File Title
1 Discovery of the 'Most Famous Wheat Gene' Clears Way to Breed Better, Non-GMO Wheat
2 Evolutionary Arms Race Within the Human Genome
3 New Role for Protein Family Could Provide Path to How Crop Traits Are Modified
4 Sequencing of Coffee Genome Reveals Secrets of Caffeine Development
5 Alternate Mechanism of Species Formation Picks Up Support, thanks to a South American Ant
6 Rethinking Fish Farming to Offset Its Public Health and Environmental Risks
7 Could the Fish in Your Aquarium Be Harming Coral Reefs?
8 Giant Amazon Fish Becoming Extinct in Some Fishing Communities
9 NOAA's Marine Debris Program Reports on the National Issue of Derelict Fishing Traps
10 Intelligent Street Lights Adapt to Conditions in Finland
11 Models to Predict Scientists' Future Impact Often Fail
12 Researchers Reduce Smartphone Power Consumption by More than 70%
13 Nearly 1 in 5 Adults Have Persistent Pain: Study
14 Why Does Sadness Last Longer than Other Emotions?
15 Man Loses Fear of Spiders After Brain Surgery
16 Multitask Better with Targeted Brain Training
17 Study Shows How Movement Affects Hearing
18 Why We Can't Tell a Hollywood Heartthrob from His Stunt Double
19 How Does Your Brain Respond to Down Time?
20 Cambridge Scientists Devise Possible New Way to Test for Brain Activity in Vegetative Patients
21 Milk Ingredient Protects Against Obesity
22 Possible Fraud in Resveratrol Studies Being Investigated
23 NIH Study Uncovers Probable Mechanism Underlying Resveratrol Activity
24 Healthy Lifestyle Choices May Dramatically Reduce Risk of Heart Attack in Men
25 We Drink More Alcohol On Gym Days, According to Northwestern Medicine Researchers
26 Antioxidant Found in Grapes Can Help Treat Acne
27 Smiles Are Contagious to Men When They're Drinking
28 Nonalcoholic Berry Wine Concoction Could Possibly Benefit Diabetics
29 Research Review Touts Health Benefits of Holiday Favorite Cranberries
30 Brain Rewards Center Keeps Us from Eating Just One Potato Chip
31 Dietary Changes Can Slow Decline of the Immune System in Old Age, Says Study
32 Indoor Mold Can Be Very Dangerous for Asthma Sufferers
33 College Students Ride, Drive After Marijuana Use at an Alarming Rate
34 Marijuana Use May Impair Sleep and Cause Insomnia
35 The Green Movement: NY and Washington State Legalize Marijuana
36 Regular Marijuana Use Found to Have a Negative Impact On Teen Brains
37 Some People Use Marijuana to Feel Better Even Though They May Feel Worse Afterward
38 Study Reveals People like Drinking Beer and Making Love
39 Do Men Really Think About Sex All Day Long?
40 Sadism in Everyday People--It's More Common than You Think
41 Understanding Why We Have a Facebook Addiction: Exclusive
42 Two Definitions for Chronic Multisymptom Illness Afflicting Gulf War Veterans Should Guide VA Treatment and Research
43 Gulf War Illness Not in Veterans' Heads, but in Their Mitochondria
44 Toward a Clearer Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
45 Patients' 'Immune Fingerprints' May Help Diagnose Bacterial Infections and Guide Treatment
46 Investigational Bioengineered Vessel Shows Potential As Dialysis Graft
47 12 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk--Latest European Research Embodied in New 12 Point Code
48 Information About Cancer and Oncology that Everyone Should Know
49 UTHealth Research Shows Mushroom Extract, AHCC, Helpful in Treating HPV
50 Cancer During Pregnancy: Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Are Safe for Babies
51 Facebook's Newest Member Is Smarter than You, Because His Name Is Stephen Hawking
52 Investigating the Impact Behavioral Factors Have On Life Expectancy
53 Researchers Identify New Compound to Treat Depression
54 New Nanodevice to Improve Cancer Treatment Monitoring
55 Scientists' New Analysis of Plant Proteins Advances Our Understanding of Photosynthesis
56 Groundbreaking Optical Device Could Enhance Optical Information Processing, Computers
57 New Acoustics Techniques Clear Path for Quieter Aviation
58 Wound-Healing Role for MicroRNAs in Colon Offer New Insight to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
59 'Nanojuice' Could Give Doctors a Better Look Inside the Small Intestine
60 Mixe-Zoquean Cultures May Have Had Multiple Culinary Uses for Chili Peppers
61 Rosemary and Oregano Contain Diabetes-Fighting Compounds
62 Four Mexican Hot Sauces Found to Contain Lead
63 Concession Stands Can Benefit from Offering Healthy Foods
64 Aristocrat's 350-Year-Old Chocolate Recipes Discovered in England
65 It's Science: Hot Cocoa Tastes Better in an Orange Mug
66 Raw Materials for the Formation of Titan May Have Been Locked in Ices that Condensed Before Saturn Began Forming
67 Sci-Fi Celebrities Appear in NASA Public Service Announcements
68 Asteroid Mining Company Builds 24-Pound Telescope for Future Space Missions
69 Planetary Resources Announces Crowd-Funded Space Telescope Program
70 Science Discovers a Vocal Basis for Charisma
71 NASA Rolls Out Enhanced, Mobile-Friendly Climate Site
72 Meteorites Source of Earth's Water, New Study Suggests
73 Why Did the Crocodile Climb the Tree? New University of Tennessee Study Explains
74 Top Ten Species List Creates Awareness of Biosphere Diversity
75 Mass Extinction of Species Could Prove Harmful to Humans
76 Captive Sea Turtles Carry Harmful Pathogens, Health Risks Associated with Contact
77 Hair from Mummy's Clothes Provides Insights into Red Deer Lineage
78 Indiana State Parks Have a Shot at Recovery with Regulated Deer Hunts
79 New York Squirrels Are Nuts About City Life
80 Polarized Light Helps the Greater Mouse-Eared Bat Navigate
81 Ancient Arctic Sharks Lived in Brackish Water 50 Million Years Ago
82 The Maldives and the Whale Shark: The World's Biggest Fish Adds Value to Paradise
83 Fossils of New Ancient Shark Species Reveal Great White Origins
84 CITES Makes Historic Decision to Protect Sharks and Rays
85 Food Scavengers: Great White Sharks Don't Just Kill for Food
86 Research Shows Great White Sharks Enjoy Their Hawaiian Vacations
87 Motion and Muscles Don't Always Work in Lockstep
88 Discovery of Genetic Secret "Recipe" for How Lizards Regrow Their Tails Could Help Human Recovery
89 Lizard Study Analyzes Importance of the Founder Effect
90 Lizards Show that Evolution Is Predictable
91 Painting by Numbers
92 Study Shows Local Populations of Winter Flounder in Long Island's Bays Are Inbred
93 Deciphering Genetic Echoes from the Past: Illuminating Human History
94 Scientists Identify Factors Limiting Hybridization of Closely-related Woodrat Species
95 Turtle Genetics Plays a Key Role in Conservation of Diamondback Terrapins
96 Durex Unveils Underwear that Allows Long-Distance Lovers to Have Fun
97 New, Unusual Methods of Honoring the Deceased Becoming Popular
98 Back to the Future Fans, Rejoice--Nike Is Making Power Laces
99 Early Humans May Have Preyed on Elephant Ancestor Gomphothere
100 Office Workers Carry Biomarker of Potentially Harmful Flame Retardant
101 News that Is Better or Worse than Expected Influences Health Decisions
102 CDC Study Shows All Americans Are Living Longer
103 European Flood Risk Could Double by 2050
104 Hereditary Disease Genes Found Throughout the Human Body
105 Losing Your Job Could Kill You, but Recessions Could Be Good for Your Health
106 Revolutionary Laser System Proposed to Produce the Next LHC
107 Star Wars Science: Revealing Real-World Physics Behind Plasma Shields
108 US Navy Wants Laser Weapon System On Ships By 2014
109 NASA Says UFO Seen On Video Is Actually Trick of Light
110 UFO or Space Junk?--Unknown Fragment Discovered in Russia