File Title
1 Mysterious 'Chewing Machine' Mammal Lived Among Dinosaurs
2 How Sex Organs Get Their Start
3 Botox and Fillers Are Very Safe, Study Suggests
4 New Drug-Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea in Australia
5 Small Islands Amplify Tsunami Flooding
6 More Intensive Care Could Improve Ebola Survival Rates, Researchers Say
7 US Preterm Birth Rate Drops to 17-Year Low
8 Rare Allergy to an Orange Nearly Kills Toddler
9 NYC Art Exhibit Showcases Stunning Math-Inspired Paintings
10 Biggest Venomous Snake Ever Revealed in New Fossils
11 Dodo Bird Skeleton Reveals Long-Lost Secrets in 3D Scan
12 Ghost Illusion Created in Lab with New Robot
13 From Drawing to Morphology: Sandy Kawano
14 9,000-Year-Old Bison Mummy Found Frozen in Time
15 Getting the Buzz on Bees
16 Orphaned Baby Otter Settles into New Home in Chicago
17 Insects evolved flight as plants grew taller
18 First Europeans survived the worst of the Ice Age
19 Do ghosts live in our brains?
20 Two moons: shrouded Titan and snowball Rhea
21 Mothers and Fathers Interact with Their Infants Differently
22 Despite Awareness Campaigns, New Report Reveals that Many Children Are Still Being Bullied
23 Scientists Able to Fully Reconstruct Dinosaur Skull for the First Time Ever
24 Evidence Grows for the Dangers of Google Glass Sight Restrictions
25 Trekkies Rejoice: "Star Trek" Communicators Are Finally Here
26 Bad Apple: New Malware Targeting OS X, iOS Devices
27 European Genomes Weathered the Ice Age
28 Genetic Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Disease
29 Humans Have One Penis, Lizards Have Two: Why?
30 Ghost in the Machine: Study Probes Causes of 'Feeling of Presence' Phenomenon
31 Twin Study Reveals How Gut Microbes Can Help Combat Obesity
32 Why Anesthetics Cause Prolonged Memory Loss
33 Classroom Intervention Can Help Shy Children Learn
34 Brain Breaks Increase Educational Performance and Activity in Elementary Schools
35 Chefs Move to Schools Can Increase School Meal Participation and Vegetable Intake Among Students
36 Making Stars--Astronomy Program Provides Tools, Support to Enhance Diversity
37 US College Students Fare Better than UK Students On Key Health Measures
38 Growing Old with HIV: Age-Related Diseases Are Bigger Problem for African American Women
39 Higher Cigarette Taxes Lower Suicide Rates
40 Control of HIV Pandemic Will Not Be Achieved Without Radical Improvement in Support for Sex Workers
41 Cyberbullying Increases As Students Age
42 Bullying Victims More Likely to Suffer Night Terrors and Nightmares
43 Dinosaur Claws Were Used for More than Just Ripping Flesh: Study
44 New Dinosaur Species Is Largest Known Feathered Animal
45 Theropod Dinosaur Growth Linked to Environmental Factors, Not Diet
46 Brain Study Helps Unravel Characteristics of 'Black Sheep' Dinosaur
47 Beaks Were Functionally Important in Protecting Dinosaur Skulls
48 Long-Term Shift Work Contributes to Cognitive Decline
49 What's Your Dog Thinking? This High-Tech Harness May Make It Possible
50 There Will Be One Wi-Fi Hotspot for Every 20 People Worldwide by 2018
51 Soft Robotics Toolkit Features Everything a Robot-Maker Needs
52 University of Utah Engineers Unlock Potential for Faster Computing
53 Robotic Octopus Is Even Better than the Real Thing
54 World's First Solar Battery Runs On Light and Air
55 Facebook's New Mobile Advertising Network Now Open for Business
56 Energy Captured by Jaw-Powered Chinstrap
57 Researchers Developing Patch that Can Collect Health-Related Data from Sweat
58 Apple Adds Bluetooth Keyboard Support to Apple TV
59 VIRTUS Chipset Is 1000 Times Faster than Bluetooth
60 Bluetooth Turns E-Cigarette into a Mobile Phone, Music Player
61 NASA Installs Giant Composite Material Research Robot
62 First Evidence of Neanderthal Bone Tool Use Discovered
63 Neanderthals May Have Made First Specialized Bone Tools
64 Archaeologists Find Home of the Last Neanderthals
65 Differences Between Neanderthals and Modern Man Caused by Genetic Switches
66 Cave Engravings Discovered in Gibraltar May Have Been Created by Neanderthals
67 Signs Converting Calorie Consumption into Exercise Found to Deter Teens from Buying Sugary Drinks
68 The Benefits of Eating a High-Protein Breakfast Every Day
69 New Study Examines Link Between Brain Cortex and Food Buying Habits
70 Kids Will Eat Treats Even Though They Are Not Hungry
71 Trans Fats Are Still Weighing Americans Down
72 Smoking Can Be a Pain in the Back
73 Tea and Citrus Dietary Flavonoids Could Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk
74 How Far Urine Flows in a Tiny Tube Says a Lot About Your Health
75 Chronic Fatigue Patients Show Brain Abnormalities
76 Scientists Solve the Mystery of Why Scratching Makes You Feel Even Itchier
77 Mediterranean Diet May Be Linked with Decreased Risk of Developing Chronic Kidney Disease
78 Not Just for the Heart, Red Wine Shows Promise As Cavity Fighter
79 New Technique Grows Unknown Microbes One by One
80 Discovery of New Gut Microbes Could Lead to Improved Obesity, Diabetes Treatments
81 How Do Gut Microbes Rule Our Minds, and Our Cravings?
82 Each Tree Species Has a Unique Bacterial Identity: Research
83 Experimental 'Couch Potato Pill' May also Prevent Heat Stroke
84 EEG Helps Researchers Understand Sedation and Consciousness
85 Breakthrough Propofol Study May Lead to Better Anesthetics
86 Little Benefit Seen When Corticosteroids Added to Injections for Spinal Stenosis
87 Anesthesia More Similar to Sleep than Originally Understood
88 Why Does Red Meat Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk? Blame Gut Bacteria
89 Human Clinical Trial Will Test Drug Shown to Completely Reverse Diabetes in Human Islets, Mice
90 Memory of Last Bite of Food May Affect When We Crave It Again
91 Foreign Domino's Pizza Franchises Hacked and Held for Ransom
92 The Millennial Tofu Surprise
93 Cheese Sold in UK Supermarkets Still Laden with Salt
94 When It Comes to How Pizza Looks--Cheese Matters
95 UCLA-Led Team Solves the Mystery of the Astronomical Object G2
96 Meteors, Red Bull Responsible for Recent Reports of Fireballs in the Eastern US
97 ALMA Captures New Higher-Resolution Images of the Planetary Genesis Process
98 European Satellite Could Find Thousands of Planets in Earth's Galaxy
99 Massive Spinosaurus Identified As the First Ever Semiaquatic Dinosaur
100 Paleontologists Discover New Pterosaur Species, First-Ever 3D Preserved Eggs
101 Evolving Triceratops Evidence Found in Montana's Hell Creek Formation
102 Newly Discovered Winged Reptile Had a Head Crest like a Butterfly Wing
103 Ancient Flying Reptile Resembled Ikran from Avatar Movie
104 Nocturnal Behavior May Predate the Earliest Mammals by 100 Million Years
105 'Jaws' Lived in Doncaster
106 The Possibility of an Evolutionary Timeline Shift
107 Fossils of Ancient, Bizarre Groundhog-Like Creature Discovered in Madagascar
108 Newly Discovered Fossil Helps Bridge Evolutionary Gap of the Ichthyosaur
109 Revision to Rules to Decipher Color in Dinosaurs Suggests Connection Between Color and Physiology
110 New Discovery Reveals Insight into Feathers, Flight of Archaeopteryx