File Title
1 New form of crystalline order holds promise for thermoelectric applications
2 Mission to discover hundreds of black holes could unlock secrets of the universe
3 Kidney function monitoring vital for people on lithium
4 Did men evolve navigation skills to find mates?
5 Genetic tweak gave yellow fever mosquitoes a nose for human odor
6 Intimidating chimpanzee males are more likely to become fathers
7 Females protect offspring from infanticide by forcing males to compete through sperm
8 Male bullies father more chimpanzees
9 A kingdom of cave beetles found in Southern China
10 Rocky Mountain storms lead to new findings about hailstones
11 Fun and games make for better learners
12 Ultracold disappearing act
13 Gender Fairness Prevails in Most Fields of Academic Science
14 Biological fat with a sugar attached essential to maintaining the brain's supply of stem cells
15 School environment affects teacher expectations of their students
16 Movement improves girls' computational skills
17 Researchers recommend features of classroom design to maximize student achievement
18 Autism Spectrum Disorder: Ten Tips Guidance Article
19 Drinking and poor academics affect the future of children with behavioral disorders
20 Oregon research team scores with 'The Concussion Playbook'
21 Vanderbilt researchers explore links between grammar, rhythm
22 Study shows why cliques thrive in some schools more than in others
23 Increasingly Popular Short-Term Community College Certificate Programs Offer Limited Labor-Market Returns, Study Finds
24 Study shows black, Hispanic children underrepresented in autism identification
25 Theory or not? Best study designs for increasing vegetable intake in children
26 The Best Sensory Experience for Learning a Dance Sequence
27 Mothers' education significant to children's academic success
28 Sweet music or sour notes? The test will tell
29 Leading nursing journal finds mothers and babies benefit from skin-to-skin contact
30 Bilingual brains better equipped to process information
31 Immunotherapy for cancer toxic with obesity
32 Granger causality test can make epilepsy surgery more effective
33 Are there as many rats as people in New York City?
34 Ebola may be deadlier and more widespread than we think
35 Back to Basics
36 Carving memories at their joints
37 Cockroach Cyborgs Use Microphones to Detect, Trace Sounds
38 Sustainability, astrobiology illuminate future of life in universe, civilization on Earth
39 Researchers Develop New Model to Study Epidemics
40 Football ratings study: The bandwagon is your second-favorite team
41 Re-learning how to read a genome
42 Twisted light waves sent across Vienna
43 Study: Baby boomers will drive explosion in Alzheimer's-related costs in coming decades
44 Understanding natural compounds
45 Moving cameras talk to each other to identify, track pedestrians
46 Gene sequencing projects link two mutations to Ewing sarcoma subtype with poor prognosis
47 Forecasting diseases using Wikipedia
48 Study predicts likely Ebola cases entering UK and US through airport screening
49 Western researchers identify estrogen's role in regulating common health disease risks
50 New Alzheimer's-related memory disorder identified
51 Telephone coaches improve children's asthma treatment
52 Clinicians provide first successful delivery of dialysis in ebola virus disease
53 Nonsmokers in automobiles are exposed to significant secondhand smoke
54 Ears and hearing effects continue to reverberate after Boston Marathon bombing
55 Expression of SIP1 protein indicates poor prognosis in pharyngeal cancer
56 High rate of ear and hearing injuries after Boston Marathon bombings
57 Chemical in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease
58 Geographer highlights postcode lottery over diabetes and obesity risk
59 Cutting-edge computer software helps pinpoint aggressiveness of breast cancer tumours
60 New Imaging Technique Identifies Receptors for Targeted Cancer Therapy
61 What's the current role of liver biopsy in children? Position paper in Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
62 Attitudes about knowledge and power drive Michigan's wolf debate
63 Federal Legislation Ignores PTSD Toll on Civilians
64 Psychotropic drug prescriptions: Therapeutic advances or fads?
65 Recommendation theory
66 It's not always the DNA
67 Bacteria become 'genomic tape recorders'
68 For female chimpanzees, no consent agreement
69 Facial motion a clue to difficulties in social interaction among autistic adults
70 Sharpening state spending on seniors
71 Study finds Alzheimer's drug may reduce the urge to binge eat
72 People Show "Blind Insight" into Decision Making Performance
73 Nonclinical factors may affect whether intensive procedures are used at the end of life
74 Is there such a thing as 'Facebook Murder'?
75 Cookie Monster teaches self-control
76 Mars spacecraft, including MAVEN, reveal comet flyby effects on Martian atmosphere
77 MUSE reveals true story behind galactic crash
78 Astronomers dissect the aftermath of a Supernova
79 Noise in a microwave amplifier is limited by quantum particles of heat
80 Global warming not just a blanket--in the long run, it's more like tanning oil
81 Heat transfer sets the noise floor for ultrasensitive electronics
82 SwRI-led team telescope effort reveals asteroid's size for the first time
83 Baby photos of a scaled-up solar system
84 ALMA Finds Best Evidence Yet for Galactic Merger in Distant Protocluster
85 Space: The final frontier in silicon chemistry
86 Tail discovered on long-known asteroid
87 Amateur, professional astronomers alike thrilled by extreme storms on Uranus
88 Primordial galaxy bursts with starry births
89 Magnetic fields frozen into meteorite grains tell a shocking tale of solar system birth
90 Fighting crime through crowdsourcing
91 A Piece of the Quantum Puzzle
92 Atomic timekeeping, on the go
93 UC Davis investigational medication used to resolve life-threatening seizures in children
94 Researchers develop novel method to prevent, cure rotavirus infection
95 Marching to our own sequence
96 New way to move atomically thin semiconductors for use in flexible devices
97 Cats and Athletes Teach Robots to Fall
98 Trends in plant biodiversity data online
99 What does the US-China climate deal mean?
100 Medical research: If depression were cancer
101 Mental health: The great depression
102 Depression: A change of mind
103 Gas giant spins a surprise
104 Rosetta probe makes history by landing on comet
105 Strange comet behaviour puzzles researchers
106 Ebola trials to start in December
107 Shade spells trouble for Philae comet lander
108 Personalized cocktails vanquish resistant cancers
109 European Commission scraps chief scientific adviser post
110 Energy outlook sees continuing dominance of fossil fuels
111 Joint effort nabs next wave of US supercomputers
112 Cellular 'computers' gain a hard drive
113 Green List promotes best conservation areas
114 Peer-review website vows to fight scientist's subpoena