File Title
1 Reduce sitting time to protect aging DNA, study suggests
2 'Mini-strokes' lead to PTSD and other psychiatric disorders
3 Potassium-rich foods could lower stroke risk in older women
4 'First aid kits' used by stem cells to repair damage
5 Researchers uncover genetic network that 'fuels' aggressive form of leukemia
6 Canine lymphoma: new hope for beloved family pets
7 Killing leukemia cells by disrupting their metabolism doesn't harm normal cells
8 Cancer patients benefit from isavuconazole, a new antifungal
9 Cancer resistance may one day be treated with epigenetic drugs
10 Leukemia patients to benefit from novel cancer drug
11 Hourly 5-minute walks 'reverse arterial damage caused by sitting'
12 Wearable, skin-like device 'monitors cardiovascular, skin health 24/7'
13 Study finds acupuncture is 'not beneficial for knee pain'
14 Smokers with a high sodium diet are at 'double the risk' of rheumatoid arthritis
15 Number of smoke-free homes has doubled in 20 years
16 Rare stem cells identified in testis hold potential for infertility treatments
17 Newly discovered marker may lead to early detection of pancreatic cancer
18 Can losing sleep decrease brain volume?
19 Link found between migraine and Parkinson's
20 Is loss of smell a 'harbinger of death'?
21 New study challenges claims that low vitamin D causes type 2 diabetes
22 What are the health benefits of coconut oil?
23 Metformin use linked to risk of low thyroid hormone levels
24 New superfoods could help key protein keep bodies healthy
25 Tackling autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation
26 It's not just the number of calories consumed that raises diabetes risk
27 Fighting superbugs with their own 'gene-editing' system
28 Could bee bacteria provide alternatives to antibiotics?
29 Antibiotics are 'overprescribed' among children for respiratory infections
30 An old drug yields a potential new class of antibiotics
31 Novel antibiotic shows potential for broad range of tough-to-treat infections
32 HIV: radiation exposure before stem cell transplant 'may not have cured Berlin patient'
33 HIV rebounds in second baby thought to have been cured with early treatment
34 HIV antibody discovered that binds to novel target on virus
35 Helping people live with HIV more comfortably and for longer
36 Irradiation plus transplantation shown to be effective for treating HIV/AIDS
37 Countries ready to "Fast Track" response to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030
38 Choose wisely: spouse's personality impacts your career success
39 Exercise protects against depression--but how?
40 Alterations in brain nicotine signals linked in smoking and schizophrenia
41 Wild berry extract may strengthen effectiveness of pancreatic cancer drug
42 Novel way found to block gene driving cancer growth
43 Promising treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer: chemotherapy and stereotactic ablative radiation consecutively
44 Study reveals gene expression patterns in pancreatic circulating tumor cells
45 Autism treatment in infancy 'may prevent further symptoms'
46 Mutations in gene linked to brain development 'may be a cause of autism'
47 Researchers find possible root of autism in early cerebellum injury
48 Boys with autism demonstrate surprising strength in grammar processing
49 Solving the mystery of why colds cause asthma attacks
50 1 in 10 antibiotics prescriptions fail, according to new study
51 What are the effects of climate change on health?
52 Drugs for depression linked with failure of dental implants
53 Good night's sleep may reduce sickness absence
54 Sleep problems may be a hidden epidemic among individuals with multiple sclerosis
55 Final pieces to the circadian clock puzzle found
56 Novel treatment method--visualising plastic changes to the brain
57 Morphine-epilepsy drug combo can result in less pain, lower opioid doses
58 New understanding of common cause of sudden death in epilepsy
59 Mutations cause chaos in the brain--new genes identified with key role in the development of severe childhood epilepsies
60 Precise triggers mapped that activate and neutralize brain cell networks
61 Global team finds new genetic variants that raise risk of prostate cancer
62 Specific baldness pattern linked with increased prostate cancer risk
63 Skin cancer more likely in pilots and cabin crew
64 Why are many women at risk of ovarian cancer not aware of it?
65 Breast cancer: are men the forgotten victims?
66 Wearing a bra 'does not cause cancer'
67 A heart-felt need for dairy food
68 Scientists reset human stem cells in 'significant milestone' in medicine
69 Researchers trigger muscle repair in mice with muscular dystrophy
70 New molecule 'allows umbilical cord stem cells to multiply'
71 Jawless fish genes tell us about human brain evolution
72 Is your dog an optimist or a pessimist?
73 The remarkable global spread of a single canine cancer
74 FDA address cybersecurity in medical devices
75 Incentives from physicians, insurance companies could significantly increase use of health wearables
76 New targeted treatment for arthritis looks promising
77 Deactivating a cell protein may halt progress of rheumatoid arthritis
78 Part of arthritis puzzle identified
79 Researchers identify enzyme controlling metastasis of breast cancer
80 Discovery of shining cells responsible for developing tumors
81 Migraine sufferers may find meditation helps
82 Viral infection in nose can trigger bacterial infection in the ear
83 How do I smell? Much the same as how you see
84 Unusual immune cell needed to prevent oral thrush, Pitt researchers find
85 Viral infection causes bacteria to colonize privileged sites like the middle ear
86 Number of ER visits due to high blood pressure 'on the rise'
87 AHA: 'clinicians should understand radiation risks of heart imaging tests'
88 The relationship between milk and dairy consumption and disease risk
89 'Switching off' autoimmune diseases
90 Inflammation and changes in the barrier function of the intestines found in multiple sclerosis
91 Research sheds light on cognitive losses seen with chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases
92 CDC warns Ebola epidemic in West Africa is outpacing current response
93 CDC: Ebola cases in West Africa could exceed 550,000 by January
94 Bacteria may help treat acne, ulcers
95 Post-traumatic stress disorder in women linked to food addiction
96 Everyday experiences may bring us unexpected joy in the future
97 Schizophrenia 'made up of eight specific genetic disorders'
98 Could a blood test predict schizophrenia risk?
99 Parts of the brain's cortex develop differently in people with schizophrenia
100 Brain differences in autistic males with early language delay
101 How do sex hormones influence autism risk?
102 Risk of adolescent mental health disorders affected by size at birth
103 WHO's recommended sugar intake 'should be halved to combat dental cavities'
104 The sixth most prevalent health condition in the world--severe periodontitis:
105 Millions of children not getting recommended preventive care
106 New Medicaid policy increases the rate of children receiving vital oral health care in Texas and Florida
107 Accurate test for aggressive prostate cancer steps closer with genetic study
108 Nocturia less likely in men who exercise
109 Imaging of metastatic cancer may be revolutionized by new non-invasive technique
110 New method for non-invasive prostate cancer screening