File Title
1 Peptide shows great promise for treating spinal cord injury
2 Scientists describe new herpes treatment strategy
3 Sons' intelligence linked to fathers' criminal history
4 Mediterranean diet associated with longer telomeres
5 Duality in the human genome
6 Contraception may change how happy women are with their husbands
7 Scientists detect brain network that gives humans superior reasoning skills
8 Natural 'high' could avoid chronic marijuana use
9 Adding human glial cells to mice brains found to improve memory and cognition
10 Brain stimulation offers hope for depression, but don't try it at home
11 High-sugar diet in fathers can lead to obese offspring
12 Team constructs model of receptor protein linked to human growth
13 Study links running to lower Alzheimer's death risk
14 Gene discovery shows how stem cells can be activated to help immune system fight infection
15 Endocrine disruptors alter thyroid levels in pregnancy, may affect fetal brain development
16 The innate immune system condemns weak cells to their death
17 Blood pressure build-up from white blood cells may cause cerebral malaria death
18 Obesity may shorten life expectancy up to eight years
19 Typhoid Mary, not typhoid mouse: Lack of enzyme explains why typhoid fever is a human-specific disease
20 'Satiety hormone' leptin links obesity to high blood pressure
21 Wireless brain sensor could unchain neuroscience from cables
22 Smoking and higher mortality in men: New association between smoking, loss of the Y chromosome and cancer
23 Predicting the storm: Can computer models improve stem cell transplantation?
24 Don't worry, be happy: Just go to bed earlier
25 Study suggests potential therapy for second most common form of dementia
26 Stern warning: Legally-binding climate deal 'not necessary'
27 UK researchers set out goals for Lunar Mission One
28 Blakeney Point seals to star in BBC Winterwatch
29 James Watson's DNA Nobel Prize sells for $4.8m
30 NASA's Orion spaceship makes splashdown
31 Electric eels 'remotely control their prey'
32 Indonesian shell has 'earliest human engraving'
33 US chimpanzee Tommy 'has no human rights'--court
34 'Future Earth' platform outlines global change strategy
35 African soil crisis threatens food security, says study
36 Genetic diversity of Sub-Saharan Africa revealed
37 Bat nav: Animals' 3D brain compass found
38 Scientists seek to solve mystery of Stegosaurus plates
39 Old Sarum archaeologists reveal plan of medieval city
40 Somalia invites energy companies to explore for oil
41 Extreme fishing: Hunting for deadly sea snakes
42 Bloodhound Diary: 'Big Cat' climbs aboard
43 Orion: Uncertainty ahead for new US spaceship
44 Climate change: UN projects for poorest 'feared frozen'
45 A glass sub to probe the ocean depths
46 Shrien Dewani murder case thrown out by South African judge
47 First Bus wins wheelchair court judgement
48 Prince William holds first talks with President Obama
49 'Pay benefits faster' to reduce hunger, MPs urge
50 Tory MP apologises for playing Candy Crush during committee
51 What can be done to save the High Street?
52 The young people going hungry in the UK this winter
53 Could legislation halt non-physical domestic abuse?
54 George Boole and the AND OR NOT gates
55 The man who found 100 bombs
56 Uganda maid admits torturing toddler after secret filming
57 Nigel Farage in UKIP event no-show due to 'immigration'
58 Missing stag man Karl Law 'found dead in Prague'
59 Shrien Dewani murder trial: How prosecution fell apart
60 Home owners could cope with rate rise, says Bank
61 George Osborne: Cuts 'a price that works for our country'
62 Email advice: How to take back control of your inbox
63 British base jumper dies in Australia cliff fall
64 Firefighters battle huge Los Angeles blaze
65 Why is diesel now bad news?
66 UKIP suspends general secretary Roger Bird
67 UK broadband services still patchy, Ofcom reveals
68 India Uber taxi driver accused of Delhi rape
69 Ex-Apple executive jailed and fined for selling secrets
70 Video-game pioneer Ralph Baer dies
71 Zoella admits Girl Online, her debut novel, was written with 'help'
72 Sony's PlayStation hit by hack attack
73 North Korea denies 'righteous' hack attack on Sony
74 Apple's $1 billion anti-competition trial might collapse
75 Old laptop batteries could power slums, IBM says
76 Maths and science teaching a priority, says Cameron
77 GCHQ does not breach human rights, judges rule
78 Football robot promises to get rid of the boring bits
79 Parklife festival fined for 'distressing' mum text
80 Raspberry Pi rival unveiled by chipmaker Imagination
81 'Sexually violent' GTA 5 banned from Australian stores
82 Emergency call system for all new cars by 2018
83 As schools grapple with coding revolution many may get left out
84 Syntax era: Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX Spectrum revolution
85 Sony Pictures' nightmare week: what now?
86 Does AI really threaten the future of the human race?
87 Cape Town goes cashless as mobile payment apps take off
88 Who, what, why: What is replacing Google's annoying ReCaptcha test?
89 Apple 'deleted' rivals' music from iPods, court hears
90 New grammar school in Kent edges towards approval
91 Educational 'class ceiling wastes taxpayers' money'
92 Teenage runaways lack safe places to go
93 Schools 'must build British spirit,' says Labour
94 Prison book ban ruled unlawful by High Court
95 Education: Budget cuts could mean job losses and closure of places
96 Air pollution 'causing deadly public health crisis'
97 'Take care complaints more seriously,' regulator says
98 Alcohol consumption in Scotland falling
99 Calls for schools to promote "low-level" activity
100 Independent Living Fund closure ruled lawful
101 Text messaging service 'helps people take their pills'
102 Belfast Health Trust to pay landmark compensation to disabled boy
103 Minimum alcohol price law 'could save 900 million pounds'
104 Child abuse viewers need medical help--police chief
105 Disabled people's access to High Street 'shocking,' audit finds
106 GP 'disgust' at watchdog errors
107 Obese lose up to eight years of life
108 Ebola: basic fluid and nutrition care 'being missed'
109 More breastfeeding 'could save NHS millions'
110 Brain scans 'can predict risk' even after mild stroke