File Title
1 Genetic driver of inflammation uncovered, used to prevent and treat liver cancer
2 IDSA, HIVMA call for state Medicaid programs to lift hepatitis C prescribing restrictions from ID and HIV doctors
3 Fish and fatty acid consumption associated with lower risk of hearing loss in women
4 S-Tones found to be more effective than broadband noise in reducing tinnitus
5 Jaw movements generate electricity to power hearing devices
6 Hearing ability affects infant cooing, babbling
7 Hey1 and Hey2 ensure inner ear 'hair cells' are made at the right time, in the right place
8 Promising Alzheimer's treatment being tested by NeuroEM Therapeutics
9 New study confirms superior sensitivity of digene HC2 HPV DNA Test vs. the other FDA-approved tests for HPV
10 Cancer during pregnancy: chemotherapy and radiotherapy are safe for babies, studies show
11 Anamorelin shown to improve appetite and body mass in patients with cancer anorexia-cachexia
12 Second-line afatinib significantly improves progression-free survival in recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer, phase III trial shows
13 Rolapitant reduces nausea and vomiting in phase III trial
14 Strategy to reduce side effects in modern cancer therapy
15 UK waiting times to see a GP now a 'national crisis'
16 Urine-based HPV test 'feasible alternative for cervical cancer screening'
17 HPV vaccine rates not linked to knowledge about it
18 HPV vaccination program in Australia leads to 61 percent fall in female genital warts
19 Nine-valent HPV vaccine may prevent nearly 90 percent of cervical cancers
20 Improved HPV vaccine uptake could prevent around 200 cervical cancer cases every year, UK
21 Winter babies crawl sooner than summer babies, study says
22 Labor induction, used in 1-in-4 US births, can create a 'cascade of significant medical issues' for mothers & babies
23 Perjeta (pertuzumab) first treatment for advanced breast cancer to extend survival by 15.7 months more than standard of care
24 Effects of gout reduced after drinking Montmorency cherry concentrate
25 Minority background, low education, and low income negatively influence HPV vaccine series completion
26 French studies measure benefits of colorectal cancer screening
27 Docetaxel or pemetrexed with cisplatin achieve comparable outcomes in non-squamous lung cancer
28 Customising chemotherapy in lung cancer
29 New estrogen-related breast cancer mechanism detected
30 Adding cediranib to chemotherapy improves progression-free survival for metastatic or recurrent cervical cancer, phase II trial shows
31 Using immunotoxins to kill colon cancer
32 Overuse of colonoscopies
33 New approach aims to silence cancer 'survival genes'
34 For high-quality colonoscopy, good bowel cleansing is essential
35 Colorectal cancer relapses may be predicted by expression of five genes
36 Proposition 46 physician drug testing mandate may harm patients it aims to protect
37 Potent new cancer drugs likely with new protein 'map'
38 Survey reveals emotional exhaustion affects many cancer specialists
39 System designed to improve hand function lost to nerve damage
40 Genetic kidney disease caused when enzyme goes to the wrong location in cell
41 Study of "trained immunity"
42 Unexpected clue to peripheral neuropathies identified
43 Sun's UV radiation rendered harmless by skin pigment
44 Cancer survivors excluded from lung cancer clinical trials
45 The effectiveness of antimicrobial textiles challenged
46 Skill development in robotic microsurgery assessed by new tool
47 Helping breast cancer patients make choices about reconstruction
48 Fingerprint scanning of babies could save lives
49 More sedentary behaviour found in children with autism
50 A guiding hand: dominant hand size appears to stay constant, providing natural 'ruler'
51 Healthy humans 'harbor an average of five viruses'
52 Improving the safety and efficacy of Botox injections
53 Implanted medical devices cleared by FDA 'lacking information'
54 Antibiotic exposure associated with early childhood obesity
55 High-dose vitamin D for ICU patients who are vitamin D deficient does not improve outcomes
56 Lung Flute helps COPD patients breathe easier
57 Neurons found to play a key role in the formation of memory as shown by morphed images of Hollywood celebrities
58 Crizotinib treatment led to significant tumor shrinkage in 72 percent of ROS1-positive lung cancer patients
59 Scan may identify lung cancer patients who will benefit from folate-targeted drug
60 Fewer staff even though more children admitted to intensive care
61 New study reveals an ongoing battle to control 'jumping genes,' driving the evolution of greater genomic complexity
62 Stop taking patients in cardiac arrest to hospital, says expert
63 Variation in hospitalizations from ER costs billions
64 For heart attack patients, deaths avoidable when nine pathways of care are followed
65 FDA allows marketing of the first test to assess risk of developing acute kidney injury
66 New treatment options found for staph infections, inflammatory diseases
67 Decision to reintroduce aprotinin in cardiac surgery may put patients at risk
68 Why do we stigmatize and ignore depression?
69 Genetic data could help doctors know whether to prescribe statins or not
70 Study shows MicroBiome Therapeutics' NM505 may improve tolerability of metformin in type 2 diabetes
71 Experts call for a moratorium on use of new internet domain .health
72 Melanoma drug combo improves patient survival rate, decreases risk of harsh side effect
73 Organically grown foods may offer greater health and safety than foods conventionally grown
74 Zytiga (abiraterone acetate) survival data in chemotherapy-naive men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) revealed
75 IMPRESS trial data on continuing tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy after resistance development in lung cancer reported
76 Study shows how chimpanzees share skills
77 Third of countries struggling to meet the needs of aging population
78 Minimum alcohol pricing would be up to 50 times more effective than below cost selling ban
79 Should health charities be more transparent about their funding?
80 Oleate in olive oil helps diseased heart muscle process and use fuel
81 Medicare law aimed a reducing chemotherapy cost turned out to have little impact
82 Innovative field device will keep more players on the field
83 Protein that causes frontotemporal dementia also implicated in Alzheimer's disease
84 The root of decision-making
85 The signature of aging in the brain identified
86 Tackling human trafficking--an invisible problem
87 Viral DNA infects cells by changing from solid to fluid-like state
88 Skin health could be improved by sweat-eating bacteria
89 Multiple sclerosis patients safely tolerated placental cells
90 Brain changes identified that are involved in alcohol-related sleep disturbances
91 38-year-old mystery of the heart explained
92 Combating driver fatigue
93 Link between higher gun ownership and increase in non-stranger homicide
94 Encouraging self-compassion for a positive body image
95 Acetate supplement research could lead to new ways to treat anemia
96 WHO recommendation: Developing countries should enroll medical and nursing students from rural areas
97 Immunotherapy could stop resistance to radiotherapy
98 Who are the men and boys suffering from anorexia?
99 New understanding of emotional impact of stroke
100 Genetic test would help 'cut bowel cancer spread'
101 Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids linked to smaller risk of coronary heart disease
102 Anxiety, jealousy and moodiness linked to increased Alzheimer's risk in women
103 Precise triggers mapped that activate and neutralize brain cell networks
104 Trastuzumab should remain as standard of care for HER2-positive breast cancer
105 Worrying rise in sleep apnea in the U.S.
106 Alpha-synuclein is a major target for potential drug therapies for Parkinson's disease
107 Twitches during REM sleep activate the brain in a unique way, providing further evidence that sleep twitches teach newborns about their bodies
108 Life threatening diarrhea rates nearly doubled in 10 years
109 Ventilation for gas stoves may prevent some instances of childhood asthma
110 Chef-made meals can increase school meal participation and vegetable intake among students