File Title
1 Before they're even old enough to speak: researcher improves babies' language skills
2 Pacemaker neurons regulating biological clock synchronize at dusk and dawn
3 Crizotinib Effective in Phase 1 Trial Against ROS1 Lung Cancer
4 New study in Biological Psychiatry reports how transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment works to treat depression
5 Higher rates of mortality linked to benzodiazepine sedatives compared to propofol
6 Sildenafil for erectile dysfunction could affect vision of genetically susceptible users
7 Potential treatments for breast, ovarian and other cancers with new discovery approach
8 Why duplicate genes remain in the genome: geneticists solve 40-year-old dilemma
9 Tongue is large and has a high percentage of fat in obese adults who have obstructive sleep apnea
10 Smokers of slim cigarettes not exposed to more harmful chemicals
11 New drug achieves significant additional cholesterol-lowering in people with inherited high cholesterol on statins
12 Sport can help multiple sclerosis patients
13 Children's national researchers uncover therapeutic target linked to sepsis
14 Survey shows 43 percent of americans ages 40 and older have experienced symptoms of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
15 Novel rose bengal formulation obliterates lesions in patients with deadliest of melanomas
16 Strict blood sugar control after heart surgery may not be necessary, regardless of diabetes status
17 Low-frequency hum stimulates the cochlea
18 What are the health benefits of raspberries?
19 The challenges of aging with an intellectual disability
20 New learning mechanism for individual nerve cells
21 Stimulating chemotherapeutic drugs that destroy cancer
22 Some forms of depression may be prevented by omega-3 fatty acids
23 'Frankenstein type of project' combines nature to nurture 'superhuman' navigation
24 International team of scientists has shown that more than 80 percent of bowel cancers could be treated with existing drugs
25 Daily use of certain supplements can decrease health-care expenditures
26 Results of large-scale roll out of combination treatment for kala-azar in Eastern Africa
27 Increased awareness of allergic deaths in US--medications are main culprit
28 Important process uncovered for immune system development
29 Americans are more depressed now than their 1980s counterparts
30 U.S. Military making progress on reducing stigma associated with seeking help for mental illness
31 Sick mice divert internal resources to protect beneficial gut bacteria, which appear to help fight infection
32 The science and practice of people-centerd health systems
33 Living closer to major roadways increases hypertension risk
34 Ancient protein-making enzyme moonlights as DNA protector
35 Novel phenolic compounds discovered in barley and beer
36 Energy drinks cause insomnia and nervousness in athletes
37 Researchers synthetize a molecule that opens new pathways for cancer treatment and drug discovery
38 Preventing cervical cancer--New vaccine against HPV infections imminent
39 Drug-food interactions in mountaineering
40 New low-cost technique to detect rotavirus
41 Internet addicts often suffer from additional disorders
42 Progress for early detection of colon cancer
43 US patent win for vaccines stability device
44 Armed Forces veterans at lower risk of alcoholic liver disease than general population
45 Low-carbohydrate diet improved quality of life in diabetes type 2 patients
46 Tough to tackle infections can be a result of MRSA biofilms in joint fluid
47 Delusion-prone people 'more likely to rush into decisions'
48 Alcohol more likely to induce 'social bravery' in men than in women
49 In at-risk infants, delayed introduction to gluten appears not to prevent celiac disease
50 Discovery of special stem cells in the eye could lead to better treatments for blindness
51 Could there be an end in sight for AIDS?
52 Hunting viruses that play hide and seek
53 Drug addiction draws more negative feelings than mental illness
54 Phosphorescent glow emitted by 'smart' bandage'
55 Could compound in red wine, grapes treat acne?
56 What kinds of exercise can boost long-term memory?
57 Japan puts new weather satellite into space
58 Winter is coming: British weather set to become more unsettled
59 UM Research Improves Temperature Modeling Across Mountainous Landscapes
60 K computer runs largest ever ensemble simulation of global weather
61 NOAA retires NOAA-16 polar satellite
62 International experiment to change global weather forecasts: New Zealand scientists
63 Two GOES-R Instruments Complete Spacecraft Integration
64 Taking weather forecasting into the future
65 China's polar-orbiting meteorological satellite now operational
66 Climate change to intensify important African weather systems, Stanford scientists say
67 Safer flying with satcom weather app
68 Lockheed Martin Solar Ultraviolet Imager Installed on GOES-R Weather Satellite
69 Giant lasers could control the weather
70 NASA Study Finds Earth's Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed
71 US, India Cement Cooperation in Earth Exploration
72 SSTL demonstrates new ocean winds and waves measuring method
73 Suomi Data Used for Mitigating Aviation Related Volcanic Hazards
74 With Few Data, Arctic Carbon Models Lack Consensus
75 US Releases Enhanced Shuttle Land Elevation Data
76 NASA Airborne Campaigns Focus on Climate Impacts in the Arctic
77 Severe flooding in Northern Pakistan photographed by NASA
78 EIAST announces Remote Sensing Applications Competition 2014
79 GPM Mission's How-to Guide for Making Global Rain Maps
80 International Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Data Goes Public
81 Unique Database of Satellite Images of Russia Exceeds 3.5 Mln Items
82 NASA Radar System Surveys Napa Valley Quake Area
83 Sentinel-1 poised to monitor motion
84 NASA Rainfall Satellite Out of Fuel, but Continues to Provide Data
85 How much do climate patterns influence predictability across the United States?
86 NOAA analysis reveals significant land cover changes in US coastal regions
87 New Satellite Data Will Help Farmers Facing Drought
88 Snow Cover on Arctic Sea Ice Has Thinned 30 to 50 Percent
89 DigitalGlobe Announces Launch of WorldView-3
90 Watching the Winds Where Sea Meets Sky
91 Dream Chaser Chases Its Dream
92 Dream Chaser Teams with Stratolaunch to Carry People into Space
93 Galactic getaway
94 Midland International Receives FAA Spaceport License Approval
95 Space: China's final tourism frontier
96 CryoSaturday unveils secrets of the deep
97 Observing the Birkeland currents
98 ADS and Exelis to Provide ENVI Users Integrated Access to Imagery
99 Setting sail for ESA spaceplane recovery
100 European pioneers: ESRO-1A and 1B
101 ESA spaceplane on its way
102 Visit Rosetta's birthplace at Europe's Space Hub this October
103 Last European cargo ship docks with space station
104 US Initiates Prototype System to Gauge National Marine Biodiversity
105 Alexander Gerst set for spacewalk
106 Cold Atom Laboratory Chills Atoms to New Lows
107 Crew including first woman cosmonaut in 17 years blasts off for ISS
108 Yeast, the final frontier
109 ISS Crew Trains to Capture Dragon
110 Boeing, SpaceX to send astronauts to space station