File Title
1 Extinction risk may be overrated but reefs still vulnerable
2 Bullyboy chimps more likely to become fathers
3 Energetic loops on the Sun better than science fiction
4 IU biologists collaborate to refine climate change modeling tools
5 Tree diseases can help forests
6 Weeds yet to reach their full potential as invaders after centuries of change
7 Anti-organic: Why do some farmers resist profitable change?
8 Bizarre mapping error puts newly discovered species in jeopardy
9 Some plants regenerate by duplicating their DNA
10 Tracing the course of phosphorus pollution in Lake Pepin
11 Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change
12 Insights into plant growth could curb need for fertilizers
13 Electronic 'tongue' to ensure food quality
14 UT Arlington team says non-genetic changes can help parents or offspring, not both
15 Stock Market Models Help NYU Researchers Predict Animal Behavior
16 China's old-growth forests vanishing despite government policies, Dartmouth research shows
17 Food for Thought
18 Switching on a dime: How plants function in shade and light
19 Researchers calculate 'hidden' emissions in traded meat
20 Ebola a stark reminder of link between health of humans, animals, environment
21 Combating illegal fishing in offshore marine reserves
22 How Campylobacter exploits chicken 'juice' highlights need for hygiene
23 Study reveals promise for expanding hard cider industry
24 N/A
25 A beetle and its longtime fungal associate go rogue
26 Symbiotic plants are more diverse, finds new study
27 Plants have little wiggle room to survive drought, UCLA life scientists
28 Study: Fungus behind deadly disease in walnut trees mutates easily, complicating control
29 Taking a deeper look at 'ancient wing'
30 African diamond mine reveals dinosaur and large mammal tracks
31 New insights into an old bird
32 Exquisite ancient horse fossil preserves uterus with unborn foal
33 Tricky take-off kept pterodactyls grounded
34 Complete 9,000-year-old frozen bison mummy found in Siberia
35 Rabbit-proof hoof: Ungulates suppressed lagomorph evolution
36 Ancient DNA shows earliest European genomes weathered the Ice Age
37 New Zealand's moa were exterminated by an extremely low-density human population
38 Origin of the unique ventilatory apparatus of turtles
39 A/C came standard on armored dinosaur models
40 Termite of the sea's wood destruction strategy revealed
41 Archaeologists discover remains of Ice Age infants in Alaska
42 Too many people, not enough water: Now and 2,700 years ago
43 Supercomputing Beyond Genealogy Reveals Surprising European Ancestors
44 The oceans' sensitive skin
45 Groundwater warming up in synch
46 UI researchers find East Coast hurricanes can flood the Midwest
47 Live longer? Save the planet? Better diet could nail both
48 Research links tobacco smoke and roadway air pollution with childhood obesity
49 Latest Supercomputers Enable High-Resolution Climate Models, Truer Simulation of Extreme Weather
50 EPA's Clean Power Plan: Economic strengths and weaknesses
51 Pulling together the early solar system
52 Lightning expected to increase by 50 percent with global warming
53 Ocean primed for more El Nino
54 Mars, too, has macroweather
55 Ocean carbon uptake more variable than thought
56 New findings could help keep satellites and space debris from colliding
57 UH chemists develop porous molecules that bind greenhouse gases
58 Warmest oceans ever recorded
59 UCI team develops test to rapidly diagnose bloodstream infection
60 Parental age at childbirth may affect metabolism of adult offspring
61 New theory may help demystify pregnancy-related condition
62 Trinity scientists make breakthrough in understanding Parkinson's disease
63 Bio-Inspired Bleeding Control
64 Common cholesterol-fighting drug may prevent hysterectomies in women with uterine fibroids
65 Total recall: the science behind it
66 U of G Scientists Find Way to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Tumours, Chemo Doses
67 IU researchers identify key mechanism and potential target to prevent leukemia
68 Modified DNA backbone enables success of existing and novel oligonucleotide therapeutics
69 Study offers new clue into how anesthesia works
70 'Tis the season to indulge in walnuts
71 Scientists unlock crucial mechanism driving colliding epidemics of smoking and TB
72 Killing cancer by protecting normal cells
73 Scientists uncover vast numbers of DNA 'blind spots' that may hide cancer-causing mistakes
74 Diseases of the Brain: Computer Model of Nerve Cells Provides Insights into Communication Problems
75 Conventional therapies are less efficient in prostate cancer patients carrying 'BRCA' mutations
76 New mechanism for growth control discovered
77 New insight into common cause of blindness
78 DNA sequencing helps identify genetic defects in glaucoma
79 Fast-food outlets in inner city neighborhoods fuel diabetes and obesity epidemic
80 They have a pill for that: How are weight loss drugs fueling the obesity epidemic?
81 How do you really feel about the cake? Emotional awareness promotes healthier eating
82 A heavier price: How do restaurant surcharges and labeling improve health?
83 Commuting by bicycle: Why the Irish aren't like the Dutch--yet
84 Good cause + moderate discount = more sales
85 The Trojan Horse burger: Do companies that 'do good' sell unhealthy food?
86 Tool Created to Help Multinational Companies Assess Risk of Bribery When Doing Business in Foreign Countries
87 How to secure the entrepreneurial future of a family business
88 New survey of US workers reveals 2 in 5 survey participants missed work due to depression
89 Focus on self-regulating skills in kindergarten may provide lasting academic effects
90 Focusing on executive functions in kindergarten leads to lasting academic improvements
91 Mental health providers not well prepared to care for military veterans, study finds
92 Evolution software looks beyond the branches
93 New Scientific Review Reveals Huge Gaps in Understanding Preterm Birth
94 Solving the puzzle of cooperation in group environments
95 How private social media use at work affects work performance
96 Rice U. study: Disgust leads people to lie and cheat; cleanliness promotes ethical behavior
97 Smartphones team-up with QR codes for secure 3-D displays
98 HIV risks high in Mexico City's male sex trade
99 Self-doping may be the key to superconductivity in room temperature
100 Ki-Bum Lee Patents Technology to Advance Stem Cell Therapeutics
101 Oxytocin helps to better overcome fear
102 Aiming High: TAU Research Leads to Historic Comet Landing
103 New Process Isolates Promising Material
104 Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover that the liver and brain communicate in order to regulate appetite
105 Clues to one of Earth's oldest craters revealed
106 New drug targets may lead to effective Ebola treatments
107 The Answer is Blowing in the Intergalactic Wind
108 Research reveals the real cause of death for some starburst galaxies
109 'Topological insulators' promising for spintronics, quantum computers
110 Seismic Hazard in the Puget Lowland, Washington State, USA [and many other articles]