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1 Earth's water is older than the sun: Likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space
2 Dinosaur family tree gives fresh insight into rapid rise of birds
3 Stone Age tools: Innovation was local, not imported, in Eurasia more than 300,000 years ago
4 Efficiently harvesting hydrogen fuel from Sun using Earth-abundant materials
5 Fossil of ancient multicellular life sets evolutionary timeline back 60 million years
6 Turning the Moon into a cosmic ray detector
7 On the road to artificial photosynthesis: Study reveals key catalytic factors in carbon dioxide reduction
8 New discovery could pave way for spin-based computing: Novel oxide-based magnetism follows electrical commands
9 Mechanized human hands: System designed to improve hand function lost to nerve damage
10 Strategic or random? How the brain chooses
11 Severe childhood epilepsies: Large international study pinpoints synapse genes with major roles
12 Agonizing rabies deaths can be stopped worldwide
13 Amino acids? Interstellar molecules are branching out
14 Unlocking long-hidden mechanisms of plant cell division
15 A galaxy of deception: Hubble snaps what looks like a young galaxy in the local Universe
16 Computational model: Ebola could infect more than 1.4 million people by end of January 2015
17 Stem cell transplant does not cure SHIV/AIDS after irradiation of infected rhesus macaques
18 Yoga, meditation may help train brain to help people control computers with their mind
19 Brain chemical potential new hope in controlling Tourette Syndrome tics
20 How physical exercise protects the brain from stress-induced depression
21 Surprising diversity of antibody family provides clues for HIV vaccine design
22 Modified vitamin D shows promise as treatment for pancreatic cancer
23 How the ends of chromosomes are maintained for cancer cell immortality
24 Celiac disease: A wriggly solution to a first-world problem
25 Discovery may lead to better treatments for autoimmune diseases, bone loss
26 How plankton gets jet lagged: Hormone that govern sleep and jet lag in humans also drives mass migration of plankton
27 Perfectionism is a bigger than perceived risk factor in suicide: Psychology expert
28 Autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammations: Advancing research
29 ADHD: Brains not recognizing angry expressions
30 How brain handles tactile sensations: New findings
31 Cryptogenic strokes may find explanation in heart
32 First mouse model for ALS dementia
33 Think you have Alzheimer's? You just might be right, study says
34 Brain scans reveal 'gray matter' differences in media multitaskers
35 Alzheimer's patients can still feel emotion long after memories have vanished
36 Skirt size increase linked to 33 percent greater postmenopausal breast cancer risk
37 Better information about prenatal testing leads to fewer tests
38 Alcohol consumption influenced by genes, research shows
39 Higher risk of autism found in children born at short and long interpregnancy intervals
40 Infant cooing, babbling linked to hearing ability, researcher finds
41 Note to young men: Fat doesn't pay well
42 Fruit and vegetable consumption could be as good for your mental as your physical health
43 Best exercise for obese youths analyzed
44 Few kids receive psychotherapy along with medication for ADHD, study finds
45 Maternal breast milk is risk factor for cytomegalovirus transmission in premature infants
46 Graphene looks promising as a flexible, low-cost touchscreen solution
47 Power outage? Robots to the rescue
48 Longstanding bottleneck in crystal structure prediction solved
49 How to make stronger, 'greener' cement: New formula could cut greenhouse-gas emissions
50 Putting the squeeze on quantum information
51 Solar cell compound probed under pressure
52 Structure of enzyme that makes plant cellulose uncovered
53 New organic semiconductor material: Organic tin in polymers increases their light absorption
54 Live long and phosphor: Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics
55 'Skin-like' device monitors cardiovascular and skin health
56 NASA rover drill pulls first taste from Mars mountain
57 Most metal-poor star hints at universe's first supernovae
58 Clear skies on exo-Neptune: Smallest exoplanet ever found to have water vapor
59 Most stars are born in clusters, some leave 'home'
60 India's Mars Orbiter Spacecraft successfully inserted into orbit around Red Planet
61 Solar explosions 'inside' a computer: Understanding solar flares to improve predictions
62 The origin of Uranus and Neptune elucidated
63 Infant solar system shows signs of windy weather
64 NASA's Newest Mars Mission Spacecraft Enters Orbit around Red Planet
65 Finding hints of gravitational waves in the stars
66 Drivers, don't trade in your smartphone for Google Glass yet
67 'Greener,' low-cost transistor heralds advance in flexible electronics
68 Avoiding falls: Math model helps researchers aid diagnosis, treatment of stability problems
69 Recreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networks
70 Future flexible electronics based on carbon nanotubes
71 Complexity of diabetes: More to tiny fluctuations in blood sugar than meets the eye
72 Video blinds us to the evidence, study finds
73 Scientists grow a new challenger to graphene
74 New computer model to aid greener, leaner aircraft design
75 Artificial intelligence that imitates children's learning
76 Green light for clever algae
77 Brazilian zoologists discovered the first obligate cave-dwelling flatworm in South America
78 Water research tackles growing grassland threat: Trees
79 Sugars in the cornfield: Plants use defenses against pests, but they don't always work
80 Chemists recruit anthrax to deliver cancer drugs
81 Cell division: New technique reveals a role for histones
82 Natural selection causes early migration, shorter parental care for shorebirds
83 Dengue fever, malaria in the Himalayas
84 When David beats Goliath: Smaller birds can dominate larger species, especially when related
85 Study supports camels as primary source of MERS-CoV transmission
86 With few data, Arctic carbon models lack consensus
87 Global sea levels rose up to five meters per century at the end of the last five ice age
88 Biochar alters water flow to improve sand and clay
89 New insights into flow and incision in bedrock-rivers
90 Colorado's Front Range fire severity not much different than past
91 Natural gas usage will have little effect on carbon dioxide emissions, researchers find
92 'Fracking' wastewater that is treated for drinking downstream produces potentially harmful compounds
93 Recreational activity a major pollutant on Canadian coast of Pacific Ocean
94 Flying doctor bees to prevent cherry disease
95 Solar energy-driven process could revolutionize oil sands tailings reclamation
96 New dinosaur from New Mexico has relatives in Alberta
97 New analysis of human genetic history reveals female dominance
98 Facial masculinity not always a telling factor in mate selection
99 Record of thousands of years: Mega-storm surge in Florida
100 Termites evolved complex bioreactors 30 million years ago
101 Answer to restoring lost island biodiversity found in fossils
102 Firelight talk of the Kalahari Bushmen: Did tales told over fires aid our social and cultural evolution?
103 Hadrosaur with huge nose discovered: Function of dinosaur's unusual trait a mystery
104 New insights on an ancient plague could improve treatments for infections
105 New high-resolution satellite image analysis: 5 of 6 Syrian World Heritage sites 'exhibit significant damage'
106 Working long hours linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes in people doing low socioeconomic status jobs
107 False memories could be a side-effect of human ability to learn rules
108 Water-quality trading can reduce river pollution: Market for water quality credits would cut pollution at less cost
109 'Plasma bubbles' may have aided enemy in fatal Afghan battle
110 Brain wave may be used to detect what people have seen, recognize