File Title
1 Why Dried Whiskey Under Microscope Looks like Art
2 Shared Manicure Tools Linked to Rare HIV Infection
3 Passengers Boarding Airplanes: We're Doing It Wrong
4 Beyond the 'Poo Bus': The Many Uses of Human Waste
5 World's Newest Lava Lake Appears in Africa
6 Dreams of Murder May Signal Real-Life Aggression
7 Map of Endangered Shark's Wanderings Could Aid Conservation
8 Ferguson: Why Do People Riot?
9 8 Ways You Can See Einstein's Theory of Relativity in Real Life
10 Do Dogs Understand Words or Emotions?
11 Smoking in US Declines to All-Time Low
12 How Sea Spray Seeds the Sky
13 Mystery of 'Vampire' Burials Solved
14 Many People with Dementia May Go Unscreened, Untreated
15 Chronic Pain Isn't All in the Brain
16 Have a Cold? Don't Ask Your Doctor for Antibiotics
17 Artificial Pancreas May Improve Type 1 Diabetes Treatment
18 Reference: Facts About Leopards
19 Shrimp-Labeling Fails Mean Mystery Meal Origins (Op-Ed)
20 Beyond the Vortex: A Winter Wonderland of Cause & Effect (Op-Ed)
21 In Climate Negotiations, Women Gaining a Stronger Voice (Op-Ed)
22 In the Digital Age, Science Publishing Needs an Upgrade (Op Ed)
23 Thousands of Eocene Shark Teeth Found in Canadian Arctic
24 New 'Super-Repellent' Material Could Protect Medical Implants
25 Space Rock Sheds Light on Mysterious Mineral on Earth
26 Juice Cleanses: Separating Fact from Fiction
27 How to Cool Buildings Without Electricity? Beam Heat into Space
28 Little-Known Porbeagle Shark May Soon Get Protection (Op-Ed)
29 Is Schizophrenia a 'Real' Illness?
30 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter
31 Quiet 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Comes to a Close
32 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
33 Animal Sex: How Dung Beetles Do It
34 3D Printing Can Improve Face Transplants
35 'Failed' Arctic Expedition Celebrated on 100th Anniversary
36 Surname Status: Elite Families Stay Elite for Centuries
37 Ripples in Space-Time Could Reveal 'Strange Stars'
38 New Artificial Intelligence Challenge Could Be the Next Turing Test
39 Origins of Human Alcohol Consumption Revealed
40 Invisible Dark Matter May Show Up in GPS Signals
41 Amazon's Robot 'Elves' Help Fill Cyber Monday Orders
42 Kids Who Climb in Home More Likely to Land in ER
43 Liberia, Guinea On Track to Contain Ebola
44 Diabetes in Middle Age Linked to Cognitive Problems Later
45 Reference: Corn Snakes: Morphs, Colors & Other Facts
46 Why Do Human Children Stay So Small for So Long?
47 Eyewitness Testimony is Far from Perfect
48 Drug Overdose-Related Deaths Double from 1999 to 2012
49 Grisly Sale: Oliver Cromwell's Copper Corpse Plaque Up for Auction
50 Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks Tied to Carbs, Not Fat, Study Finds
51 Cyberwarfare? New System Protects Drones from Hackers
52 Actor Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Explain 'What is Sleep?'
53 It's Really Richard: DNA Confirms King's Remains
54 NASA's 1st Deep-Space Capsule in 40 Years Ready for Launch Debut
55 Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence Could End Human Race
56 Sophia Again Tops Name Charts for Girls, Baby Site Finds
57 It's Time for Universities to Stand Up to Fossil Fuel (Op-Ed)
58 How Long You Sleep May Be in Your Genes
59 Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer: Sports Tracker Review
60 Mediterranean Diet Linked to Slower Aging
61 Reference: Mosquitoes: Biology, Repellents & Bite Relief
62 Reference: What Is El Nino?
63 Tiny Balloons Could Treat Deadly Pregnancy Complication
64 Middle-Age Women Have Highest Rate of Depression
65 Wikipedia's Gender Problem Gets a Closer Look
66 Why Men Love Lingerie: Rat Study Offers Hints
67 Continent-Sized Scan Reveals US Underbelly
68 Drones and Planes Will Live-Track NASA's Orion Capsule Launch
69 New Frog Species Coughs Instead of Croaking
70 Why Time Can't Go Backward: Physicists Explain
71 540,000-Year-Old Shell Carvings May Be Human Ancestor's Oldest Art
72 How to Cook Up a Volcano: Heat and Serve
73 Basis Peak: Fitness Tracker Review
74 Experts Cast Doubt on Meteorite Study's Claims of Martian Life
75 Hookah Smoke Contains Cancer-Causing Chemical
76 Memo to McDonald's: The Climate Deserves a Break Today (Op-Ed)
77 What that 'BPA-free' Label Isn't Telling You
78 One in Five Superspreaders Trigger Majority of Viral Infections
79 Money Drives Weather Data, but What About Climate? (Op-Ed)
80 US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low
81 Ancient Pond, Bronze Fingernail Cleaner Hint at Roman Settlement
82 Growing Antarctic Ice Sheets May Have Sparked Ice Age
83 Why this Year's Flu Season May Be Worse
84 Goodbye Y: Men Who Smoke Have Missing Male Chromosomes
85 A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence
86 Puffed-Up Blowfish Aren't Holding Their Breath
87 Artificial Intelligence: Friendly or Frightening?
88 Rapid Warming Hits Antarctica's Shallow Seas
89 Chimpanzees Are Not Legal Persons, Court Rules
90 Reference: What is Plate Tectonics?
91 Reference: Type I Diabetes: Symptoms and Treatment
92 For Younger Women, Daily Aspirin May Be Harmful
93 The Dark Side of Research--When Chasing Prestige Becomes the Prize
94 How Electric Eels Use Shocks to 'Remote Control' Other Fish
95 Yosemite Falls Revives After Hard Rain
96 Microsoft Band: Fitness Tracker Review
97 Who Stood Up for Science in 2014? (Op-Ed)
98 Virtual Reality Affects Brain's 'GPS Cells'
99 Heat Turbocharged California's Epic Drought
100 NASA Launches First Orion Deep-Space Capsule in Historic Test Flight
101 Nobel Prize Medal Fetches Record-Breaking $4.76 Million
102 18th Century Mandolins Were a Symphony of Rare Ingredients
103 Genes May Play Greater Role in Lou Gehrig's Disease
104 California's Worst Drought Ever Is 1st Taste of Future
105 Mysterious 'Ghost' Ship Rediscovered Near Hawaii
106 Great Horned Owl Takes a Dip in Lake Michigan
107 Reference: Tick Bites: Symptoms & Treatment
108 Alleged Dead Sea Scrolls Looters Indicted in Israel
109 Secrets of Dinosaur Footprints Revealed in Bird X-Rays
110 Parents May Overestimate Marijuana's Effects on Kids' Seizures