File Title
1 Space Launch System Will Use Massive Welding Tool
2 Europe readies 'space plane' for sub-orbital test flight
3 World's Largest Spacecraft Welding Tool for Space Launch System Completed
4 NASA Completes Battery of Tests on Composite Cryotank
5 NASA Engineers Begin Testing for SLS Liquid Oxygen Feed System
6 'Impossible' engine may actually work, NASA engineers suggest
7 New NASA Video Gives Hurricanes a Good 'HIWRAP'
8 S-400 Air Defense Regiment Takes up Duty in Russia's South
9 Seeing Through the Fog (and Dust and Snow) of War
10 Neutron Vision: Going Beyond X-rays for Advanced Imaging in the Field
11 Australian military gets green light for counter-IED program
12 New mine-protected vehicle launched at defense exhibition
13 Textron touts G-CLAW air-burst weapon
14 Exelis receives new order for night vision goggles
15 Lockheed opens center for optical payload development in California
16 Armored Ground Vehicles Could Sprint, Dodge and Shield Their Way Out of Danger
17 Penn study demonstrates wearable sensors to detect firearm use
18 SAIC to help military counter IEDs
19 Government okays JLTV production facility
20 Rheinmetall in Australia sets vehicle project team
21 Raytheon's Small Diameter II bomb completes GTV testing
22 Marines manning checkpoints receiving attention-getter
23 General Dynamics UK lands Ministry of Defense vehicle contract
24 Obama's executive order: computer chip implants to heal injured troops
25 Magal supports Israeli, international security projects
26 Hungarian T-72 tanks on way to Czech Republic
27 Supacat providing vehicles for Australian military
28 Saudi Arabia seeks billion-dollar air defense deal
29 USMC Orders RQ-12 Wasp AE UAVs
30 Fury glide bomb dropped from Shadow UAS
31 Iran unveils new missile-equipped drone
32 Watch: MQ-4C Triton UAV flies cross-country for new testing
33 Insitu Inc. receives ScanEagle engine
34 Nothrop to provide Air Force with more Global Hawk drones
35 Helicopter-type UAVs May Appear in Russian Navy in One Year
36 Unmanned Aircraft Partnership Reaches Major Milestone
37 First Ever RQ-4 Global Hawk Hits 100th Flight on NASA Mission
38 Israel downs drone from Syria over occupied Golan: army
39 Satellite used to control unmanned aerial vehicle
40 Delivery by drone
41 Iran says it downed Israeli drone over nuclear site
42 Drones fly alongside manned planes in Navy test mission
43 US names New York test site for small drones
44 Northrop completes UAV fuselage for NATO program
45 Brazil's Flight Tech exporting UAV
46 Drones thrill Martha Stewart...and US prison convicts
47 New NASA Technology Brings Critical Data to Pilots Over Remote Alaskan Territories
48 Wi-fi worries prompt Boeing cockpit display change
49 Embraer completes first A-29 for USAF program
50 New underwater discoveries in hunt for MH370
51 Upgrade for F-35's Autonomic Logistics Information System
52 Boeing info-sharing system for Air Force passes final design review
53 Congress notified of possible helo sale to Brazil
54 Flight MH17 hit by numerous 'high energy objects'
55 Aircraft emissions to be regulated by EPA
56 Satellite pix suggest N. Korea reactor shut down: US think-tank
57 Japan envoy invited to N. Korea over Cold War kidnappings: Abe
58 N. Korea slams 'political prostitute' Park speech at UN
59 Signs of N. Korea developing missile submarine: South
60 NKorea nuclear reactor may be operating again: UN watchdog
61 US, S. Korea set up wartime unit to destroy North's nukes: report
62 N. Korea fires short-range 'projectile' into sea
63 New N. Korean launch site near completion: think-tank
64 Dialogue not 'displays of force' key to Korean peace: Pope
65 N. Korea says rockets not linked to visit by 'so-called pope'
66 N. Korea warns South over upcoming drill with US
67 Russia to reopen missile warning station on Crimea
68 N. Korea moving 'further away' from denuclearisation: US envoy
69 Poland needs nuclear arms to ward off Russia: Walesa
70 USAF eyes in the sky provide global weather data
71 Where is that spacecraft
72 AFSPC Commander advocates defending space superiority
73 Founding Day of Air and Missile Defense Command of Aerospace Defense Forces
74 Russia to boost nuclear, space defense forces against US
75 DoD Agrees to Share Space Data with South Korea
76 Russian Navy to Get New Space Tracking System
77 Russia Proceeding with Plans for Grouped Military Satellites
78 Aurora Flight Services receives DARPA funding
79 Expedition 41 Preps for First of Three October Spacewalks
80 First Copernicus satellite now operational
81 London cabbies streets ahead with 'inner GPS': Nobel winner
82 Talks Over GLONASS Station Locations in US on Hold
83 Sam Houston State study examines use of GIS in policing
84 Exelis boasts of its GPS signal interference product
85 Lockheed Martin-built GPS IIR/IIR-M satellites reach 200 years of combined operational life
86 Australia approves GPS project
87 NYT says it's sorry for cartoon mocking India's Mars mission
88 US, India to Collaborate on Earth, Mars Missions
89 India's spacecraft beams back first Mars photos
90 NASA's Orion Spacecraft, Rocket Move Closer to First Flight
91 NASA-funded Rocket Has Six Minutes to Study Solar Heating
92 Titan's Swirling Polar Cloud Is Cold and Toxic
93 Mars Rover Technology Adapted to Detect Gas Leaks
94 NASA technologies to be studied for commercialization
95 More than Meets the Eye: NASA Scientists Listen to Data
96 Aurora Season Has Started
97 NASA Selects 26 Space Biology Research Proposals
98 NASA Upgrades Its 3-D Spacecraft App
99 Solving the mystery of the 'man in the moon'
100 Origin of moon's 'ocean of storms' revealed
101 'Man in the Moon' was born from lava--scientists
102 Turning the Moon into a cosmic ray detector
103 Russia to Launch Full-scale Moon Exploration Next Decade
104 Lunar explorers will walk at higher speeds than thought
105 Running the Race to Cure Cancer from Space
106 Cyanide fog marks winter's onset on Saturn moon Titan
107 Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea
108 Chemists Observe Key Reaction to Produce 'Atmosphere's Detergent'
109 Skin pigment renders sun's UV radiation harmless using projectiles
110 New study explains the brain of multitaskers
111 Innovative Stone Age tools were not African invention
112 Chimps raised by humans don't get along with other chimps
113 Do wearable lifestyle activity monitors really work?
114 Instant speciation, biodiversity, and the root of our existence
115 Wildlife numbers halved over past four decades: WWF
116 Without internal clock, these blind fish can't get jet lag
117 Human genome was shaped by an evolutionary arms race with itself
118 Ancient genome from southern Africa throws light on our origins
119 How dinosaur arms turned into bird wings
120 Tooth lodged in thighbone evidence of ancient dino struggle
121 New Mexico dig unearths new ankylosaur dino species
122 Multicellular fossil could be one of world's earliest animals
123 Newly discovered dinosaur species had giant nose