File Title
1 So what is a supermassive black hole anyway?
2 Air-sniffing space probe arrives in Mars orbit. What will it smell?
3 3D printer, 20 mice now en route to space station
4 Why is NASA flying planes over Alaska?
5 Global carbon emissions to reach record high, say scientists
6 MAVEN now successfully orbiting Mars. What's next? (+video)
7 First day of autumn: Why do we celebrate equinoxes anyway?
8 Why is your face unique? New study offers clues.
9 Could Pacific winds be to blame for Northwest warming trend?
10 Campfire chat a chance for social bonding
11 It's okay: electromagnetic force hasn't changed in 10 billion years
12 Rooting out horse-meat fraud in the wake of a recent food scandal
13 Coral growth rate plummets in 30-year comparison
14 Changes in coastal upwelling linked to temporary declines in marine ecosystem
15 Want to link genes to complex traits? Start with more diversity
16 Kids eat better if their parents went to college
17 Tropical fish a threat to Mediterranean Sea ecosystems
18 More land, fewer harvests
19 Fall foliage season may be later, but longer on warmer Earth
20 Microplastic pollution discovered in St. Lawrence River sediments
21 Researchers develop unique waste cleanup for rural areas
22 For legume plants, a new route from shoot to root
23 Lymphatic fluid used for first time to detect bovine paratuberculosis
24 Long-distance communication from leaves to roots
25 Dwindling wind may tip predator-prey balance
26 Plant variants point the way to improved biofuel production
27 Study: Antifreeze proteins in Antarctic fishes prevent freezing...and melting
28 Compound from hops aids cognitive function in young animals
29 Genetic switch regulates a plant's internal clock based on temperature
30 Priorities for research on pharmaceutical and personal care products in the environment
31 Can tapioca replace corn as the main source for starch sweeteners?
32 Termites evolved complex bioreactors 30 million years ago
33 Scientists report first semiaquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus
34 Microscopic Diamonds Suggest Cosmic Impact Responsible for Major Period of Climate Change
35 The creation of the Vuoksi River preceded a significant cultural shift
36 NOAA team reveals forgotten ghost ships off Golden Gate
37 New branch added to European family tree
38 New high-resolution satellite image analysis: 5 of 6 Syrian World Heritage sites 'exhibit significant damage'
39 CO2 emissions set to reach new 40 billion ton record high in 2014
40 Fracking's environmental impacts scrutinised
41 Arctic sea ice helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere
42 Snail shells show high-rise plateau is much lower than it used to be
43 Actions on climate change bring better health, study says
44 2014 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Sixth Lowest on Record
45 Smart meters could cause conflict for housemates, study shows
46 Search for better biofuels microbes leads to the human gut
47 State policies are effective in reducing power plant emissions, CU-Boulder-led analysis finds
48 'Space bubbles' may have aided enemy in fatal Afghan battle
49 This week from AGU: New geologic map of Mars, storm surge in Florida
50 Big changes in the Sargasso Sea
51 Reversing the effects of pulmonary fibrosis
52 Experts provide much-needed policy analysis for clinical integration of next generation sequencing
53 Researchers develop new DNA sequencing method to diagnose tuberculosis
54 Chimpanzees raised as pets or performers suffer long-term effects on their behavior
55 Critically ill ICU patients lose almost all of their gut microbes and the ones left aren't good
56 Diabetes: Complexity lost
57 A multi-function protein is key to stopping genomic parasites from 'jumping'
58 Federal Food Program Puts Food on the Table, but Dietary Quality Could Be Improved
59 New hope for beloved family pets
60 Eating five a day may keep the blues away
61 Airway muscle-on-a-chip mimics asthma
62 Kinsey study of single parents' dating, sexual activity contradicts assumptions
63 A new study on how to engineer synthetic gene networks, recreates the stripe patterns found in animals, using bacteria.
64 Nanotubes help healing hearts keep the beat
65 Interdisciplinary Research Team Finds Method for More Precise Diagnosis of Pneumonia
66 Gene mutation discovered in blood disorder
67 UTSA microbiologists discover regulatory thermometer that controls cholera
68 Study helps assess impact of temperature on belowground soil decomposition
69 Human sense of fairness evolved to favor long-term cooperation
70 Marcellus drilling boom may have led to too many hotel rooms
71 Don't cry wolf: Drivers fed up with slowing down at inactive roadwork sites
72 Patients with advanced, incurable cancer denied palliative care
73 Soft robotics 'toolkit' features everything a robot-maker needs
74 A two-generation lens: Current state policies fail to support families with young children
75 Research evaluates neurodevelomental and medical outcomes in single family room NICU
76 Firelight talk of the Kalahari Bushmen
77 Classroom intervention helps shy kids learn
78 Hold on, tiger mom
79 UGA study shows what happens when employees feel excluded at work
80 Think the system for paying US doctors is rigged to favor surgeons? Study may surprise you
81 Could suburban sprawl be good for segregation?
82 New Study Identifies Opportunities to Reduce Patient Burden Associated with Breast Cancer Screening
83 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Healthcare?
84 Moving to the 'burbs is bad for business
85 Walking off depression and beating stress outdoors? Nature group walks linked to improved mental health
86 Medical students who attended community college likelier to serve poor communities
87 Facial masculinity not always a telling factor in mate selection
88 Brain Breaks increase activity, educational performance in elementary schools
89 Surveys may assess language more than attitudes, says study involving CU-Boulder
90 Note to young men: fat doesn't pay
91 Immune system is key ally in cyberwar against cancer
92 Engineers show light can play seesaw at the nanoscale
93 Graphene imperfections key to creating hypersensitive 'electronic nose'
94 New chip promising for tumor-targeting research
95 Massachusetts General study reveals gene expression patterns in pancreatic CTCs
96 Infant solar system shows signs of windy weather
97 Old drug may be key to new antibiotics
98 Sandia magnetized fusion technique produces significant results
99 'Bendy' LEDs
100 A piece of work by NUP/UPNA researchers demonstrates various ways for controlling light in the terahertz frequency range
101 Southampton scientists grow a new challenger to graphene
102 Future flexible electronics based on carbon nanotubes
103 Los Alamos researchers uncover new properties in nanocomposite oxide ceramics for reactor fuel, fast-ion conductors
104 Researchers Reveal New Rock Formation in Colorado
105 UF: Answer to restoring lost island biodiversity found in fossils
106 Water-quality trading can reduce river pollution
107 Microplastic pollution discovered in St. Lawrence River
108 Smoking and Schizophrenia Linked by Alterations in Brain Nicotine Signals
109 Pairing Social Networks with Social Motives to Close the Science Gap
110 Nanoribbon film keeps glass ice-free