File Title
1 Largest-Ever Four-Winged Dinosaur Reveals Secrets of Dinosaur Flight
2 Newly Discovered Fossils Suggest that All Dinosaurs May Have Had Feathers
3 Smart Fabric Woven with Silver Thread Triggers Alarm When Disrupted
4 Computer Tablet Application Developed that Could Rapidly Assess Neuromuscular Performance at the Bedside
5 Scientists Design New Adaptive Material Inspired by Tears
6 Large-Scale Analysis Finds Inappropriate Lab Testing Throughout Medicine
7 Self-Propelled Hybrid Bio-Bots Developed at University of Illinois
8 No-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity Could Fuel Internet of Things Reality
9 Cavity Protection Effect Helps Conserve Quantum Information
10 Google to Partner with Award-Winning Quantum Computer Researchers
11 Algorithm for Ride Sharing Helps Cut Travel Time
12 Pressing the Accelerator on Quantum Robotics
13 New Records for Silicon Quantum Computing Set by Two Australian Teams
14 Underwater Propulsion from a 3D Printer Using Octopus As Role Model
15 Octopus-Inspired Camouflage Sheet Developed by US, Chinese Research Team
16 Deep-sea Squid Will Detach Its Arms As Defensive Tactic
17 Special Chemical in Skin Keeps Octopus Arms from Entangling
18 Newly Discovered Microbe Is Key Player in Climate Change
19 New UN Climate Report Calls for End of Fossil Fuel Use by 2100
20 European Bird Populations Have Experienced Sharp Declines Over the Past 30 Years
21 There Is No Quick Fix for Global Warming
22 Facebook Reveals a Rise in Government Data Requests
23 Facebook's New Rooms App--An Old Way to Chat
24 New Facebook Feature Designed to Help Users Touch Base in Case of Emergency
25 New HP Computer with 3D Scanner Could Make Designers Out of All of Us
26 New Fitbit Wearables Offer 'A Whole New World of Fitness'
27 Drugstore Chains CVS, Rite Aid Disable Apple Pay As in-Store Payment Method
28 Growth of the Wearable Technology Industry Driven by Consumer Acceptance, Attitudes
29 Personal Data On Apple's China iCloud Targeted by Hackers
30 Fitbit or FitFail? Are Wearable Activity Monitors Really Worth It?
31 FCC Considering Opening Up Use of High-Frequency Wireless Spectrum
32 Perovskite Holds Promise for Inexpensive Solar Cells that Light Up at Night
33 Underwater Vessels Navigate with Ease with Help from 'Sense-ational' Invention
34 Ancient Titanic Treasures Recovered from Antikythera Shipwreck
35 Your Living Room Could Become a Virtual Reality World with Microsoft's RoomAlive
36 Hewlett-Packard Split for Good?
37 Source Code for Bad USB Malware Released
38 NASA Astronauts Work Undersea for the Future of Space Missions
39 NASA Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator Set to Lift Off
40 NASA's Newest Near Earth Network Antenna AS-3 Is Operational
41 Hands-Free in Space and Under Water
42 Ice Sheet Height Variations Influence Global Climate
43 Report: Inferiority to Modern Humans Not Responsible for Neanderthal Extinction
44 Mosaic Pattern of Cranial Evolution Supported by Study of Neanderthal Skulls in Spain
45 Long-Term Climate Factors Led Early Humans into Patchwork Evolution
46 Early African Homo Sapiens Were First Technologically Advanced People
47 New Dating Procedures Give More Accurate Age of El Sidron Cave Neanderthals
48 Cave Finding Confirms that Neanderthals Buried Their Dead
49 Cancer Leaves a Common Fingerprint On DNA
50 What Gave Us the Advantage Over Extinct Types of Humans?
51 New Application of Physics Tools Used in Biology
52 Brain Epigenome Continues to Change Through Developmental Years
53 Most Complete Ancient Skeleton from New World Sheds New Light On Human Migration
54 Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens Never Shared the Iberian Peninsula
55 Eating Regular Meals with Family Can Help Lessen Risk of Obesity in Children
56 The Larger Your Friends the Larger Your Appetite
57 Fat Jokes on Social Media Are More Damaging than Helpful
58 Lower Buffet Prices Lead to Less Taste Satisfaction
59 Research Study Analyzes the Best Exercise for Obese Youths
60 Brain Biology Tied to Social Reorientation During Entry to Adolescence
61 Brain-Behavior Associations
62 Study Shines Light on the Biology of Confident Decision Making
63 Girls with Stressed Mothers Grow Up to Be Stressed Teenagers
64 Competing Regions in Brain Impact Diet Choices
65 Compared to Apes, Human Gut Bacteria Lack Diversity
66 Asleep at the Wheel: Insomnia Increases Risk of Motor Vehicle Deaths
67 Resveratrol Supplements May Actually Do More Harm than Good When It Comes to Physical Fitness
68 Fast Food Chains Targeting Children in Middle-Income, Rural or Black Neighborhoods: Study
69 Orange Allergy Seen in Young Child for the First Time
70 E-Cigarettes Do Not Help in Smoking Cessation Among Cancer Patients, According to New Study
71 Effects of Smoking Underestimated, According to New Report
72 Bullies in the Workplace: ISU Researcher Examines the Struggles for Victims to Tell Their Story
73 Survey Reveals Harassment a Common Part of Online Life, Especially for Women
74 Gene Increases Risk of Developing Breast Cancer to One in Three by Age 70
75 Breast Cancer Gene Protects Against Obesity, Diabetes
76 New Clues May Link Hereditary Cancer Genes to Increased Risk of Cancer from Alcohol
77 Genetic Counseling via Telephone As Effective As in-Person Counseling
78 Female Hormones Key to Breast and Ovarian Cancer in BRCA Gene Carriers
79 A New Twist On Neuro Disease: Discovery Could Aid People with Dystonia, Parkinson's and More
80 Poorly Understood Postural Syndrome Blights Lives of Young Well Educated Women
81 New Test Predicts Risk of Developing Second Kidney Stone
82 Hot Days May Increase Odds of Developing Kidney Stones
83 Kidney Problems May Prevent Heart Attack Patients from Receiving Life-Saving Care
84 Reduced Kidney Function Linked with Higher Risk of Kidney and Urothelial Cancers
85 Engineers Use Muscle Cells to Create Improved, Controllable Bio-Bots
86 Study of 55 Million People Adds Further Evidence that Patients Admitted to Hospital at Weekends Have Higher Mortality
87 Researchers Identify New Compound to Treat Depression
88 For-Profit Home Care Agencies Cost Medicare Extra, Yet Provide Worse Care
89 Daily 20-Minute Walks Could Help Seniors Stave Off Major Disability
90 The Ilk of Human Kindness
91 The Long Reach of Alzheimer's
92 Urban Noise May Affect Captive Rhino Breeding
93 Swallowing a Sponge on a String Could Replace Endoscopy As Pre-Cancer Test
94 Does Milk Really Give You Stronger Bones? New Research Questions Long-Held Beliefs
95 Age-Related Memory Decline Could Be Reversed by a Dietary Compound Found in Cocoa
96 Ancient Europeans Were Lactose Intolerant for Thousands of Years
97 Black Hole Consumes the Equivalent of 100 Billion Billion Hot Dogs Every Minute
98 Mysterious Quasar Sequence Explained
99 Rare Event Captured in Region Around a Supermassive Black Hole
100 In the Hunt for Dark Matter, New Simulations Show Evolution of "Local Universe"
101 Stream of Gas Observed Escaping Grasp of Supermassive Black Hole
102 Milky Way May Have Less Dark Matter than Previously Believed
103 The Milky Way Will Eventually Be Consumed by Nearby Andromeda Galaxy
104 Low Mass Planets Need Metal to Form: HARPS
105 Kepler-30 Distant Solar System Shows Similar Geometry to Our Own
106 A New Take on Planetary Accretion
107 Grooves Around Vesta's Equator Likely Caused by Impact at Asteroid's South Pole
108 New Technologies Could Allow Astronauts to Resupply While On Mars, During Deep Space Missions
109 Earth's Water Has Been Here Far Longer than Previously Believed, Claims New Study
110 Yale Finds a Planet that Won't Stick to a Schedule