File Title
1 Visualizing a Safe Place Reduces Procedural Pain
2 The Name of a Drug Significantly Influences How the Patient Feels About the Treatment
3 Women, Heart Attacks, Anxiety and Depression: One Bad Health Cocktail
4 Deep DNA Sequencing Study Almost Quadruples Number of Genes Linked to Autism
5 Brain Picks Out Salient Sounds from Background Noise by Tracking Frequency and Time
6 Study Shows Potential Breakthrough in Hearing Technology
7 New Device Based on a Fly's Freakishly Acute Hearing May Find Applications in Futuristic Hearing Aids and Military Technology
8 Prehistoric Art and Auditory Illusions of the Supernatural
9 Disposable Biosensor Could Help Doctors Determine Which Patients Can Safely Eat Following Surgery
10 New Pill-Sized Device Detects Esophagus Conditions Easier than Expensive Endoscopy
11 Developing a Yogurt with Plant Milk for Those with Dairy Allergies
12 Breakfast Sandwiches Considered to Be a Ticking Time Bomb for Your Arteries
13 No Link Between White Potato Consumption and Certain Health Risks
14 Asian Camel Crickets Now Common in Homes Across Eastern United States
15 TacoCopter: Separating Fact from Fiction
16 Can Eating Chocolate Actually Make Your Thinner?
17 Chocolate Bars Get a New Fruit-Healthy Makeover
18 Researchers Develop Method for Authenticating Premium Chocolate
19 NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Finds Planet that Makes Star Act Deceptively Old
20 Shockingly Bright Dead Star Discovered by NASA's NuSTAR Telescope
21 Chandra Data Archive Comes to Life
22 Chandra Data Helps Solve the Puzzle of Why Galaxy Clusters Contain So Few Stars
23 Better Bomb-Sniffing Technology
24 Astronomers Find Earliest Galaxy Ever
25 Large Magellanic Cloud Completes One Rotation Every 250M Years
26 Astronomers Discover a New Type of Planet
27 ESA's Rosetta Probe Catches Target Comet 67P Releasing 10 Ounces of Water Every Second
28 Chemicals Causing Comet 67P/C-G to Reek of Urine, Rotten Eggs, Formaldehyde
29 Rosetta Probe Finds Impact Evidence on Asteroid Lutetia
30 How NASA Research Is Preparing Mankind for an Potential Interstellar-Like Scenario
31 Livermore Cosmochemist Has Early Solar System Garnet-like Mineral Named After Him
32 Sutter's Mill Meteorite Provides Evidence of Molecules Available to the Early Earth
33 Chelyabinsk Meteorite Had Close Encounter in Space Prior to Earth Impact
34 Examination of Martian Meteorite Reveals Clues to Mars' Ancient Past
35 Vitamin B3 May Have Been Made in Space, Delivered to Earth by Meteorites
36 New Evidence Suggests that Tyrannosaurs Traveled Together in Packs
37 6,500 Year Old Human Skeleton Re-Discovered in Museum Storage Room
38 Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold: The Evolution of Marine Crocodilians Constrained by Ocean Temperatures
39 Lethal Sea Turtle Tumors Linked to Pollution
40 Important Migratory Corridor for Endangered Flatback Sea Turtle Off Northwest Australia
41 Organic Pollutants Not a Factor in Turtle Tumor Disease
42 Young Loggerhead Turtles Don't Go with the Flow
43 Counting Fish Teeth Reveals Regulatory DNA Changes Behind Rapid Evolution, Adaptation
44 Bull Sharks, Not Great Whites, Have the Most Powerful Bite
45 Florida Lizards Evolve Rapidly, Within 15 Years and 20 Generations
46 Conservationists Want Ban on Products Made from Polar Bears
47 Big Game Hunting Has Increased in Spain During the Last 30 Years
48 Ancient Hunting, Herding Structures Found in Lake Huron's Depths
49 New DNA Study Reveals Lost History of the Paleo-Eskimo People
50 Ancient Crickets Hint at the Origins of Insect Hearing
51 Researchers Recreate Fossil Cricket Love Song
52 Grasshoppers Alter Their Courtship Song Around Traffic Noise
53 Courtship in the Cricket World
54 Two Fused Species Give Rise to Plant Pest
55 Piecing Together Evolutionary History by Bridging the Gap Between Genetics and Paleontology
56 A Mechanism of How Biodiversity Arises
57 Comcast to Offer HBO As Part of Low-Cost Cable/Internet Package
58 Preschoolers Learn Heart-Healthy Habits from Sesame Street
59 Real-Life CSI: What Can Investigators Really Tell from Gunshot Residue?
60 Not Just the Koch Brothers: New Drexel Study Reveals Funders Behind the Climate Change Denial Effort
61 NVIDIA Technology Helps to Debunk Moon Landing Conspiracies
62 Stephen Hawking Says 'There Is No God,' Confirms He's an Atheist
63 Americans and Religion Increasingly Parting Ways
64 No Link Found Between Wearing a Bra and Breast Cancer
65 Save Water and Don't Wash Those Jeans, Says Levi Strauss CEO
66 'Green Jeans' Reduce Waste, Spare the Environment
67 Skinny Jeans Could Cause Testicular Problems, Other Health Issues
68 Pre-Incan Wari People Exercised Restraint in Establishing Its Culture
69 Evidence Suggests Incas Drugged Child Sacrifices
70 Fire Detection Satellite Designed by UC Berkeley Scientists
71 Sleeping Children Don't Always Hear Smoke Alarms
72 Researchers Develop Food Safety Social Media Guide
73 Job-Related Deaths in US Are Too High Despite Improved Work Conditions
74 NTSB Probe Reveals that SpaceShipTwo's Feathering Mechanism Was Unlocked Prematurely
75 Deepwater Horizon Oil Rained Down to the Sea Floor
76 Gamblers and Pigeons Are More Interested in Higher Value Rewards
77 The Future of Robotics Is Soft and Practically Indestructible
78 Autonomous Robots Could Provide Restore Electricity Following Power Outages
79 MIT-Developed Submersible Robot Could Help Foil Smugglers
80 Laser Physicists Build Reversible Laser Tractor Beam
81 What Would a 'Star Wars' Laser Bullet Really Look Like?
82 Cutting Power to Laser Could Dramatically Boost Output
83 Two Photons Strongly Coupled by Glass Fiber
84 Dexterity Is Not the Only Reason Are Hands Evolved the Way They Did
85 Wrinkled Fingers and Toes Help Us Get a Grip
86 Bird Fingers: Understanding Evolution of Wings in Our Avian Friends
87 Mobile Music Touch Musical Glove Helps People with Spinal Injuries
88 Dolphins and Whales Experience Pleasure
89 Minke Whales Lunge 100 Times Per Hour to Feed Under Sea Ice
90 Dwindling Wind May Tip Predator-Prey Balance
91 52-million-year-old Fossil of Ant-loving Beetle Preserved in Amber Discovered by Scientists
92 Ample Exercise and Physical Activity Not On Most Americans' Agendas
93 Regular Exercise Boosts Teens' Academic Performance, Especially Girls
94 Study Highlights Benefits of Exceeding Physical Activity Recommendations
95 Get Kids Moving After School to Enhance Cognition
96 When Faced with Higher Prices, Swimming Is the Activity Most Likely to Take a Dive
97 New Research Reveals that Dolphins Are Sensitive to Magnetic Stimuli
98 Field-Coupled Magnets Could Replace Transistors in Some Computer Chips
99 If the Earth's Magnetic Field Flipped Now, What Would the Impacts Be?
100 The Death of the Battery?
101 Polymers Can Behave like Semimetals
102 Organic Solar Cells Are More Productive with Molecules Face-to-Face
103 Thermoelectric Generator On Glass Fabric for Wearable Electronics
104 Researchers Announce Breakthrough on Understanding Demographic History of Stone-Age Scandinavian Foragers and Farmers
105 Chichen Itza Ball Court Watchtower Was Ancient Mayan Observatory
106 Elephant's Tomb May Have Originally Been Mithras Temple
107 Five-Hundred-Year-Old Paintings Rediscovered in Angkor Wat Temple
108 Teotihuacans Used Make-up to Honor Their Dead After Exhuming Their Body
109 Genetic Evidence Shows How Early Humans Migrated from Africa to Europe
110 Scientists Find 800,000-Year-Old Human Footprints on Norfolk Beach