File Title
1 UFO Sightings Decline! Were They Always an Urban Legend?
2 Water Tractor Beam Created by Physicists
3 Astronomers Discover New Way to Map Out Quasars
4 Physicist Performs Ultracold Disappearing Act
5 String Field Theory Could Be the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
6 Theorists Suggest the Standard Model of Particle Physics May Account for Elusive Dark Matter
7 Northwestern Develops Improved Standoff Sensing Laser
8 Scientists Create Most Stable Laser in the World
9 New Sensor Developed to Detect Tiny Individual Nanoparticles
10 A Feeling for the 'Light' Wave
11 Inexpensive Harry Potter-Inspired Cloaking Device Developed at University of Rochester
12 Ways of the Photoelectric Effect; How Physicists Have Learned How to Select Them
13 Quantum Photon Properties Revealed in Another Particle
14 New Light Lattice Technique Could Advance Quantum Computing
15 Turning Light into Matter: Scientists Say 80-Year-Old Theory Is Provable
16 Scientists Demonstrate Photonic Router for the First Time
17 The Blind Outperform Sighted People When Using Haptic Technology
18 Scientists Develop New Method to Visualize Fingerprints
19 Are Forensics Experts Relying on Inconsistent Fingerprint Technology?
20 Quicker, Less Expensive Fingerprint Detection Technology Pioneered in France
21 New Robot Finger Out-Senses Humans
22 North Pacific Blue Whale Population Rebounds to Near-Historic Levels
23 With Exercise, You Won't Work Up an Appetite for Food
24 French Women Trailing Behind Their European Neighbors When It Comes to Sport and Exercise
25 New Thermoelectronic Generator Converts Heat and Solar Energy into Electricity
26 Harvesting Wasted Power Using TriboElectrification
27 French Firm Creates Water from Air
28 Vertical Wind Turbines May Boost Offshore Power
29 Keeping Realistic Expectations About Wind Energy
30 Large Mammals of Younger Dryas Wiped Out by Asteroid
31 Penn: 'Endowment Effect' Not Present in Hunter-Gatherer Societies
32 High-Carb Diet Caused Dental Disease in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers
33 Radio Telescopes Settle Controversy Over Distance to Pleiades
34 Is Your Holy Water Safe from Contamination?
35 New Evidence of Buddha's Birthplace Connects Science and Religion
36 Archaeologists Unearth Stone Monument Detailing 'Dark Period' in Maya History
37 First Evidence for Pre-Columbian Sources of Maya Blue
38 New Research Challenges Prevailing Theories On Maya Origins
39 The Thicker the Food, the Fuller We Become
40 More Nobel Prizes for Milk Drinking Nations?
41 For a Holiday Energy Boost, Grab a Cup of Coffee or Tea
42 Four New Legless Lizards Found in Urban California
43 Chameleons Colors Convey Information During Combat
44 Controversial Finding Changes Previous Belief that Ancestor of Snakes and Lizards Laid Eggs
45 Rosetta mission: 'Looking good' for comet landing bid
46 Breakthrough science prize: Big names add glitz to ceremony
47 Stink bug pest 'could get to UK'
48 L'Aquila quake: Scientists see convictions overturned
49 Materials book wins Royal Society Winton Prize
50 National Grid unveils plans to bury cables underground
51 Brain's taste secrets uncovered
52 Testes 'most distinct human tissue'
53 Bats sabotage rivals' senses with sound in food race
54 'Ghostly presence' created in lab
55 Background light suggests many stars 'outside galaxies'
56 First Europeans 'weathered Ice Age'
57 Mystery over monster cosmic cloud
58 'Worst' bird of prey poisoner Allen Lambert given suspended sentence
59 Inflatable baby incubator wins James Dyson Award
60 Egg shape 'helped birds survive' asteroid impact
61 Crystal beauty: Illuminating the structure of matter
62 Joan Clarke, woman who cracked Enigma with Alan Turing
63 Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits
64 Naming of the shrew: What's in a scientific name?
65 Interstellar epic tests brain and stamina
66 Strictly come warming: Swing time at the UN
67 Virgin Galactic descent system activated early, investigators say
68 EU justice measures backed by MPs despite anger over procedure
69 Nigeria school blast in Potiskum kills dozens
70 UK drone carries out first strike in Iraq
71 Israeli woman and soldier killed in two knife attacks
72 Elbow and Ed Sheeran among Band Aid 30 artists
73 Viewpoint: Why God was not killed by the Great War
74 Iraq's hardest fight: The US battle for Falluja 2004
75 The students who feel they have the right to cheat
76 Gherkin sale: London's iconic skyline 'worth 7.2 billion pounds'
77 China's President Xi Jinping and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looked decidedly awkward as they shook hands on Monday.
78 Catalonia vote: 80% back independence--officials
79 Tower Bridge unveils glass walkway above River Thames
80 Woman raped in Dennistoun after being offered lift home
81 Indian woman paraded naked on donkey
82 Ravel Morrison cleared of acid threats to ex-girlfriend
83 Doctor Who: How was Peter Capaldi's debut series?
84 EU referendum will not damage economy--David Cameron
85 MTV EMAs: A night Glasgow won't forget
86 And then Ron said to Maggie
87 Dark net experts trade theories on 'de-cloaking' after raids
88 Dark net raids were 'overblown' by police, says Tor Project
89 Obama backs net neutrality plan
90 Blizzard announces sci-fi Overwatch game
91 Family filter bug hits Virgin Media customers
92 US Postal Service employee information hacked
93 Two men jailed over Dancing Jesus site music piracy
94 Samsung picks Vietnam for $3 billion smartphone factory
95 Technology threatens third of UK jobs, study suggests
96 Samaritans pulls 'suicide watch' Radar app
97 Elite: Dangerous faces competition after 16 December launch
98 Caterham F1 crowdfunding tops 1 million pounds as possible buy emerges
99 Porn stars demand Google's help to combat piracy
100 Virtual reality aids BAE warship design
101 Home Depot hackers stole 53 million email addresses
102 Radio 1 announces original content for iPlayer launch
103 Cyber-heists: Organised crime's credit card theft rampage
104 The Google engineer teaching happiness in three steps
105 Ebola-tackling robots to be discussed by the White House
106 North Korea: surfing the net in the world's most isolated nation
107 Is your connected car spying on you?
108 Ivory Coast tackling its toxic mobile waste problem
109 Huge raid to shut down 400-plus dark net sites
110 Apple malware affects mostly Chinese users