File Title
1 Sound Illusions: Eerie Echoes May Have Inspired Prehistoric Cave Art
2 China Won't Breathe Easy Until Port Pollution Solved (Op-Ed)
3 Near-Extinct Galapagos Island Tortoises Make Colossal Comeback
4 Ice Age Extinctions Could Predict Modern Die-Offs
5 Mad or Sarcastic? Your Computer Might Know Someday
6 70,000-Year-Old Mammoth Skeleton Uncovered in Idaho
7 Ebola Recovery: How Did Dallas Nurses Get Well So Quickly?
8 3 Servings of Milk a Day Linked to Higher Mortality in Women
9 Polio Vaccine: How the US' Most Feared Disease Was Eradicated
10 Private Orbital Sciences Rocket Explodes During Launch, NASA Cargo Lost
11 Reference: Facts About Chlorine
12 Reference: Giraffe Facts & Photos
13 How Animals are Affected by Ebola--in West Africa and Abroad (Op-Ed)
14 The Password is Dead, Long Live the Password (Op-Ed)
15 5 Science 'Facts' You Learned in School that Are Wrong
16 The Future of Surgery is Now: Smaller Scars, Fewer Complications (Op-Ed)
17 Chilly Record! Coldest Object on Earth Created in Lab
18 Electric Trucks Plus Drones Could Make Deliveries 'Green'
19 Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain
20 10 Ghost Stories that Will Haunt You for Life
21 Tiny Human Stomachs Grown in Lab
22 Military Sets New Record for World's Fastest Microchip
23 Big Data is Transforming Sports
24 How to Keep Race Horses Fracture Free
25 Ancient Stone Circles in Mideast Baffle Archaeologists
26 Google's Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles: Are There Drawbacks?
27 Why Flu Strikes in Winter
28 Ebola 'Patient Zero': How Outbreak Started from Single Child
29 Largest Underwater Statue Holds Ocean on its Shoulders
30 Death or Full Recovery? Ebola Outcome May Depend on Your Genes
31 US Salamander Hotspot Could Fall to New Disease
32 Racist Costumes to Egging Hazards: The Science of Halloween
33 Zombie Ants to Ghost Frogs: 6 Real Halloween Monsters
34 Magma 'Pancakes' May Have Fueled Toba Supervolcano
35 Can You Really Get Ebola from a Sneeze?
36 Common New England Spider May Be Venomous
37 Earth's Water Existed 135 Million Years Earlier than Thought
38 2014 Ebola Outbreak: Full Coverage [links to numerous articles] of the Viral Epidemic
39 Reference: Colon Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
40 Reference: Hippo Facts
41 Reference: Spinosaurus: The Largest Carnivorous Dinosaur
42 For Mental Health, Social Media Removes the Silence (Op-Ed)
43 Brraaiins! How Zombies Overran Pop Culture
44 Stem Cells Shape Up
45 Great Pumpkin! 9 Fun Facts About the Halloween Gourd
46 Don't Quarantine American Health Workers (Op-Ed)
47 Gas-spewing Icelandic volcano stuns scientists
48 Geneticists tap human knockouts
49 'Forgotten' NIH smallpox virus languishes on death row
50 Private rocket explodes on launch to space station
51 Coastal havoc boosts jellies
52 China opens translational medicine centre in Shanghai
53 Pet dogs set to test anti-aging drug
54 The Ebola questions
55 Tiny human stomachs grown in the lab
56 The top 100 papers
57 Russian summer tops 'universal' heatwave index
58 Science suffers in rocket explosion
59 Ebola controls at US medical meeting spark protest
60 Fungus from Asia threatens European salamanders
61 Ministers promise basket of gifts for German science
62 Crash of Virgin Galactic vehicle kills one
63 Developed nations must not fear sending Ebola help
64 Pillars of reform
65 Code share
66 Call to action
67 Human evolution: Small remains still pose big problems
68 Human spaceflight: Find asteroids to get to Mars
69 Bibliometrics: Is your most cited work your best?
70 The discovery of Homo floresiensis: Tales of the hobbit
71 A quantum world arising from many ordinary ones
72 Aging makes the imagination wither
73 A call to those who care about Europe's science
74 Will the new industrial city work?
75 Francis Collins: Scientists must engage with the world
76 3 Questions: Richard Binzel on NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission
77 Harnessing error-prone chips
78 Raising cryptography's standards
79 Giant tortoises rally from near extinction on Galapagos island
80 Unmanned U.S. Atlas rocket blasts off with GPS satellite
81 Individual genetic differences may affect Ebola survival: study
82 Skin-eating Asian fungus imperils world's salamanders
83 Probe of Virginia rocket blast begins; space station supplied
84 Gray wolf reported at Grand Canyon for first time in decades
85 Boeing exec says NASA crash underscores need for new U.S. engine
86 U.S. rocket explosion investigation suspects main engine failure
87 New U.S. rockets include crew launch-escape systems
88 Branson to meet Virgin Galactic space team after crash
89 Thousands raised to buy car for Pennsylvania sniper's lookalike
90 Florida man shoots 400-pound bear breaking into his house
91 Britain's 'Naked Rambler' loses legal battle to reveal all
92 Mouse hunt delays Norwegian flight to New York
93 Man who vanished from Denver NFL game said he 'had his fill of football'
94 Police led to Alabama drug suspect by his dog
95 Fed's George to send BBQ sauce to San Francisco Fed chief after Giants win
96 Parachutist rescued from Missouri radio tower
97 'Subway Diet' failure led to Subway robbery, Alabama suspect tells police
98 'Plastic' Halloween skulls found in Connecticut are human remains
99 23andMe, MyHeritage partner to combine DNA and family trees
100 Greek archaeologists unearth head of sphinx in Macedonian tomb
101 The beast with the behemoth arms: A dinosaur mystery is solved
102 French entrepreneurs launch test to detect pork in food
103 Fixing 'Ebolanomics' in pursuit of vaccines and drugs
104 Easter Island's ancient inhabitants weren't so lonely after all
105 Old, cold and bold: Ice Age people dwelled high in Peru's Andes
106 Google executive sets new stratosphere skydive world record
107 SpaceX Dragon capsule splashes down in Pacific Ocean
108 6000-Year-Old Temple Possible Site of Animal Sacrifices
109 When Viruses Attack: Algal Blooms Affect Global Carbon Cycles
110 Weirdest Dinosaur Ever Discovered Solves Longstanding Mystery