File Title
1 From red Mars to green Earth
2 Claim: Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida
3 Claim: Wildlife response to climate change is likely underestimated
4 Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission
5 A new "APEX" in plant studies aboard the International Space Station (ISS)
6 'Upside-down planet' reveals new method for studying binary star systems
7 Claim: Mantis shrimp are stronger than airplanes
8 Mysteries of a nearby planetary system's dynamics now are solved
9 Fast, furious, and soon to be electric
10 Scientists study halving hydrogen
11 Fiction prepares us for a world changed by global warming
12 Report: CyberBuddy is better than no buddy
13 Spiders in space weave a web of scientific inspiration for Spider-man fans
14 Weightless plants fly on a dragon
15 Superconducting qubit array points the way to quantum computers
16 Study finds accelerated soil carbon loss, increasing the rate of climate change
17 'Double-duty' electrolyte enables new chemistry for longer-lived batteries
18 When things get glassy, molecules go fractal
19 Following NASA's human path to Mars
20 NASA tests Orion's parachute performance over Arizona while work progresses in Florida
21 Scientists develop a 3D printed microscope for $2
22 Making graphene work for real-world devices
23 3D printing cancer cells
24 What would the ancient Maya have thought about Facebook?
25 Reconstructed ancient ocean reveals secrets about the origin of life
26 NASA's Spitzer and WISE telescopes find close, cold neighbor of the Sun
27 Traces of recent water on Mars
28 Astronomical forensics spot planetary disks in NASA's Hubble archive
29 Researcher develops smart components that assemble themselves
30 Report: Ozone levels drop 20 percent with switch from ethanol to gasoline
31 Claim: Wetlands likely to blame for greenhouse gas increases
32 Multilayer, microscale solar cells enable ultrahigh efficiency power generation
33 NASA analyzes ozone's ups and downs
34 NASA honors William Shatner (AKA Captain Kirk)
35 Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain
36 Research shows smartphone sensors leave trackable fingerprints
37 Climate change: don't wait until you can feel it
38 Star is discovered to be a close neighbor of the Sun and the coldest of its kind
39 The shadows of Saturn
40 A laser-powered farewell to moon mission
41 Report: Graphene not all good
42 This system detects global trends in social networks two months in advance
43 Brewing up sustainability
44 Apple updates their iOS update
45 iPhone 6 Not So Bendy Afterall
46 Self-censorship on the Internet
47 Facebook to start selling you
48 Can Selfies Help Cure Cancer One Day?
49 Solving the offline issue with low-code tools
50 Health and fitness wearable designers need to think about women's needs too
51 Microsoft skips nine, shoots for ten
52 Crouching Tiger Sequel Drawing Ire from Theater Owners
53 Police and government confused and frightened by encryption
54 Windows 10: How'd We Get Here? Why You'll Love It
55 Health and fitness devices and apps raise some serious questions
56 Celebrities that are suing Google are idiots!
57 The future of the cloud
58 Are iOS users more active online than Android users?
59 Quantum cryptography for mobile phones
60 Claim: Personal touch signature makes mobile devices more secure
61 Researchers measure smartphone malware infection rates
62 Apple's 2014 roadmap gets outlined
63 Amazon's smartphone ready for 2014
64 Satellites detect 'thousands' of new ocean-bottom mountains
65 Big robot fleet takes to UK waters
66 Aids: Origin of pandemic 'was 1920s Kinshasa'
67 Sharks can be 'social or solitary'
68 Moon's hidden valley system revealed
69 Franklin search: Canada confirms ship as HMS Erebus
70 Ebola outbreak: Texas checks 100 for exposure
71 Dairy farmers to protest over milk price cuts
72 Four sites vie for European ExoMars landing
73 Record haul-out for Pacific walrus
74 Chimps with tools: Wild ape culture caught on camera
75 US and India sign space agreement
76 Protest halts NASA spaceflight plans
77 Panama opens Frank Gehry-designed biodiversity museum
78 Flight MH370: New search images reveal seabed details
79 World wildlife populations halved in 40 years--report
80 Clear skies reveal water on distant Neptune-sized planet
81 Is this the end of autumn as we know it?
82 Cat Watch 2014: What's it like being a cat?
83 The marooned baboon: Africa's loneliest monkey
84 Paris Motor Show: Toyota's plans for a fuel cell future
85 Sewer sensors to sniff out bomb ingredients
86 Is your brain male or female?
87 The green snot taking over the world's rivers
88 EU review of environmental laws raises concern
89 Did early humans, or even animals, invent music?
90 Victorian keep-fit exercises and gym regimes revealed
91 Bloodhound Diary: The ultimate 'kit car'
92 Ebola drains already weak West African health systems
93 The companies vying to turn asteroids into filling stations
94 John Cantlie: Father appeals for UK hostage's release
95 European human rights rulings 'to be curbed' by Tories
96 Protests cut short Top Gear shoot
97 David Cameron: Troops face 'generational struggle'
98 Burmese men accused of killing Britons paraded by Thai police
99 The story of the fake bomb detectors
100 Francis: The Pope's calling
101 Ebola crisis: Aid workers risking all to combat virus
102 Google deletes 'tens of thousands' of celeb nude pics
103 UK cable broadband internet speeds 'faster than fibre'
104 10 things readers want in a history of the world
105 Sweden to recognise Palestinian state
106 Hong Kong protests: Student leaders postpone talks
107 Uber boss Travis Kalanick: I'm no bully
108 Facebook admits failings over emotion manipulation study
109 Phone boxes turn green to charge mobiles
110 JP Morgan sees 76 million customer accounts hacked