File Title
1 Karakoram Glacier 'Cold Case' Finally Solved
2 Neanderthals Mated with Humans 50,000 Years Ago
3 Shrew-like Ancestor Slept Through Dino Extinction
4 Uncovering Evidence of a 6th Mass Extinction
5 Easter Islanders Met Up with Native Americans Earlier than Thought
6 Ice Age Humans Lived Life to the Extreme
7 Occasional Alcohol Could Improve Memory Performance
8 Powerful New Microscope Shows Cellular Life in New Light
9 Mind-Wandering Boosts Mental Performance
10 Seasonal Depression: Understanding its Chemical Cause
11 Century-Old Notebook Details Doomed Antarctic Expedition
12 Columbian Mammoth Skull, Tusk Unearthed in Idaho
13 Even Worldwide Pandemic Can't Cull Unsustainable Human Population
14 Prehistoric Art Inspired by the 'Supernatural'
15 Sleeping with the Fishes: Body Breakdown on the Ocean Floor Varies
16 Recreating Frozen Viruses from Reindeer Scat
17 Mouse Lemurs Reveal the Secrets of Aging
18 Solving the Riddle of Earhart's Disappearance
19 Revealing Why Plants Don't Get Sunburn
20 Attractive, Colorful Feathers Allowed Dinosaurs to Take Flight
21 Oceans Flooded Earth Earlier than Thought
22 Beer Without the Risk of Hangover?
23 Arachnophobia Sliced Out of a Man's Brain
24 Movie Monsters Debunked with Science
25 Rise of Animals Delayed by Oxygen Deficiency
26 Magma from Indonesia's Mega-Eruption Built Up Over Millions of Years
27 From Rock-'n'-Roller to Biomedical Scientist
28 Ag Water Management Network Honored for Innovation
29 Climate Change Impacts Countered by Stricter Fisheries Management
30 Diagnostic Tests Key to Helping Swine Producers Fight Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus
31 A New Dent in HIV-1's Armor
32 Numbers Meets CSI: Qualifying Value of Forensic Evidence
33 UCLA Scientists Propose Benchmark to Better Replicate Natural Stem Cell Development in the Laboratory Environment
34 Georgia State Astronomers Image the Exploding Fireball Stage of a Nova
35 How Cells Know Which Way to Go
36 Image from Mars-Orbiting Spectrometer Shows Comet's Coma
37 Study Gives New View On How Cells Control What Comes in and Out
38 Agricultural Pioneers Sow Seeds of Innovation
39 Student's Research on Hail 'Scars' to Be Presented at Suomi Event
40 Penguin Chicks
41 Hot on the Trail of the Asian Tiger Mosquito
42 Blood Vessel Growth in the Brain Relies on a Protein Found in Tumor Blood Vessels
43 Watching the Hidden Life of Materials
44 Reducing Population Is No Environmental 'Quick Fix'
45 Live, Online Press Event this Wednesday: The Science of Spooky Sounds, Charismatic Voices, Nestling Birds, Traffic Noise and More
46 New Clinical Trial Data: Scripps Research Institute MS Drug Candidate also Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis
47 NUS Researchers Discover for the First Time that a Rare Bush Frog Breeds in Bamboo
48 U.S. Department of Energy Grant Will Further Study of Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Reactors
49 Tracking Heat-Driven Decay in Leading Electric Vehicle Batteries
50 Here's Looking at You: Spooky Shadow Play Gives Jupiter a Giant Eye
51 Spices and Herbs: Improving Public Health Through Flavorful Eating-- a Call to Action
52 Ancient Auditory Illusions Reflected in Prehistoric Art?
53 Reverse Engineering Materials for More Efficient Heating and Cooling
54 Identifying 'Stance Taking' Cues to Enable Sophisticated Voice Recognition
55 Giant Tortoises Gain a Foothold on a Galapagos Island
56 Boulder Team Wins International Water Prize
57 Scripps Florida Scientists Uncover Major Factor in Development of Huntington's Disease
58 A New Look at AC-DC
59 Modeling Cancer: Virginia Tech Researchers Prove Models Can Predict Cellular Processes
60 A Battle for Ant Sperm
61 Why Some Butterflies Sound like Ants
62 Strong Bonds with Pets May Help Foster Resiliency in Military-Connected Children
63 Researchers Identify Potential Target for Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
64 ORNL Technology Transfer Continues Strong Upward Trend
65 Enhancing National Cybersecurity
66 Expert Pitch: Expert: Constructed #Wetlands Less Functional than Developers Claim
67 Clean Smell Doesn't Always Mean Clean Air
68 Contamination Likely Explains 'Food Genes in Blood' Claim
69 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Make Enzyme that Could Help Explain Origins of Life
70 Planet-Forming Lifeline Discovered in a Binary Star System
71 Nestling Birds Struggle in Noisy Environments
72 Urban Seismic Network Detects Human Sounds
73 The Science of Charismatic Voices
74 Hearing Loss in One Infant Twin Affects Mother's Speech to Both Babies
75 Liberal or Conservative? Brain Responses to Disgusting Images Help Reveal Political Leanings
76 Plump Turtles Swim Better: First Models of Swimming Animals
77 MSU Leads U.S. in Testing of Filters to Contain Radioactive Materials
78 Microrockets Fueled by Water Neutralize Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents
79 Why Plants Don't Get Sunburn
80 Nanosafety Research: The Quest for the Gold Standard
81 New Tech Aims to Improve Communication Between Dogs and Humans
82 Toyota to Use Brookhaven Lab's Center for Functional Nanomaterials to Advance Vehicle Battery Tech
83 New Influenza Virus Affects Cattle, Pigs
84 Ant Behavior Might Shed Insight on Problems Facing Electronics Design
85 Expert Pitch: New Camera by Texas A&M Student Could Unlock Secrets of Space
86 Study Finds Saving Lonely Species Is Important for the Environment
87 Rewiring Metabolism Slows Colorectal Cancer Growth
88 What's Mighty About the Mouse? For Starters, Its Massive Y Chromosome
89 Blocking a Fork in the Road to DNA Replication
90 UCLA Gene Discovery Shows How Stem Cells Can Be Activated to Help Immune System Respond to Infection
91 Hubble Sees 'Ghost Light' from Dead Galaxies
92 High-Intensity Sound Waves May Aid Regenerative Medicine
93 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Capture Picture of 'MicroRNA' in Action
94 They Know the Drill: UW Leads the League in Boring Through Ice Sheets
95 Himalayan Viagra Fuels Caterpillar Fungus Gold Rush
96 Uranium-Extracting Technology for Seawater Earns Research Award for Grad Student
97 New Step Towards Eradication of H5N1 Bird Flu
98 The Digital Therapist
99 Tough Electronics Based on Bullet-Proof Kevlar
100 Nuclear Waste Viewed in New Light
101 Viewing Cancer on the Move: New Device Yields Close-Up Look at Metastasis
102 Strange, Fanged Deer Persists in Afghanistan
103 Iowa State Engineer Helps Army Lab Study the Fundamental Physics of Diesel Engines
104 Captive Rhinos Exposed to Urban Rumbles
105 Green Spaces Don't Ensure Biodiversity in Urban Areas
106 Improved Mouse Model Will Accelerate Research on Potential Ebola Vaccines, Treatments
107 MINER Shines in Urban Emergency Response Exercise
108 Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Old Aortas
109 Iron-Based Superconductor Simulations Spin Out New Possibilities on Titan
110 Student Inventors Get Boost to Commercialize Color 3-D Printing, iPhone App