File Title
1 Novel Technique Reveals Healing Process of Dinosaurs' Broken Bones
2 Toothless 'Dragon' Pterosaurs Dominated the Late Cretaceous Skies
3 Plump Turtles Swim Better: First Models of Swimming Animals
4 High Diversity of Flying Reptiles 110 million Years Ago in England
5 Sloths: Life in the Evolutionary Fast Lane
6 Role-Playing Games Desensitize Us to Real-World Experience, Says Study
7 Man to Be Eaten Alive by Anaconda in the Name of Science
8 Researchers Confirm that the Megalodon Died Out Over Two Million Years Ago
9 Study Finds Fish Just Wanna Have Fun
10 Researchers Find that Sharks Have Personality
11 Scientists Create Possible Precursor to Life
12 Pygmy Phenotype Developed Many Times, Adaptive to Rainforest
13 Mixed Genes Mix Up Migrations of Hybrid Birds
14 There's More than One Way to Silence a Cricket
15 US Congressman Calls Big Bang, Evolution Lies from the Pit of Hell
16 Well-Known Science Guy Says Current Generation Should End Their Beliefs in Creationism
17 No Single 'Missing Link' Found in Dinosaur-To-Bird Evolution Process
18 New Model Developed to Simulate Cloth on a Computer with Unprecedented Accuracy
19 Mini-camera that Has Maxi-brainpower
20 Preserving Independent Living
21 New Software Helps to Better Prepare for Emergency Situations
22 First Flight of Robotic Insects Represents Marvel of Modern Engineering
23 Blood-Sugar Breathalyzer May Spare Diabetics the Pin Prick
24 Light-Based Glucose Monitor for Diabetics Could Eliminate Need for Finger Pricks
25 Can Our Computers Continue to Get Smaller and More Powerful?
26 Teleportation Breakthrough: Team of Dutch Physicists May Have Just Proven Einstein Wrong
27 Quantum Computation: Fragile Yet Error-Free
28 Researchers Propose New Architecture for Quantum Computing Based on Microscopic Defects in Diamonds
29 Nothing Seems to Stop Quantum Teleportation
30 Wrist-Mounted Robotic Device Could Add Two Fingers to a Person's Hand
31 Pepper the Japanese Robot Can Read People's Emotions
32 Swiss Researchers Develop a Bionic Arm with Lightning Fast Reflexes
33 Adobe Adds Three Dimensions to Its Photoshop Software
34 Stratasys Introduces First Multi-Colored, Mutli-Material 3D Printer
35 Efficient Approach to Manufacture 3D Metal Parts Developed by Researchers
36 Not So Sinister After All, Vampire Squid Only Consume Marine Snow
37 Humboldt Squid Stranding Themselves in Santa Cruz County
38 Large Humboldt Squid Invading Coastal California in Record Numbers
39 DNA Sleuths Reveal that Giant Squid Around the World Are One Single Species
40 Locals Find Hundreds of Dead Stingrays on Mexican Beach
41 Research Shows How Giant Clams Harness the Sun
42 Britain Could Be on the Brink of an 'Invasional Meltdown'
43 Newly Discovered POODLE Vulnerability Exploits Flaw in SSL Web Encryption
44 Better Visualizing of Fitness-App Data Helps Discover Trends, Reach Goals
45 Does Living Near the Coast Cause People to Be More Physically Active?
46 Reflected Smartphone Transmissions Enable Gesture Control
47 Live Long and Phosphor: Blue LED Breakthrough for Efficient Electronics
48 iPad Tops Disney, Nickelodeon, McDonalds As Most Popular Brand Among Kids
49 GT Advanced Technologies Files for Bankruptcy After Lost Apple Deal
50 Sentinel-1 Poised to Monitor Motion
51 Mobile Sharing, Sleep Tracking Technology Developed at Netflix Hack Day
52 Unveiling the First Precise MEMS Output Measurement Technique
53 General Electric Creates New Way to Keep Laptops, Mobile Devices Cool
54 Portable, Virus-Powered Recharging Source on the Horizon?
55 New Study Indicates that Increased Natural Gas Use Will Not Slow Climate Change
56 Microsoft CEO Announces Largest Workforce Reduction in the Company's History
57 Kingston Shows Off New 1 Terabyte Flash Drive at CES
58 Should You Be Worried About Malicious Things On Your USB Devices?
59 Causes of California Drought Linked to Human-caused Climate Change
60 Arctic Sea Ice Helps Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere
61 Microscopic Diamonds Suggest Cosmic Impact Responsible for Major Period of Climate Change
62 Tibetans Acquired Altitude Adaptation Genes from Ancient Human Relatives
63 Archaeologists Find Earlier Stone Age Artifacts in Northern Cape of South Africa
64 Ape Ancestors' Teeth Provide Glimpse into Their Diets and Environments
65 Tree Rings of Prehistoric Wooden Wells Preserved Human History
66 Stone Ships Give Clues to Bronze Age at Baltic Sea
67 Dating Refined for the Atapuerca Site Where Homo Antecessor Was Discovered
68 Inherited 'Memory' of Environmental Impact on Health May Be Limited
69 New Technique Maps Life's Effects On Our DNA
70 Study Shows Epigenetic Changes Can Drive Cancer
71 Small DNA Modifications Predict Brain's Threat Response
72 Not Only in DNA's Hands
73 New Research Uncovers One-Fifth of the Genes Responsible for Height in Humans
74 Cattle Code Cracked in Detail
75 Exome Sequencing Becoming a Powerful New Diagnostic Tool for Genetic Disorders
76 New Genetic Map of Autoimmune Variants
77 Near-Extinct African Amphibians 'Invisible' Under Climate Change
78 An Uphill Climb for Mountain Species?
79 Study Finds Marine Protected Areas Inadequate for Protecting Fish and Ocean Ecology
80 City Size, Rental Costs, Population Diversity Among Factors Impacting Spread of Food Trucks
81 ADD CAFE Could Change Your World
82 Lesson for Fast Food Lovers: Ambience Plays a Role in Food Consumption and Enjoyment
83 Preschoolers Show Increase in Sharing When Given Choices
84 Study Finds that Impulsive People More Likely to Sacrifice for Others
85 Blame Your Brain When You Cave to the Craving
86 Brain Disruptions Weaken Self-Control in Chronic Dieters
87 Red Wine Could Help Prevent Falls Amongst Senior Citizens
88 Resveratrol from Red Wine Grapes Could Help Kill Prostate Tumor Cells
89 New Evidence that Red Wine Compound Curbs Cancer Risk
90 Cancer Fighting Chemical in Red Wine Works Long After Absorption
91 Red Wine Compound Helps Radiation Kill Cancer Cells
92 Los Angeles Restaurant Gives Discount for Handing Over Your Cellphone
93 Research Shows Daily Probiotic Drink Could Affect Hay Fever
94 FDA Approves Sublingual Pill to Treat Hay Fever Symptoms
95 Early Exposure to Allergens May Prevent Asthma, Allergies and Wheezing
96 High Hopes for New Hypoallergenic Peanuts
97 WHO-commissioned Review On E-cigarettes Is Misleading, According to Experts
98 Active Sexting Found to Increase Likelihood of Sexual Activity in Teens
99 Study Shows No Relationship Between Moderate Adolescent Cannabis Use and Exam Results, IQ
100 Are Your Sexual Fantasies Normal? Researchers Explore Sexual Fantasy Deviation
101 Thirdhand Smoke: Toxic Airborne Pollutants Linger Long After the Smoke Clears
102 Brain Imaging Reveals Clues About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
103 Overnight Dialysis Boosts Kidney Health--While Reducing Risk of Heart Disease
104 Consuming More Vegetable Protein May Help Kidney Disease Patients Live Longer
105 Zinc: The Perfect Material for Bioabsorbable Stents?
106 Temple Surgeon Working to Bring New Stent for Aortic Aneurysms to Patients in the US
107 Mayo Clinic Researchers Say Gene in Brain Linked to Kidney Cancer
108 Bill Nye Surprises Reddit AMA with New Movie Announcement
109 When Hearing Aid Users Listen to Music, Less Is More, Says CU-Boulder Study
110 Music Therapy Effective for Depression in Children and Adolescents