File Title
1 PositiveSingles STD dating site faces $16.5 million penalty
2 Ad Breakdown: Sex and the e-cigarette
3 Aldi aiming to create 35,000 jobs
4 Nigeria school blast in Potiskum kills dozens
5 Science careers not 'the preserve of men'
6 CBI conference: Increase free childcare, business leaders urge
7 Plan for specialist maths and science school in Glasgow
8 Training for teachers in Wales is 'chaotic,' says Huw Lewis
9 Pupils will study two religions in new 'broader' RS GCSE
10 Plan for elected Scottish university chairs
11 Rise in requests for special needs exam concessions
12 Student loans review unnecessary, says government
13 'Hundreds chase every junior academic job'
14 Chinese pre-schools to adopt NI Early Years programme
15 Bradford's Hanson Academy uniform row sees 33 pupils sent home
16 Universities warned over boycott pay docking
17 Tabloids 'worse for vocabulary than not reading a paper'
18 Bradford's Hanson Academy sends home pupils in uniform dispute
19 Cambridge urges schools to enter students for AS-levels
20 Primary schools 'must offer more swimming'
21 QUB and UU warn of plans to cut 1,100 student places
22 Schoolboy's WW1 poem on a T-shirt helping Royal British Legion
23 US targets debts for dead-end degrees
24 Many young weight-loss surgery patients 'super-obese'
25 First e-cigarette 'vaping' appear on TV
26 Bill Gates: Progress being made on Ebola
27 Have the Danes cracked childhood obesity?
28 Teenage anxiety: Tailored treatment needed
29 Ebola: 'Negative test result' on Belfast patient
30 Care home life unacceptable, says older people's watchdog
31 Ebola outbreak: MSF says new Liberia tactics needed
32 Inherited bugs may help weight loss
33 Parkinson's stem cell 'breakthrough'
34 Ashya King 'not receiving chemotherapy'
35 Use old drugs to treat breast cancer, charity urges
36 UK doctors have 'ethical duty' to prevent waste
37 Happiness 'dips in midlife in the affluent West'
38 Ebola outbreak: UN 'lacks resources' to fight deadly virus
39 Minor cosmetic procedures 'very safe in expert hands'
40 Plant protein could be used for blood, say scientists
41 Amputation pain 'still a challenge' for medics
42 Russian capital Moscow shrouded in noxious gas
43 Ex-RAF officer Eddie Graham sentenced to 13 years for child abuse
44 Is having a 'friend' for your day in court a good thing?
45 Sewol trial: Verdicts due in S Korea ferry case
46 The people with the reddest hair in the world
47 Call to banish fruit juice from recommended five a day
48 The hardship posting to end all hardship postings
49 Protests in Mexico after claims of Guerrero student deaths
50 Catalonia vote: No smiles for Spain
51 Midwife abortion objection case due at Supreme Court
52 What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand had lived in 1914?
53 Hawaii lava destroys first home in Pahoa
54 The teenage soldiers of World War One
55 The spies in a suburban bungalow
56 Child immigrants strain New York courts
57 Thailand murders: UK police to compile investigation
58 12 dissident republican suspects arrested in Ardcarne Park, Newry
59 WWII mortar bomb handed in at Sutton police station during amnesty
60 Chris Packham asks Ant and December to end 'animal abuse'
61 Nottinghamshire Police chief denies cover up of girl gun injury
62 Samsung Electronics' heir apparent Lee Jae-yong profiled as silver spoon-fed product of corrupt nepotism with little real experience
63 First look: Pixelmator 3.3 with support for 5K iMac, Handoff, Repair extension, more
64 Microsoft Office for iOS overhauled to allow free creating & editing of documents without subscription
65 Apple Pay dominates discussion at Money20/20 mobile payments industry conference
66 Philips Hue iOS 8 Notification Center widget for connected lightbulbs now available
67 Apple now blocking 'WireLurker' malware targeting Chinese iOS & Mac users
68 Evidence shows Apple operating a mysterious Web crawling bot
69 CBS News channel launches on Apple TV with new streaming CBSN network
70 Google Drive adds Touch ID support, Swype for iOS goes free, Apple apps get minor updates
71 SEC investigating GT Advanced sapphire business, securities trading
72 Amazon's 'Echo' is a standalone Siri-like virtual assistant for the home
73 Apple's iPad continues to dominate NA usage with nearly 80% share, up from July
74 Apple activates iCloud Photos image uploads for beta users
75 Aaron Sorkin reveals details of Steve Jobs biopic, says he helped 'fix typos' in famous Stanford commencement speech
76 Microsoft's own Office apps much better on iPhone than Windows Phone 8
77 Rumor: Faulty flash memory in select iPhone 6 & 6 Plus units prompts Apple to make switch
78 Roundup: Some of the best iOS 8 app extensions for iPhone & iPad
79 HealthKit-incompatible Fitbit accessories disappear from Apple's stores
80 Court unseals documents in GT Advanced case, Apple says it 'bent over backwards' to help sapphire supplier
81 Facebook says 66% of Android phones it sees have iPhone 4 era specs from 2011 (or worse)
82 Inside Apple's secret confidentiality agreements: Code names, security requirements, fines & more
83 Unannounced Beats Solo2 Wireless headphone revealed by FCC, features Bluetooth LE
84 Many Apple Stores to open at 8AM on Black Friday, discounts available online
85 Apple to reportedly open new corporate office and R&D center in Cambridge, UK
86 Apple integrates Genius Bar reservations to online support options
87 Review: Equil Smartpen 2, a Bluetooth-connected ink pen with real-time syncing
88 Roundup: The best Notification Center widgets for Apple's OS X Yosemite
89 Apple launches Web tool to delist cell phone numbers from iMessages
90 Fitbit products remain on the shelves at Apple Stores, for now
91 Review: Apple's 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display
92 Apple Rewards card from Barclaycard updated with 3X points on Apple Store purchases, Chip & PIN security
93 Apple begins stocking Nova iOS-connected Bluetooth camera flash in retail stores
94 President Obama pushes FCC to classify Internet as public utility, protect net neutrality
95 iPhone 6 already driving iOS enterprise share gains for Apple
96 Pegatron reportedly eyed for iPhone 6 Plus production to help Apple meet demand
97 'Masque' attack for iOS could let hackers replace legitimate apps with malicious copies
98 WireLurker, Masque Attack malware only a threat for users who disable Apple's iOS, OS X security
99 Apple hires five employees from defunct mapping app Pin Drop in possible UK build out
100 Apple details $3.5 billion European bond, interest accrual starts November 10
101 Apple's plan to penetrate enterprise involves dedicated sales team, partnerships with software developers
102 Apple issues second OS X 10.10.1 beta to developers, continues focus on Wi-Fi
103 Apple tech uses geofences, crowdsourced data to pinpoint cell network dead spots
104 'Positive' talks underway for Apple Pay partnership with Alibaba's Alipay in China
105 UBS ups Apple price target to $125 after survey indicates strong share for iPhone 6 Plus
106 Rough touchdown forecast for historic comet landing
107 Cancer's 'Frankenstein' DNA mystery solved
108 Heart of supernova reveals hints of hidden pulsar
109 Anti-typhoid gene raises vaccine hopes
110 Do ghosts live in our brains?
111 Two moons: shrouded Titan and snowball Rhea
112 First Europeans survived the worst of the Ice Age
113 Insects evolved flight as plants grew taller