File Title
1 Arid climate decimated ancient devils
2 Google Glass may obstruct peripheral vision
3 Small islands may amplify tsunamis
4 Ancient skull opens new window on mammal evolution
5 The origins of male genitalia exposed
6 Missing link for ancient king of the seas
7 Critics chafe as Macs send sensitive docs to iCloud without warning
8 AT&T's outdated unlock policies cost it a loyal customer: me [Updated]
9 Apple-1 computer sold out of Steve Jobs' garage could pull in $600K or more
10 Researchers bridge air gap by turning monitors into FM radios
11 Man sentenced to a year in jail for firing laser 50 times at police plane
12 Sprint dropping customers, losing money, and laying employees off
13 RemoteIE gives free access to Internet Explorer VMs without the VM
14 iFixit: Nexus 9 is full of glue, harder to fix than older Nexus tablets
15 Android 5.0 Lollipop source code is out--OEMs, start your engines
16 Internet Archive offers 900 classic arcade games for browser-based play
17 Dropbox integration coming to Office; Office integration coming to Dropbox
18 LED bulb efficiency clearly pulling ahead of compact fluorescents
19 14 years after Bush v. Gore, we still can't get voting tech right
20 In Detroit and other cities, nearly 40 percent go without Internet
21 Google releases "nogotofail" to detect HTTPS bugs before they bite users
22 Canadian hospital, sick of US test monopoly, sues to stop gene patents
23 One arrow of time to rule them all?
24 Google ordered to pay a woman $2,250 for Street View image showing cleavage
25 Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health: The $199 all-platform fitness band
26 Anita Sarkeesian goes on Colbert. You'll totally believe what happens next
27 A trip to Turn 10, the Forza studio merging car culture with games
28 The Devil had possessed his netbook--and other tales of IT terror
29 Google's Nexus Player: More prototype than finished product
30 Nexus 9 review: A "premium" tablet with a not-so-premium feel
31 A first look at the Microsoft Band
32 NSA critic Udall is sent packing as Republicans grab Senate
33 N/A
34 Nest partnership offers free thermostat with a two-year contract
35 GM's next-gen infotainment system to run Android--not Android Auto--in 2016
36 Unpatched bug in Mac OS X gives root access to untrusted people
37 Orbital Sciences to shift ISS resupply launches to other rockets
38 Office for iPad goes free-to-use, now supports the iPhone too
39 FBI arrests Blake "Defcon" Benthall, alleged operator of Silk Road 2.0
40 This system will self destruct: Crimeware gets powerful new functions
41 How SF's bill to "legalize Airbnb" became a political grudge match
42 Unicode proposes a way to let an emoji black man and white woman hold hands
43 IPCC synthesis: We're headed for "pervasive and irreversible impacts"
44 Last Pirate Bay co-founder arrested after living on the lam in Laos
45 UK spy chief, parroting his US counterparts, calls for crypto backdoors
46 EFF asks for the right to revive "abandoned" online games
47 Getting out the F***ing vote with technology
48 Security scorecard finds messaging apps need more development
49 Verizon: ISPs will sue unless government adopts weaker net neutrality rules
50 Google Wallet use grows after Apple Pay launch
51 Crypto attack that hijacked Windows Update goes mainstream in Amazon Cloud
52 Buried treasure: Bidding begins on cartridges from Atari landfill
53 One man's failed quest to buy wired Internet from TWC or Verizon
54 Humans inflict social punishments in the wild (of a train station)
55 Where've you been? Your smartphone's Wi-Fi is telling everyone.
56 Immune activity linked to a predisposition to depressive behavior
57 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare single-player review: Press X to care
58 During Netflix money fight, Cogent's other big customers suffered too
59 Patent appeals court rebukes top tech lawyer for forwarding judge's e-mail
60 Cops' use of facial recognition technology expands north of the border
61 The Oculus Rift makes Elite: Dangerous amazing--and impossible to describe
62 Not the upgrade we were hoping for: The 2014 Mac Mini reviewed
63 Windows 8.x's market share really is closing in on Windows XP's
64 Police link 4chan murder photos to a crime scene, arrest a suspect
65 For Mental Health, Social Media Removes the Silence (Op-Ed)
66 Stem Cells Shape Up
67 Casting Out Demons: Pope Francis Declares Support for Exorcisms
68 The Excitement of Fear
69 Crater Hunters Find New Clues to Ancient Impact Storm
70 How Do Ebola Vaccines Work?
71 Lone Wolf May Be Roaming Grand Canyon National Park
72 Reference: Tyrannosaurus Rex: Facts About T. Rex, King of the Dinosaurs
73 Reference: Trying to Conceive: 12 Tips for Men
74 Reference: 'Lost' City of Atlantis: Fact & Fable
75 Reference: Facts About Great White Sharks
76 Why Destroy Rhino Horn? It's Worth More than Cocaine (Op-Ed)
77 Honest Food Labels Can Help Save Monarchs (Op-Ed)
78 Can You Really get Ebola from Your Dog? (Op-Ed)
79 Reference: What Is the Strong Force?
80 Happy Birthday, Live Science! 10 Years of Amazing Science Discoveries
81 The Human Race: Will We Keep Breaking Running Records?
82 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
83 How Unconditional Love Helps Kids with Setbacks
84 What if We Didn't Need Sleep?
85 How to Fight Viral Epidemics in the Future
86 Rare Mineral Discovered in Ancient Meteorite Impact Crater
87 Autism's Rise: Researchers Look at Why Cases Are Increasing
88 Deer with 'Vampire Fangs' Spotted for 1st Time in Decades
89 Anesthesia-Related Memory Loss Lasts Days, Study Warns
90 Wreck of 17th-Century Dutch Warship Discovered
91 Is Ebola Outbreak Entering New Phase?
92 Largest Sunspot in 24 Years Wows Scientists, but also Mystifies
93 Reference: Ovarian Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment
94 Trials Funded by Rich Patients Could Help Find Cures for Us All
95 Digital Archive Lets Web Surfers Travel Back in Time
96 Seismic Speed Bumps Found in Chile's Earthquake Zone
97 New Health App Gives Your Fitness Tracker a Boost
98 DNA Test Links Snakebites to Species
99 Urban Legend Debunked: Rats Don't Outnumber People in NYC
100 Iconic Apple-1 Computer Hits the Auction Block
101 Your Childhood Beliefs on Afterlife Stick with You
102 Touchdown! F-35 Fighter Jet Nails 'Landmark' Aircraft Carrier Landing
103 Map Predicts Stunning Fall Foliage 10 Days Ahead
104 Lucid Dreams Could Help People with Odd Sleep Disorder
105 Google Glass Blocks Peripheral Vision
106 'Car Talk' Host's Death: How Does Alzheimer's Disease Kill?
107 Footprints of Cretaceous Beasts Discovered at Diamond Mine
108 Super Smasher: Particle Colliders May Get Smaller & More Powerful
109 Ancient Reptile Is Smallest and Oldest-Known 'Fish Lizard'
110 Prenatal Air Pollution Levels Linked to ADHD in Kids