File Title
1 Efua Dorkenoo remembered: 'My mother, mentor and wisdom'
2 Ebola outbreak: 'We need help, serious help' in Sierra Leone
3 NHS five-year plan document 'packs a punch'
4 Ebola outbreak: Six surprising numbers
5 The NHS plan: Five things we've learned
6 NHS change is mood music at England's hip op capital
7 Housefly genome offers clue to human sickness
8 Brain scans show cause of seasonal affective disorder
9 Ebola: WHO under fire over response to epidemic
10 Ebola crisis: How Nigeria's Dr. Adadevoh fought the virus
11 Millions of Ebola vaccine doses by end of 2015, WHO says
12 Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind tops cover version vote
13 More staff suspended in Tawel Fan hospital probe
14 Hull blood trail man found
15 Exploding star's fireball captured in action
16 Unconscious mind influences accuracy of decisions
17 Roman gladiators drank ash energy drink
18 Rounded crystals that mimic starfish shells could advance 3-D printing pills
19 See-through, one-atom-thick, carbon electrodes powerful tool to study brain disorders
20 Materials for the next generation of electronics and photovoltaics
21 Special microscope captures defects in nanotubes
22 Atom-width graphene sensors could provide unprecedented insights into brain structure and function
23 Scientists model molecular movement within narrow channels of mesoporous nanoparticles
24 Researchers patent a nanofluid that improves heat conductivity
25 Nanoparticle technology triples the production of biogas
26 'Designer' nanodevice could improve treatment options for cancer sufferers
27 A new imaging approach for monitoring cell metabolism
28 Quantum effects in nanometer-scale metallic structures
29 Novel nanoparticle platform proves effective in delivering protein-based drugs
30 NIST offers electronics industry two ways to snoop on self-organizing molecules
31 Research unlocks potential of super-compound
32 Team reveals molecular structure of water at gold electrodes
33 Researchers make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust
34 Molecular beacons shine light on how cells 'crawl'
35 Controlling acoustic transport in hypersonic crystals
36 New nanodevice to improve cancer treatment monitoring
37 An unlikely use for diamonds
38 Tracking heat-driven decay in leading electric vehicle batteries
39 Breakthrough in molecular electronics paves the way for DNA-based computer circuits in the future
40 Water, water everywhere: How UV irradiation reversibly switches graphene between hydrophobic and hydrophilic states
41 Self-assembly of layered membranes
42 'Reverse engineering' materials for more efficient heating and cooling
43 When parallel worlds collide, quantum mechanics is born
44 Turning loss to gain: Cutting power could dramatically boost laser output
45 UF physicists win two top international awards
46 Subwavelength optical fibers to diffuse light
47 Better diagnostic imaging for traumatic brain injuries
48 Thermodiffusion in weightlessness
49 Ultrafast electron diffraction experiments open a new window on the microscopic world
50 Syracuse physicists closer to understanding balance of matter, antimatter in universe
51 Faster switching helps ferroelectrics become viable replacement for transistors
52 Data from 'old' experiment appears to constrain the idea of dark photons as part of dark matter theory
53 255 Terabits/s: Researchers demonstrate record data transmission over new type of fiber
54 Light-matter interaction can turn opaque materials transparent
55 Device diminishes instabilities that can damage the interior of fusion facilities
56 Helping General Electric upgrade the US power grid
57 Postcards from the plasma edge
58 Calming the plasma edge: The tail that wags the dog
59 New high-resolution X-ray spectrometer for beam lines
60 Using radio waves to control the density in a fusion plasma
61 What is the value of G?
62 Physicists find simple solution for quantum technology challenge
63 Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art?
64 Researchers use cellphone data to construct population density maps
65 Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?
66 Spontaneous wave function collapse can suppress acoustic Schrodinger cat states
67 NASA seeks ultra-lightweight materials to help enable journey to Mars
68 China tycoon reveals foray into space
69 Partial solar eclipse shows off massive sunspot
70 Space station dodges junk from old satellite (Update)
71 No Galileo nav-sat launch for December--Arianespace
72 With comet film, ESA boldly goes into sci-fi
73 SDO observes more flares erupting from giant sunspot
74 Tremendously bright pulsar may be one of many
75 Mars Orbiter's spectrometer shows Oort comet's coma
76 Illusions in the cosmic clouds
77 Accreting supermassive black holes in the early universe
78 Magnetic field around young star captured
79 Universe older than it looks
80 Chandra observatory identifies impact of cosmic chaos on star birth
81 W88 warhead program performs successful tests
82 Space station supply launch called off in Virginia
83 Rosetta's 67P comet compared to everything, including the Death Star
84 Forum highlights technology tested on Space Station for deep space exploration
85 ESA image: Chaos in Atlantis basin
86 SpaceX spacecraft splashdown, starring Space Station science
87 One giant leap for preservation: Protecting Moon landing sites
88 NASA team proposes to use laser to track orbital debris
89 Here's looking at you: Spooky shadow play gives Jupiter a giant eye
90 LOFAR discovers largest carbon atoms outside our Milky Way
91 U.N. task force says new ocean telecom cables should be 'green'
92 Targeted 'malvertising' reveals move towards more sophisticated hacks
93 Thousands in Hungary march against Internet tax
94 3D printed guitars hit road with Klaxons
95 Alibaba chairman wants to bring US movies to China
96 Research shows urgent need to address instability of world's power supplies
97 Greener ship propellers
98 Driverless subway line to be extended in Paris
99 Yelp acquires French rival Cityvox
100 China, Russia linked to cyberspying, researchers say
101 NTU to build region's first renewable energy integration demonstration micro-grid
102 US eyes cyber 'deterrence' to stop hackers (Update)
103 YouTube considers offering ad-free subscription
104 BeBop Sensors to offer sensor expertise to wearables
105 The quick brown fox can help secure your passwords online
106 Judge shoots down Noriega 'Call of Duty' lawsuit
107 With phased-array radar technologies, electrical engineers aim to make car travel safer
108 'Ambulance drone' prototype unveiled in Holland
109 Swiss firm says it can make near invisible solar modules
110 Study finds wider use of premium gas could save fuel, money