File Title
1 Planet discovered that won't stick to a schedule
2 Hubble sees 'ghost light' from dead galaxies
3 Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds: Many Interacting Worlds theory challenges foundations of quantum science
4 When did galaxies settle down?
5 NASA's Wallops Flight Facility completes initial assessment after Orbital launch mishap
6 Planet-forming lifeline discovered in a binary star system
7 Supersonic laser-propelled rockets: Hybrid approach may help power rockets, launch satellites, push future aircraft past Mach 10
8 Moon mission: Images of LADEE's impact crater captured
9 Laser experiments mimic cosmic explosions and planetary cores
10 Six faces of killers on social networking sites revealed
11 New technology allows medical professionals to step into their patients' shoes
12 Wrangling data flood to manage health of streams
13 Keeping good company on Facebook
14 Mutant models to identify cancer mutations
15 Step toward quantum computers: Two photons strongly coupled by glass fiber
16 Study of Chile earthquake finds new rock structure that affects earthquake rupture
17 Are my muscular dystrophy drugs working? Measuring muscle health with low-resolution ultrasound images
18 Iron-based superconductor simulations spin out new possibilities on Titan
19 Computer game could help visually impaired children live independently
20 Turning pretty penstemon flowers from blue to red
21 How the shape of eggs can help explain the evolutionary history of birds
22 When less is more: Death in moderation boosts population density in nature
23 Scent communication in polar bears explored
24 Fish integration: Nature adores a hybrid
25 Hermit thrush or humans: Who sets the tone?
26 Coffee tree genome sequenced
27 Ebola, Marburg viruses edit genetic material during infection
28 Undiagnosed, undertreated Chagas disease emerging as U.S. public health threat
29 Forensic DNA test conclusively links snake bite marks on people to species
30 Geologist reveals correlation between earthquakes, landslides in Peru
31 Lemurs: Gardeners of Madagascar rainforest at risk
32 Groundwater patches play important role in forest health, water quality
33 No quick fix for global warming, experts say
34 Variations in ice sheet height influence global climate
35 Thirdhand smoke: Toxic airborne pollutants linger long after smoke clears
36 New process transforms wood, crop waste into valuable chemicals
37 Scientists replicate the tide with two buckets, aquarium tubing, and a pump
38 Massive geographic change may have triggered explosion of animal life
39 Bladderwrack: Tougher than suspected
40 Lack of oxygen delayed the rise of animals on Earth
41 They know the drill: Leading the league in boring through ice sheets
42 Running robots of future may learn from world's best two-legged runners: Birds
43 Three abrupt pulses of carbon dioxide during last deglaciation, study shows
44 Scientists make enzyme that could help explain origins of life
45 Evolution of competitiveness: Scientists explain diversity in competitiveness
46 DNA sequences used to look back in time at key events in plant evolution
47 Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art?
48 How did complex life evolve? The answer could be inside out
49 How culture influences violence among the Amazon's 'fierce people'
50 Coenzyme Q10 helps veterans battle Gulf War illness symptoms, researchers
51 Nasal spray vaccine has potential for long-lasting protection from Ebola virus
52 Gender fairness prevails in most fields of academic science
53 Sixty-five percent of American adults are recommended behavioral weight-loss treatment, study shows
54 MINER shines in urban emergency response exercise
55 Green spaces don't ensure biodiversity in urban areas
56 Looking closer: Nuclear waste viewed in new light
57 Majority of high school seniors favor more liberal marijuana policies
58 'Himalayan Viagra' fuels caterpillar fungus gold rush
59 Hygienic funerals, better protection for health workers offer best chance to stop Ebola
60 Long term shift work linked to impaired brain power
61 Walking workstations improve physical, mental health, builds healthier workplace
62 Resetting the circadian clock: Shift workers might want to skip high-iron foods at night
63 Recognizing emotion in text :-S the business benefits :-)
64 Helping outdoor workers reduce skin cancer risk
65 Scientists identify method of eradicating harmful impacts from manufacturing process
66 Private telephone conversations: Dynamic encryption keeps secrets
67 What makes a song sing? Backup singers
68 Job loss fears may boost first-time asthma risk
69 Burnout caused by more than just job stress
70 Availability of tanning beds on, near college campuses
71 Bullying in schools still prevalent, American national report finds
72 Two days later: Adolescents' conflicts with family spill over to school, vice versa
73 Research highlights extent, effects of school violence in U.S.
74 Mental rest and reflection boost learning, study suggests
75 Myth-conceptions: How myths about the brain are hampering teaching
76 More physical activity improved school performance in Swedish study
77 Trying to fool a kindergartner? Not so fast
78 Why is educational achievement heritable?
79 Kids' oral language skills can predict future writing difficulties
80 Liberal or conservative? Reactions to disgust are a dead giveaway
81 Genetic factors behind surviving or dying from Ebola shown in mouse study
82 Parasite-schizophrenia connection: One-fifth of schizophrenia cases may involve the parasite T. gondii
83 Dietary cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline in healthy older adults
84 Prostate cancer risk reduced by sleeping with many women, but increased with many men, study finds
85 New solar power material converts 90 percent of captured light into heat
86 For some, losing weight after bariaric surgery may be a matter of taste
87 Compared with apes, people's gut bacteria lack diversity, study finds
88 Ultracold disappearing act: 'Matter waves' move through one another but never share space
89 Cell division, minus the cells
90 Divide and rule: Raven politics
91 Solar latecomer France builds Europe's largest plant
92 Orbital Sciences set to retire motor suspected in rocket explosion
93 Pilot mystery at heart of Virgin Galactic spaceship crash probe
94 Italian to become first woman head of CERN physics centre
95 Pilot actions examined in U.S. crash of Virgin Galactic spacecraft
96 WHO veteran elected as head of Africa office amid Ebola criticism
97 Exclusive: U.S. Ebola researchers plead for access to virus samples
98 Voters give nod to legal marijuana in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, D.C.
99 Australia bows to pressure to step up Ebola fight in Africa
100 World Bank chief sees mixed progress in West Africa Ebola battle
101 Texas town passes ban on fracking in its birthplace
102 U.S. NHC says low chance of cyclone over northeastern Caribbean Sea
103 New North Korea nuclear facility could boost weapons fuel: report
104 Low chance of cyclone over northeastern Caribbean sea: NHC
105 Microsoft partners with Dropbox for online file-sharing
106 Cognizant forecasts revenue above estimates as IT spending rises
107 Thai police say Pirate Bay co-founder to be extradited within a month
108 Jawbone launches new wearable fitness trackers
109 Alibaba's results affirm growth, but margins slide
110 AstraZeneca's olaparib may also work in prostate cancer: expert