File Title
1 Paperwork consumes one-sixth of US physicians' time and erodes morale: Study
2 Helping sweet cherries survive the long haul
3 Intervention program helps prevent high-school dropouts
4 APIC Ebola readiness survey findings
5 It's better for memory to make mistakes while learning
6 Starting salaries largely stagnant; internship scene improves
7 'Sticky' ends start synthetic collagen growth
8 'Integrated Play Groups' help children with autism
9 Lack of a level maths leading to fewer female economists
10 Black Republicans put most faith in U.S. government
11 User-friendly electronic 'EyeCane' enhances navigational abilities for the blind
12 Bar attendance supports heavy drinking by young adults in the US-Mexico border region
13 Backpack physics: Smaller hikers carry heavier loads
14 Researchers Take Big-Data Approach to Estimate Range of Electric Vehicles
15 Quantum holograms as atomic scale memory keepsake
16 Mathematical model shows how the brain remains stable during learning
17 Silencing the speech gene FOXP2 causes breast cancer cells to metastasize
18 Early intervention could boost education levels
19 The Unexpected Benefits of Adjustable Rate Mortgages
20 Were clinical trial practices in East Germany questionable?
21 Reducing population is no environmental 'quick fix'
22 Insightful mathematics for an optimal run
23 Taxi GPS data helps researchers study Hurricane Sandy's effect on NYC traffic
24 Don't bet on stinginess to keep stress low
25 Researchers prove accuracy of mobile phone population mapping
26 Using radio waves to control the density in a fusion plasma
27 Research team identifies 33 genes that contribute to autism risk
28 Projecting a robot's intentions
29 Griffith scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds
30 Navigation and location can occur without external cues
31 Harnessing error-prone chips
32 Tweet much to gain popularity is an inefficient strategy
33 Raising cryptography's standards
34 Putting batteries in a kidsafe coat of armor
35 Lung cancer diagnosed before it is detected by imaging
36 New tool could help reshape the limits of synthetic biology
37 More than Half of Obese Patients Opt Out of the Bariatric Surgical Procedure Process Despite Being in a Publicly Funded Health Care Program
38 Massey researchers develop the first cancer health literacy tool
39 Women with bipolar disorder at 50 percent greater risk of delivering preterm babies
40 Pain and depression place older adults at risk of delirium following surgery
41 Coenzyme Q10 helps veterans battle Gulf War illness symptoms
42 New study shows women have higher risk of injury than men
43 Smoking is a Pain in the Back
44 Saving lots of computing capacity with a new algorithm
45 Nanosafety research--there's room for improvement
46 Patents for humanity: Special edition of Technology and Innovation
47 NYU research: Majority of high school seniors favor more liberal marijuana policies
48 Report examines health care challenges for pregnant women enrolled in covered California
49 Advance Directives Can Benefit Patients, Families, and Health Care System
50 Virtual reality promises new applications for sexual offending
51 Study recommends integrating housing data with health data to improve patient medical care
52 Climate change: Limiting short-lived pollutants cannot buy time on CO2 mitigation
53 Sexual fantasies: Are you normal?
54 Drug tests on mothers' hair links recreational drug use to birth defects
55 Resveratrol could reverse benefits of being active
56 Obesity a liability in cancer immunotherapy
57 New research reveals what to discuss near life's end
58 Most mental health disorders not increasing in children and youth: Large Canadian study
59 NYU study points to perception divide in abortion: Whom we think we know
60 UT Dallas neuroscientists offer novel insight on brain networks
61 Beliefs About the Soul and Afterlife that We Acquire as Children Stick with Us
62 Planet-forming lifeline discovered in a binary star system
63 Supersonic Laser-Propelled Rockets
64 New study finds oceans arrived early to Earth
65 Yale finds a planet that won't stick to a schedule
66 Is space tourism safe or do civilians risk health effects?
67 How a giant impact formed asteroid Vesta's 'belt'
68 UCLA astronomers solve puzzle about bizarre object at the center of our galaxy
69 Viewing Cancer on the Move: New Device Yields Close-up Look at Metastasis
70 Cell Division, Minus the Cells
71 Are my muscular dystrophy drugs working?
72 New way to make batteries safer
73 New pasture varieties could 'soup up' weeds
74 Gut microbes changed rapidly as humans evolved
75 Virgin Galactic crash: Pilots' actions analysed
76 Rosetta comet mission: Landing site named 'Agilkia'
77 Science check call over badger cull
78 Plan bee: New measures to protect pollinators
79 Sea giants need urgent protection
80 'Quantum coat' makes batteries child-safe
81 Fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 says IPCC
82 Wind farm shares to be sold to locals under new scheme
83 Could sound design help captive rhino breeding?
84 Spice Girls' Wannabe 'is catchiest hit single'
85 Micro-rockets 'can destroy chemical weapons'
86 Newt flesh fungus 'brought by pets'
87 Low oxygen 'delayed animal life on Earth'
88 Frogs' chorus leads to discovery of new species in US
89 One Direction criticised for using chimp in Steal My Girl video
90 Virgin Galactic descent system activated early, investigators say
91 Australians lead efforts to move space junk with lasers
92 GPS back-up: World War Two technology employed
93 IPCC keen to avoid the ghost of 'Hopenhagen'
94 Microscopic vampire amoebas are swarming everywhere
95 Overtime should count in holiday pay
96 US mid-terms: Battle for the Senate as polls open
97 Rolls-Royce to cut 2,600 jobs
98 Ukraine orders troops to key cities
99 GCHQ, terrorists, and the internet: What are the issues?
100 Ebola crisis: A village fights back in Sierra Leone
101 UK devolution: The view from the countryside
102 Windscale Piles: Cockcroft's Follies avoided nuclear disaster
103 Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters
104 Shift work dulls your brain--report
105 Holiday pay ruling may affect millions of workers
106 How safe is cycling?
107 Jimmy Mubenga: Deportee shouted 'you're killing me'
108 Newport 'slavery' victim Darrell Simester speaks of ordeal
109 Newborn twins die after 999 crew unable to access tower block
110 Pistorius prosecutors challenge 'shockingly light' sentence