File Title
1 Intergalactic 'wind' is stripping galaxies of star-forming gas
2 Lightning expected to increase by 50 percent with global warming
3 Magnetic fields frozen into meteorite grains tell a shocking tale of solar system birth
4 Bacteria become 'genomic tape recorders,' recording chemical exposures in their DNA
5 Touchdown! Rosetta's Philae probe lands on comet
6 Global warming not just a blanket: In the long run, it's more like tanning oil
7 Premature infants are exposed to unsafe levels of chemical in medical products used to save their lives
8 Warmest oceans ever recorded
9 The science behind total recall: New player in brain function and memory
10 Females protect offspring from infanticide by forcing males to compete through sperm
11 Bio-inspired bleeding control: Synthesized platelet-like nanoparticles created
12 The party's over for these youthful compact galaxies
13 Researchers silence leading cancer-causing gene
14 Alaska shows no signs of rising Arctic methane, NASA study shows
15 Intimidating chimpanzee males are more likely to become fathers
16 Do spinal cord injuries cause subsequent brain damage?
17 Crucial mechanism driving colliding epidemics of smoking, TB unlocked by scientists
18 New imaging technique identifies receptors for targeted cancer therapy
19 Cutting-edge computer software helps pinpoint aggressiveness of breast cancer tumors
20 Chemical in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease
21 DNA sequencing helps identify genetic defects in glaucoma
22 Sleep apnea may contribute to kidney disease progression
23 Nerve block procedure is safe in children, report researchers
24 First successful delivery of dialysis in Ebola virus disease provided
25 Could Depression Actually Be a Form of Infectious Disease?
26 Kidney function monitoring vital for people on lithium
27 Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer, says new research
28 New Alzheimer's-related memory disorder identified
29 People show 'blind insight' into decision making performance
30 Disgust leads people to lie and cheat; Cleanliness promotes ethical behavior
31 Liver, brain communicate in order to regulate appetite
32 It's not always the DNA: mRNA play vital role, often overlooked
33 Legally prescribed opioid use may increase mortality in chronic pain patients
34 Oxytocin helps to better overcome fear
35 Novel cancer vaccine approach for brain tumors
36 Moms with rheumatoid arthritis more likely to give birth prematurely
37 Did men evolve navigation skill to find mates? Spatial ability, roaming distance linked to number of lovers
38 Picture emerges of how kids get head injuries
39 Depression, overwhelming guilt in preschool years linked to brain changes
40 Hope for those with social anxiety disorder: You may already be someone's best friend
41 Live longer? Save the planet? Better diet could nail both
42 Learning languages is a workout for brains, both young, old
43 Self-inflation harms kids' relationships at school
44 Moderate consumption of sugary drinks has little impact on adolescents' metabolic health
45 Want to improve your putt? Try listening to jazz
46 'Topological insulators' promising for spintronics, quantum computers
47 Chemists develop porous molecules that bind greenhouse gases
48 Technology developed to improve lung cancer detection, treatment
49 New process isolates promising material: Molybdenum disulfide has emerged as a leading successor to graphene
50 Cats and athletes teach robots how to fall
51 Self-doping may be the key to superconductivity in room temperature
52 Software to automatically outline bones in x-rays
53 New way to move atomically thin semiconductors for use in flexible devices
54 Atomic timekeeping, on the go: New approach may enable more stable and accurate portable atomic clocks
55 A piece of the quantum puzzle
56 Rosetta's comet lander: Pioneering Philae completes main mission before hibernation
57 Rosetta's comet lander: How (and where) is Philae?
58 Three touchdowns for Rosetta's lander
59 Mission to discover hundreds of black holes could unlock secrets of the Universe
60 Mars, too, has macroweather: But weather forecasting on the Red Planet is likely to be even trickier than on Earth
61 Is there organic matter on Mars? Chloromethane not due to contamination from Earth, research suggests
62 Rosetta: What happens next?
63 Philae, the 'Happy Lander': Instruments delivering images and data from comet's surface
64 Amateur, professional astronomers alike thrilled by extreme storms on Uranus
65 Jupiter's Great Red Spot is likely a sunburn, not a blush
66 Smartphones team-up with QR codes for secure 3-D displays
67 Self-repairing software tackles malware
68 Latest supercomputers enable high-resolution climate models, truer simulation of extreme weather
69 Software models more detailed evolutionary networks from genetic data
70 Stock market models help researchers predict animal behavior
71 Predicting dengue fever outbreaks in China using Internet searches
72 Virtual reality speeds up rehabilitation: Integrating force feedback into therapies for impaired hands
73 From video camera to driverless shuttle vehicle
74 Using 3-D printers to print out self-learning robots
75 Electric cars without drivers
76 Scientists employ satellite tags to solve whale-sized mystery
77 New mechanism for growth control discovered
78 'Hidden' emissions in traded meat calculated by researchers
79 Fungus behind deadly disease in walnut trees mutates easily, complicating control
80 How Campylobacter exploits chicken 'juice' highlights need for hygiene
81 Combatting illegal fishing in offshore marine reserves
82 Disease could cost black walnut industry millions, forest specialist warns
83 Cold-induced pain linked to the garlic, mustard receptor
84 Switching on a dime: How plants function in shade, light
85 Architecture of a lipid transport protein revealed
86 Rocky Mountain storms lead to new findings about hailstones
87 Nonsmokers in automobiles are exposed to significant secondhand smoke
88 Seismic hazard in the Puget Lowland, Washington state, USA
89 Ocean primed for more El Nino, experts say
90 Major class of fracking chemicals no more toxic than common household substances, analysis finds
91 China's old-growth forests vanishing despite government policies
92 A tale of two seas: Last Ice Age has shaped sharks across Europe
93 Ant inhabitants of New York City: High diversity underfoot in urban environments
94 Insights into plant growth could curb need for fertilizers
95 A previously unrecognized flame retardant found in Americans for the first time
96 Theologian examines implications of 13th century manuscripts of Saint Francis of Assisi
97 Secrets in stone: Art historian cracks the code of an ancient temple
98 High-tech authentication of ancient artifacts
99 Tools and primates: Opportunity, not necessity, is the mother of invention
100 Archaeologists discover remains of Ice Age infants in Alaska
101 Kilauea, 1790 and today
102 Unique Roman relief discovered: Depiction of unknown god in Turkey; Relics from 2,000 years of cult history excavated
103 A/C came standard on armored dinosaur models
104 N/A
105 Origin of the unique ventilatory apparatus of turtles: How the tortoise's ribs got embedded in its shell
106 New Zealand's moa were exterminated by an extremely low-density human population
107 Predicting U.S. Army suicides after hospital discharge
108 Moving cameras talk to each other to identify, track pedestrians
109 Facial structure predicts goals, fouls among World Cup soccer players
110 Farmers, scientists divided over climate change