File Title
1 Laser-Zapping Experiment Simulates Beginnings of Life on Earth
2 Tech that Checks Your Vital Signs Could Find What Docs Miss
3 California Drought Linked to Natural Causes, Not Climate Change
4 Reference: Cervical Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
5 Reference: Appendicitis: Signs & Symptoms of Appendix Pain
6 Reference: Stegosaurus: Bony Plates & Tiny Brain
7 Eyetracking Technology Knows Your Subconscious Pizza Desires...or Not
8 Can Bodybuilding Hold a Key to Aging?
9 Squirrel Moms' Stress Aids Pup Survival
10 Engineering a Better Food Bank
11 Military Seeks Flying Aircraft Carriers to Launch Drones
12 7 Scientific Tips for Staying Warm
13 Swallowing Tiny Magnets Severely Damages Boy's Intestines
14 Handstand Pushups Cause Man to Lose Vision Temporarily
15 2,400-Year-Old Coffin's 'Odd' Art Hints at Ancient Egypt's Brain Drain
16 Giant Crater on Mars Was Once a Vast Lake, Curiosity Rover Shows
17 North Pole's Reindeer Population Plummets
18 Critically Endangered Porpoise Could Be Extinct in Four Years
19 New 'Smart Skin' Could Make Prosthetics More like Real Limbs
20 Guiding African Wildlife Through Global Warming
21 Weird Fossil Reveals Ancient Balloon Animal
22 US Airports Screened 2,000 Travelers for Ebola, but Found No Cases
23 Math for Drones, Self-Driving Cars Wins Top Student Science Award
24 Coral Thrive Off U.S. Atlantic Coast, but Threatened (Op-Ed)
25 Why Painful Memories Linger
26 Canned drinks 'may affect blood pressure'
27 Smelly coral fish dodge the predators
28 Early horned dinosaur had Asian origin
29 Water vapor on Rosetta's target comet significantly different from that found on Earth
30 Phenomenal fossil and detailed analysis reveal details about enigmatic fossil mammals
31 Warmer Pacific Ocean could release millions of tons of seafloor methane
32 Injectable 3-D vaccines could fight cancer, infectious diseases
33 Ancient balloon-shaped animal fossil sheds light on Earth's ancient seas
34 Abandoned wells can be 'super-emitters' of greenhouse gas
35 Zinc test could help diagnose breast cancer early
36 How pace of climate change will challenge ectotherms
37 Adult-onset diabetes, obesity cured in lab mice, scientists
38 Temperature anomalies are warming faster than Earth's average, study finds
39 New technique could harvest more of the sun's energy
40 Astronomers identify gas spirals as a nursery of twin stars through ALMA
41 New model for snake venom evolution proposed
42 Saturn's largest moon is a windy place: Titan dune puzzle solved
43 World record for compact particle accelerator: Researchers ramp up energy of laser-plasma 'tabletop' accelerator
44 Hepatitis C ruled out as cause of mental impairment in HIV patients
45 Human DNA shows traces of 40 million-year battle for survival between primate and pathogen
46 Ebola virus may replicate in an exotic way
47 Youngest bone marrow transplant patients at higher risk of cognitive decline
48 New targeted drugs could treat drug-resistant skin cancer
49 Senescent cells play an essential role in wound healing
50 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus unlikely to reach epidemic status, experts say
51 3-d maps of folded genome: Catalog of 10,000 loops reveals new form of genetic regulation
52 Getting antibodies into shape to fight cancer
53 Research raises consciousness for dehydration concerns in diabetic patients
54 Understanding how emotions ripple after terrorist acts
55 Affluence, not political complexity, explains rise of moralizing world religions
56 Many U.S. workers are sacrificing sleep for work hours, long commutes
57 Relationship between personality, health: Study sheds new light on link
58 Early identification of modifiable risk factors for cognitive decline
59 Gut microbiota and Parkinson's disease: Connection made
60 Cocaine consumption quadruples the risk of sudden death in people between 19 and 49
61 Short sleep duration, sleep-related breathing problems increase obesity risk in kids
62 Alcohol interferes with body's ability to regulate sleep
63 Prenatal exposure to common household chemicals linked with substantial drop in child IQ
64 One of the most difficult challenges in weight loss is keeping the weight off over the long term
65 Lifestyle the key to gap in cardiac patient outcomes
66 Fructose and glucose: Brain reward circuits respond differently to two kinds of sugar
67 Keeping families safe from the flu
68 Immunizing schoolkids fights flu in others, too
69 Top-selling eye vitamins found not to match scientific evidence
70 'Tis the season for youth to curb binge-drinking
71 Even in our digital age, early parental writing support is key to children's literacy
72 Are you helping your toddler's aggressive behavior?
73 Heart disease patients advised to avoid being outside in rush hour traffic
74 Basic rules for construction with a type of origami
75 Scientists measure speedy electrons in silicon
76 Stacking two-dimensional materials may lower cost of semiconductor devices
77 Early adoption of robotic surgery leads to organ preservation for kidney cancer patients
78 'Trojan horse' proteins: step forward for nanoparticle-based anti-cancer, anti-dementia therapeutic approaches
79 New way to plug 'leaky' light cavities demonstrated
80 New 'high-entropy' alloy is as light as aluminum, as strong as titanium alloys
81 Organic electronics could lead to cheap, wearable medical sensors
82 Physicists explain puzzling particle collisions
83 New form of ice could help explore exciting avenues for energy production and storage
84 Swarms of Pluto-size objects kick up dust around adolescent Sun-like star
85 Interstellar mystery solved by supercomputer simulations
86 Scientists develop solar observatory for use on suborbital manned space missions
87 Researchers detect possible signal from dark matter
88 Warm gas pours 'cold water' on galaxy's star-making
89 NASA's Curiosity rover finds clues to how water helped shape Martian landscape
90 Complex mineralogy on the Red Planet: First X-ray diffraction measurements on Mars
91 Successful launch of NASA's Orion spacecraft heralds first step on journey to Mars
92 Dawn snaps its best-yet image of dwarf planet Ceres
93 Astronomers observe two stars so close to each other that they will end up merging into a supermassive star
94 New method helps map species' genetic heritage
95 Theory details how 'hot' monomers affect thin-film formation
96 New 'electronic skin' for prosthetics, robotics detects pressure from different directions
97 Internet searches can predict volume of ER visits
98 Limiting internet congestion a key factor in net neutrality debate
99 Scientists resolve spin puzzle
100 Shifting boundaries and changing surfaces: Energies at work in closed flexible loop spanned by soap film
101 Robotic surgery technique to treat previously inoperable head and neck cancer tumors
102 Germanium: Semiconductor milestone
103 Composite materials can be designed in a supercomputer 'virtual lab'
104 Chickens and turkeys 'closer to dinosaur ancestors' than other birds
105 Cells can use dynamic patterns to pluck signals from noise
106 Genes tell story of birdsong and human speech
107 March of the penguin genomes
108 Tooth loss in birds occurred about 116 million years ago
109 Big Bang' of bird evolution mapped
110 Biologists map crocodilian genomes