File Title
1 GCHQ's Robert Hannigan says tech firms 'in denial' on extremism
2 Tower Hamlets Council 'culture of cronyism' criticised
3 Sadiq Khan to 'co-operate' with any probe into phone claims
4 Pakistan mob kills Christian couple over 'blasphemy'
5 Bankrupt goalkeeper David James auctions football memorabilia
6 Astronaut's Space Oddity cover returns to YouTube
7 Gay 'hook-up' app gets big investment in China
8 Pirate Bay co-founder 'TiAMO' arrested in Thailand
9 Russia: Giant iPhone statue removed amid 'gay' row
10 Facebook sets up 'dark web' link to access network via Tor
11 Wearable tech can monitor dog health
12 Microsoft ends retail sales of Windows 7 and 8
13 Taylor Swift's entire back catalogue removed from Spotify
14 One wi-fi hotspot for every 150 people, says study
15 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare developer: Low tolerance on toxic behaviour
16 Former Android boss Andy Rubin leaves Google
17 Millions of websites hit by Drupal hack attack
18 GCHQ v. tech firms: Net reacts to security director's article
19 Mobile apps taming India's chaotic auto-rickshaws
20 #BBCtrending: The petition to block the Samaritans' Twitter app
21 Oxford's robots and the funding of innovation
22 If all you got was abuse, would you still tweet?
23 Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Warg gets lengthy jail term
24 Zoe Quinn: GamerGate must be condemned
25 Sex 'normal at 13' suggestion raises concerns
26 UK girls' education campaigner wins global prize
27 Homeless children 'at highest level since 2011'
28 Ann Maguire murder: Will Cornick sentenced to life
29 Lavish praise from teachers 'does not help pupils'
30 More children talking to ChildLine about suicide
31 Why typos and spelling mistakes don't really matter
32 Student loans: The talented state school pupils denied funding
33 Real Winnie the Pooh owner's footsteps retraced by great-granddaughter
34 Concerns over adoption service cash support for families
35 David Laws says 'politicians' whims' are harming schools
36 Weak schools 'improving too slowly,' says watchdog
37 'Sponge' test for gullet cancer looks promising
38 'Stronger warnings needed' over pregnant women drinking
39 Language checks for nurses proposed
40 Weight loss surgery reduces diabetes risk
41 Ebola crisis: UK appeal raises 10 million pounds in five days--DEC
42 Tobacco firms win legal right to challenge EU rules
43 GP funding 'putting patients at risk' in Scotland
44 Ebola: London woman tests negative
45 Right-to-die advocate Brittany Maynard ends life
46 Councils deluged by checks for freedom of those at risk
47 Cancer awareness 'low in black and South Asian groups'
48 Alcohol calorie content: Labels needed, say doctors
49 UN chief defends returning Ebola aid workers
50 Ebola: Are cases levelling off?
51 Is there really a crisis among GPs?
52 'Coolest car in London' saves lives
53 Movember founder: Men can end up 'mentally broken'
54 The truth about welfare spending: Facts or propaganda?
55 String field theory could be the foundation of quantum mechanics: Connection could be huge boost to string theory
56 Astronomers solve puzzle about bizarre object at center of our galaxy: Enormous black hole drove two binary stars to merge
57 Universe may face a darker future: Is dark matter being swallowed up dark energy?
58 Oceans arrived early to Earth; Primitive meteorites were a likely source of water, study finds
59 Seeing dinosaur feathers in a new light
60 Tectonic plates not rigid, deform horizontally in cooling process
61 Climate, emerging diseases: Dangerous connections found
62 Vaccine-resistant polio strain discovered
63 Genetic markers for alcoholism recovery discovered
64 Chemists gain edge in next-gen energy: Flexible film can catalyze production of hydrogen
65 Arctic warming: Scientists identify new driver
66 Synthetic biology: 'Telomerator' reshapes synthetic yeast chromosome into more flexible, realistic form, redefining what geneticists can build
67 How a giant impact formed asteroid Vesta's 'belt'
68 Investigating a triple star system in formation
69 Startling decline in European birds: Majority of losses from most common species
70 Scientists uncover potential drug to tackle 'undruggable' fault in third of cancers
71 High-speed 'label-free' imaging could reveal dangerous plaques
72 Immune booster combined with checkpoint blocker improves survival in metastatic melanoma
73 Google Glass may partially obstruct peripheral vision, study finds
74 Combination treatment for metastatic melanoma results in longer overall survival
75 Nonobstructive CAD associated with increased risk of heart attack, death
76 Oxytocin levels in blood, cerebrospinal fluid are linked, study finds
77 Medicare may need to expand options for behavioral weight loss counseling in primary care settings, according to research review
78 The inside story: How the brain and skull stay together
79 How cells defend themselves against antibiotics, cytostatic agents
80 No link found between movie, video game violence and societal violence: increased violent video game consumption correlates with declines in youth violence
81 This just in: Political correctness pumps up productivity on the job
82 Where'd you get that great idea?
83 Granger Causality test can make epilepsy surgery more effective
84 Brain anatomy differences between autistic, typically developing individuals are indistinguishable
85 Improving taste of alcohol-free beer with aromas from regular beer
86 Radiation a risk factor for brain tumors in young people, study finds
87 Parent intervention best for helping toddlers with autism, study finds
88 Less reward, more aversion when learning tricky tasks
89 'Stockholm Syndrome' could have ancient roots: Traditional stories highlight how ancient women survived
90 Secondhand smoke can cause weight gain
91 Obesity in pregnant women may increase children's risk of kidney, urinary tract problems
92 Election day: The saddest day of the year?
93 Putting batteries in a kidsafe coat of armor
94 'Mild' control of systolic blood pressure in older adults is adequate: 150 is good enough
95 Dance choreography improves girls' computational skills
96 Beliefs about soul, afterlife that we acquire as children stick with us
97 Clear new evidence for mind-body connection demonstrated in study
98 Resveratrol could reverse benefits of being active
99 Fun and games make for better learners
100 Disorder plus disorder equals more disorder?
101 Dark matter may be massive: Theorists suggest the standard model may account for the stuff
102 Physicists narrow search for solution to proton spin puzzle
103 Outsmarting thermodynamics in self-assembly of nanostructures
104 'Grimsel' electric racing car breaks world record
105 Better bomb-sniffing technology
106 Inexpensive, easy way to filter arsenic from water
107 A future of power outages; what happens when the lights go out?
108 Countries with poor marine safety records linked to oil spill vessels
109 Nanotubes could serve as 'universal scaffolding' for cell membrane channels
110 VLTI Detects Exozodiacal Light: New challenge for direct imaging of exo-Earths