors
61 Pulsars with black holes could hold the 'Holy Grail' of gravity
62 New technique offers spray-on solar power
63 Electric eels deliver taser-like shocks
64 California's drought is the worst in 1,200 years, evidence suggests
65 Oldest ever engraving discovered on 500,000-year-old shell
66 Intact 'ghost ship' discovered off Hawai'i
67 Early warning signals of abrupt climate change
68 Honeybee hive sealant promotes hair growth in mice
69 Laughing gas shows promise for severe depression, pilot study suggests
70 Turning biological cells to stone improves cancer, stem cell research
71 Poisonous cure: Toxic fungi may hold secrets to tackling deadly diseases
72 3-D printing to the rescue of gastronomy for frail seniors
73 Dragonflies on the hunt display complex choreography
74 Feathered friends: researchers unveil bird 'family tree'
75 Trash talk: 269,000 tons of plastic litter choke world's oceans
76 Scientists create 'feel fuller' food ingredient
77 Genomics startup NextCode stakes claim in pediatric disease market
78 Meek Montana plant-eater foreshadowed huge horned dinosaurs
79 Mali says has no remaining Ebola cases as last patient recovers
80 Cost of not supporting breastfeeding may be millions
81 Memory slips tied to stroke risk among highly educated
82 Survey leads to more study of California HIV-prevention drug users
83 UN names veteran humanitarian official as new head of Ebola mission
84 Kerry tells rich and poor to make climate deal to avoid 'tragedy'
85 Chinese builders bemoan green costs, risking government targets
86 Major storm knocks out power, disrupts flights in California
87 EU lawmakers criticize plan to scrap environment rules
88 Peru's melting glaciers a deadly threat as temperatures rise
89 Adobe to buy stock photo co, posts revenue above Street
90 Original Apple computer sells for $365,000 at New York auction
91 With WebRTC, the Skype's no longer the limit
92 All the rage a year ago, bitcoin sputters as adoption stalls
93 Sony Pictures tries to prevent download of stolen documents-Re/code
94 In a first, a telescope on Earth spots a 'super-Earth' transiting a sunlike star
95 Why Elon Musk's space agency is hiring a farmer
96 Richard III's DNA reveals new mysteries (+video)
97 NASA to launch Muppet paraphernalia into space
98 Does Richard III's DNA cast doubt on royal legitimacy?
99 Why is Antarctica melting? Scientists reveal clues.
100 Did the moon once contain a dynamo?
101 Why an electric eel's shocks are more impressive than a taser (+video)
102 Orion test flight enters the history books (+video)
103 Officials announce construction of Extremely Large Telescope
104 Why are moon rocks magnetized? Scientists unravel mystery.
105 NASA's New Horizons wakes up as it nears Pluto, 'juicy science' awaits (+video)
106 What advice did Albert Einstein give to Marie Curie?
107 Nearly 3 billion miles away, a space probe awakens
108 On ancient Mars, a lake suited for life? (+video)
109 Rover discovery bolsters case for life on ancient Mars (+video)
110 Did ancient Mars support life? Mysterious mountain could hold clues. (+video)