File Title
1 Enzalutamide significantly reduces morbidities associated with bone metastases in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
2 FDA approve 'game-changing' drug for advanced melanoma
3 Early diagnosis and detection rates of skin cancer boosted by pioneering digital application
4 Strong association discovered between telomere length and increased risk of melanoma
5 Many skin cancers driven by ultraviolet light-induced mutation
6 Novel rose bengal formulation obliterates lesions in patients with deadliest of melanomas
7 Calming down immune cells could hold key to melanoma treatment
8 Skirt size increase linked to 33% greater postmenopausal breast cancer risk
9 Experimental therapy stopped the metastasis of breast and ovarian cancers in lab mice
10 Potential treatments for breast, ovarian and other cancers with new discovery approach
11 New blood test could offer more tailored treatment of ovarian cancer
12 New cancer drug target involving lipid chemical messengers
13 Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of aggressive subtypes of breast cancer
14 Breast cancer screening in over-70s 'may lead to overdiagnosis'
15 Angelina effect: health news of celebrities 'has long-term effects for public health care'
16 'Electronic skin' could revolutionize breast cancer detection
17 'Cause of incurable muscle-wasting disease identified'
18 The cell recognizes the buildup of misfolded proteins, offers insight into Alzheimer's, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and type 2 diabetes
19 World Alzheimer Report 2014: the key points
20 When walking and cognitive delays occur together in boys, muscular dystrophy could be the culprit
21 The role of mitochondria in neurodegenerative diseases
22 Viewing drugs' effect on living brain now possible with first mouse model for ALS dementia
23 Health apps: do they do more harm than good?
24 Protein appears to protect against bone loss in arthritis
25 Small weight gains of 5 pounds can raise blood pressure
26 Study: sodium's influence on blood pressure statistically insignificant
27 Coffee increases prediabetes risk in susceptible young adults
28 Ebola virus protein offers potential drug target
29 Ebola vaccine set for human trials after inducing long-term immunity in monkeys
30 Malaria severity influenced by five human genes, say researchers
31 Deep brain stimulation as OCD treatment: new guideline
32 What are the adult health consequences of childhood bullying?
33 Bullied children 'at higher risk of night terrors, nightmares, sleepwalking'
34 Is OCD a risk factor for schizophrenia?
35 Delusion-prone people 'more likely to rush into decisions'
36 Is the pattern of brain folding a "fingerprint" for schizophrenia?
37 Affordable Care Act: insurance coverage has improved for young adults
38 Study finds link between insurance type and treatment for stroke patients
39 New payment model for gene therapy suggested
40 Plant-derived compound 'may effectively treat lupus with fewer side effects'
41 Repairing the muscles in Muscular dystrophy, not the genetic defect
42 'Circular RNA' associated with muscular dystrophy, other degenerative diseases in both muscle and brain
43 Study shows 'mind-to-mind' communication in humans
44 Multitasking with media devices linked to brain changes
45 Are wearable activity monitors equivalent to professional health advice?
46 App leads to falling death rates in hospitals
47 Mental health app identifies depression, anxiety, loneliness, tracks performance, behavior
48 Online mindfulness intervention reduces fatigue and negative work-related worry
49 Study suggests 'happy wife, happy life' maxim is true
50 Harnessing the power of lupus antibodies for use in targeted cancer therapy
51 An ingestible pill with needles could be the new form of injection
52 Should animal organs be farmed for human transplants?
53 'Pocket doctor' phone app could measure Parkinson's progression
54 Electronic nose 'detects asthma subtypes in children'
55 What is a cohort study in medical research?
56 A protein may be linked to heart attacks
57 Discount generic drug programs grow over time
58 Organ donation: is an opt-in or opt-out system better?
59 Building replacement kidneys in the lab
60 Invasive kidney biopsy for lupus patients may be replaced by math model
61 For diagnosing kidney stones, CT scans are no more accurate than ultrasound
62 Transcranial direct-current stimulation offers new hope in controlling Tourette Syndrome tics
63 The brain chooses randomness as the best strategy in the face of uncertainty; finding has implications for depression
64 In new primate model, stem cell transplant does not cure SHIV/AIDS after irradiation
65 What are the health benefits of cucumber?
66 Scientists shed light on how to block protein that causes cancer, Alzheimer's
67 Hookworms reduce the symptoms of celiac disease
68 Lung cancer clinical trials: Lung-MAP and ALCHEMIST, the first "Master Protocol" trials
69 New approach offers hope for patients with autoimmune diseases, bone loss
70 Dry-roasted peanuts more likely trigger for allergy
71 Peanut allergy: could pulsed light remove allergens from whole peanuts?
72 Every child with asthma, food allergies should have a school emergency plan
73 Lifesaving protocol for school children with severe allergies
74 Osteoporosis: bone health in childhood 'is an important factor'
75 Which was the fatal blow that killed Richard III?
76 Potential for 'in body' muscle regeneration
77 The brains of children with ADHD do not recognize angry expressions
78 Enlargement of the left atrial appendage increases risk for cryptogenic stroke
79 Laboratory study confirms burn injury leads overactive cells to generate abnormal bone
80 Discovery of synapse genes with major roles in severe childhood epilepsies
81 Preventing agonizing rabies deaths
82 Genes related to pediatric glaucoma contribute to future stroke
83 Coping techniques help COPD patients
84 Promising therapies for small cell lung cancer
85 Tiny lesions in the heart remain after pneumonia
86 In body-shaping surgery, massive weight loss increases risk of complications
87 Risk for suicide increased by perfectionism
88 With some tinkering, anthrax becomes an efficient drug carrier for cancer
89 Cancer drug plays dual purpose in regulating expression of genes in leukemia
90 Taller people at reduced risk of esophageal cancer
91 Not everyone loses their depression following bariatric surgery
92 Findings counter Hispanics alcohol stereotype
93 Vitamin D deficiency widespread in thyroidectomy patients
94 Genetic 'instruction set' for antibodies knocks down hepatitis C in mice
95 Fecal microbiota transplantation now officially recommended for the effective treatment of C. difficile infection
96 Neonatal abstinence syndrome treatment needs standardization
97 Scientists observe ragweed pollen at record levels in UK for the first time in forty years
98 Countries must work together to stop organ traffickers, says researcher
99 France is on the right track in the fight against tobacco epidemic in Europe
100 Patients taking warfarin should be able to self-monitor says NICE in new guidance
101 Is a hormone the key to understanding borderline personality disorder?
102 Sex hormone levels in the blood linked to risk of sudden cardiac arrest
103 Combining gut hormone with insulin proves more effective at controlling type 2 diabetes than other common treatments
104 The association between empathy, neurohormones and aggression
105 A genetic form of deafness is due to absence of thyroid hormone
106 Increase seen in liver injury caused by herbals, dietary supplements
107 Repairing liver damage without surgery using stem cells from tonsils
108 Combined therapy improves survival for patients with liver cancer who are not suitable for surgery
109 'Gold of Pleasure' oilseed boosts liver detoxification enzymes
110 A single protein can mean the difference between life-long chronic infection or cure for hepatitis