File Title
1 Traditional healers contribute to HIV care delays, study finds
2 Bizarre mapping error puts newly discovered species in jeopardy
3 Half of premature colorectal cancer deaths due to socioeconomic inequality
4 Conflict risk in sub-Saharan Africa tied to climate change, economics, geography
5 Mapping reveals targets for preserving tropical carbon stocks
6 Opioid overdose: Cause for over two thirds of emergency department visits in 2010 in U.S.
7 Mothers nurture emotions in girls over boys, new study finds
8 For leaders, looking intelligent is less important than looking healthy
9 This just in: Political correctness pumps up productivity on the job
10 Where'd you get that great idea?
11 Long term shift work linked to impaired brain power
12 Walking workstations improve physical, mental health, builds healthier workplace
13 Resetting the circadian clock: Shift workers might want to skip high-iron foods at night
14 Recognizing emotion in text :-S the business benefits :-)
15 Helping outdoor workers reduce skin cancer risk
16 Scientists identify method of eradicating harmful impacts from manufacturing process
17 'Smart' drugs won't make smart people smarter, research concludes
18 Sleep starts later as teens age, but school still starts early
19 School lunches offer better average nutrition than packed lunches, U.S. study finds
20 Transitions between states of matter: It's more complicated, scientists find
21 Links between grammar, rhythm explored by researchers
22 Dance choreography improves girls' computational skills
23 Fun and games make for better learners
24 Availability of tanning beds on, near college campuses
25 Bullying in schools still prevalent, American national report finds
26 Two days later: Adolescents' conflicts with family spill over to school, vice versa
27 Marijuana's long-term effects on the brain demonstrated
28 Controlling genes with your thoughts
29 Playing action video games can boost learning, study finds
30 Thousands of never-before-seen human genome variations uncovered
31 Body weight heavily influenced by gut microbes: Genes shape body weight by affecting gut microbes
32 All 'quantum weirdness' may be caused by interacting parallel worlds, physicist theorizes
33 Mystery sea of stars? Rocket experiment finds surprising cosmic light
34 Scientists examine mysterious tar mounds in the West African deep ocean
35 Comet lander shuts down after sending data
36 Defying odds, comet lander phones home
37 NASA capsule arrives at launch pad for first test flight
38 U.S. government spending $425 million to build fastest supercomputers
39 Boston Scientific ordered to pay $26.7 million over mesh devices
40 Dutch authorities identify highly contagious bird flu strain
41 U.S. hospital says Sierra Leone doctor with Ebola extremely critical
42 U.N. scraps clinic contract as Ebola exposes Mali readiness gaps
43 Bristol-Myers immunotherapy shows promise to replace chemo for melanoma
44 Chinese team arrives in Liberia to staff Ebola clinic
45 Four dead as heavy rains batter north Italy, south Switzerland
46 U.S., EU override Australia to put climate change on G20 agenda
47 South Africa trials 'hi-tech punch on the nose' to repel sharks
48 Indonesia quake sparks tsunami warning, no major damage
49 Obama, in latest climate move, pledges $3 billion for global fund
50 Dubai's plans "Black Friday" equivalent to help boost sales growth
51 Chinese policymakers eye e-commerce as linchpin of growth
52 Exclusive: India's Reliance Entertainment plans to acquire Western game studios in 2015
53 Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith
54 Deal to spur better 911 call locating for U.S. cellphone users
55 Fish oil shows promise in preventing psychosis
56 Philae comet landing: images captured by Rosetta spacecraft show probe's bounce on comet surface
57 Comet lander: Camera sees Philae's hairy landing
58 Bird flu confirmed at Yorkshire duck farm
59 Puppy smuggling risks rabies outbreak, Dogs Trust warns
60 Climate change 'will make lightning strike more'
61 Beavers on River Otter in Devon could stay free
62 World is crossing malnutrition red line, report warns
63 Researchers 'appalled' as EU chief scientist role is axed
64 Virgin Galactic pilot 'thrown free' from spacecraft
65 'Skunk power' creates confusion over nuclear fusion
66 Is comet landing mission worth the cost?
67 Rosetta: Elation and woe of Philae comet landing
68 What were the legendary man-eating snakes of Borneo?
69 Has the biological passport delivered clean or confused sport?
70 Islamic State Kassig murder: Western jihadists probed
71 Global economy warning lights are flashing, says PM
72 Church of England formally approves plans for women bishops
73 Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone doctor dies in US
74 Can anyone reinvent the everyday chair?
75 Lego wars: How Big Bang Theory beat Dr. Who
76 Twitter troll: What I said was utterly appalling and disgusting.
77 Ebola: The British doctor on the front line
78 What do twerking and the Charleston have in common?
79 Mediterranean diet is best way to tackle obesity, say doctors
80 One kiss 'shares 80 million bugs'
81 Japan's economy makes surprise fall into recession
82 Brands Hatch rogue driver Jack Cottle jailed for eight months
83 April Jones: Parents watch as killer Mark Bridger's home demolished
84 Claudia Lawrence disappearance: Man released from bail
85 Band Aid 30: X Factor unveiling for Ebola charity song
86 World of Warcraft expansion hit by server bugs
87 Uber and Spotify launch car music playlist partnership
88 Facebook building 'workplace network'
89 Broadband speed adverts targeted by watchdog Which?
90 Downing Street presses ISPs over 'jihad reporting' button
91 MP says schools are failing on cyberbullying
92 Five-year-old passes Microsoft exam
93 Russia plans 'alternative Wikipedia'
94 US government planes collecting phone data, report claims
95 Assassin's Creed: Unity criticised for widespread glitches
96 Luke King jailed for WhatsApp 'revenge porn'
97 UK average 4G speed over 15Mbps, Ofcom report finds
98 Twitter's debt assigned 'junk' status
99 China's Alibaba eyes first bond sale after record listing
100 Hackers exploit NFC phone payment technology
101 Amazon seeks UK drone experts for delivery service
102 Six ways Knight Rider predicted the future
103 eBay and an email scam
104 Bone conduction: Come on feel the noise?
105 Could Kim Kardashian's bottom actually break the internet?
106 Playstation seized from noisy Manchester students
107 Prince William teams up with Angry Birds for charity
108 Fewer children bullied than a decade ago, suggests research
109 More UK students choosing universities in the US
110 Eton headmaster moves to global school chain