File Title
1 Maaxi app aims to help black cabs counter rise of Uber
2 Patients' online diagnoses not useful, say doctors
3 Angry Birds maker Rovio to lay off 130 staff
4 Airlines told to change cockpit screens in Boeing planes
5 Nude selfie celebs were 'dumb,' EU commissioner says
6 Japan stocks rattled by $617 billion 'fat finger' trading error
7 UK legalises music, film and e-book back-ups
8 Microsoft unveils Windows 10 system with Start Menu
9 Facebook apologises to drag queens over real name use
10 Will Tesco keep taking the tablets?
11 How con artists trick your mind
12 Ecommerce: Tabaski rams bought in Paris, eaten in Dakar
13 Tomorrow's cities: Towards the congestion-free city
14 Demis Hassabis--the artificial intelligence guru worth 400 million pounds to Google
15 Does job success depend on data rather than your CV?
16 Big robot fleet takes to UK waters
17 PlayStation scoops three T3 gadget awards
18 Sun, sea, sand--but a summer without broadband
19 UK nuclear power plant gets go-ahead
20 Teaching assistants to have new set of standards
21 Disabled children's behaviour 'deteriorates at school'
22 Cash incentives 'don't boost GCSE results'
23 Parents forced to cut back to pay university costs
24 Pisa education target scrapping 'embarrassing'--Tories
25 Police 'overwhelmed' by number of child abuse images
26 Pisa education ranking goal target is scrapped
27 UK universities slip down international rankings
28 Young people lack workplace skills, firms say in survey
29 Warning of university 'cold spots'
30 Ex-MI6 chief warns parents over apps that track children
31 One in 10 social workers 'would quit' over stress
32 Nicky Morgan pledges to cut teachers' workload
33 Don't pass bought essays as your own, students warned
34 Digital divide opening in UK schools report warns
35 Tom and Jerry cartoons carry racism warning
36 University gives free tablet computer to new students
37 How blind Victorians campaigned for inclusive education
38 'Teachers not footballers' needed by Brazil
39 Does a five-year-old need to learn how to code?
40 Radiographers vote to strike over NHS pay
41 Drug recommended to help cut drink dependence
42 Ebola crisis: US patient's flat cleaned by specialists
43 Mental health: Pilots to help people find work launched
44 GP out-of-hours care 'getting better'
45 Workplace drug testing 'on the rise,' say providers
46 HIV cure continues to evade doctors
47 Ebola outbreak: UK urges decisive action at London forum
48 Asbestos victims win damages ruling
49 Aging GPs 'may force practices to close'
50 Sense of smell 'may predict lifespan'
51 Inverness girl Hayley Fraser gets 3D-printed hand
52 Another day, another tablet?
53 Does cancer get too much attention?
54 The promise of antidepressants in brain cancer fight
55 Preventing tooth decay in toddlers--tips for parents
56 The onward march of the century makers
57 English-style diet 'could save 4,000' in rest of UK
58 Tooth decay affects 12% of three-year-olds, says survey
59 Heart disease warning factors 'missed by many adults'
60 Brain repair 'may be boosted by curry spice'
61 Alan Henning 'killed by Islamic State'
62 We drink more alcohol on days of increased physical activity
63 Potential treatment for lupus with more natural compounds that have fewer side effects
64 Cancer metastatis may be stopped in its tracks with the help of bacterial "communication system"
65 Destroying chemo-resistant ovarian cancer cells
66 An effective early intervention program for substance exposed babies and toddlers
67 The emotion lingers long after the memories have vanished in Alzheimer's patients
68 Drunk driving, red-light running: knowing the risk increased public support of traffic safety laws
69 Youth gang involvement is short-lived
70 Thoracic radiation therapy can lead to modest acute changes in cardiac biomarkers and electrocardiogram findings
71 Taking 'sedentary' out of education
72 How to flip a brain between random and strategic thinking
73 Improved mental health linked to nature group walks
74 Brain wave could aid criminal investigations by detecting recognition
75 Regeneration of brain stem cells boosted by turmeric compound
76 Metastasis of multiple myeloma prevented by novel compound in mice
77 Super enhancers in the inflamed endothelium
78 Regulations over opioid prescriptions 'too permissive,' say experts
79 Cannabis-using adolescents 'commonly experience withdrawal symptoms'
80 E-cigarettes 'may be a gateway to illicit drug use, addiction, conventional smoking'
81 'Cannabis use in adolescence has negative impact on education'
82 Marijuana users who feel low get high
83 Men: moderate weekly alcohol consumption could lower sperm quality
84 Eating is addictive but sugar and fat are not like drugs, study says
85 Increased Alzheimer's risk linked to long-term benzodiazepine use
86 Brain may 'work around' early Alzheimer's damage
87 Memory loss more common in people with blood type AB
88 Promising drug candidate for Alzheimer's found in turmeric compound
89 Cognitive decline 'reversed with personalized treatment plan,' claims researcher
90 Sedentary behavior 'may counteract brain benefits of exercise in older adults'
91 Gene 'may slow aging of entire body when activated in key organs'
92 Fruit and veg consumption tied to mental health
93 Could artificial sweeteners promote diabetes and obesity?
94 Antibiotic resistance: how has it become a global threat to public health?
95 Researchers identify source of HIV pandemic
96 Cycling or walking to work 'improves psychological health'
97 Could an apple a day protect against obesity?
98 E-cigarettes 'not helping cancer patients to quit smoking'
99 A vitamin D-derivative makes pancreatic tumors vulnerable to chemotherapy
100 Maternal iron intake linked to offspring autism risk
101 An hour of after-school exercise linked to better cognitive functioning
102 High levels of physical activity linked to early academic achievement
103 Asthma risk reduced in babies sleeping on animal fur
104 One dose of antidepressants 'alters the brain within hours'
105 Hitchcock film used to reveal consciousness in vegetative patients
106 Sleep apnea: weaker brain blood flow damages the brain
107 Scientists discover 'sleep node' responsible for deep sleep
108 Omega-3 fish oil 'could reduce seizure frequency for epilepsy patients'
109 Long hours in low-paid jobs linked to increased diabetes risk
110 Exercise can enhance tumor-shrinking effects of chemotherapy