File Title
1 The Mission Begins...Comic-tanium: The Super Materials of the Superheroes Opens at the ToonSeum
2 All the Cell's a Stage
3 CRISM Prepares for Mars-Grazing Comet Siding Spring
4 Nuclear Reactor Expert Discusses Ways to Prevent Fukushima-Like Damage with Scientists in Japan
5 Researchers Look Inside to Reveal Workings of a Powerful Biochemical Switch
6 ORNL Researchers Make First Observation of Atoms Moving Inside Bulk Material
7 ExxonMobil Supports Iowa State Research in Biofuels Science and Engineering
8 New Research Findings Could Pave the Way for a Fructose Tolerance Test
9 Study Finds Crocodiles are Sophisticated Hunters
10 Atomic Map Reveals Clues to How Cholesterol Is Made
11 Single Gene Links Susceptibility to Rare Infections with Predisposition to Autoimmune Disease
12 Using a Novel Biological Aging Clock, UCLA Researchers Find that Obesity Accelerates Aging of the Liver
13 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Link ALS Progression to Increased Protein Instability
14 Major Grant to Fund Research into Advanced, Economically Viable Bioproducts
15 Session on Climatic Stress Effects on Soil Microbial Communities Agroecosystems
16 NUS Researchers Developed World's First Instant Fluorescent Sensor to Detect Milk Fat
17 One Signal Means Different Things to Stem Cells Versus Their Progeny
18 Beyond LEDs: Brighter, New Energy--Saving Flat Panel Lights Based on Carbon Nanotubes
19 Making a More Voluptuous Loaf of Bread
20 New Light on the "Split Peak" of Alcohols
21 Scripps Research Institute Team Receives $6.6 Million to Investigate Deadly Lassa Virus
22 New ORNL Electric Vehicle Technology Packs More Punch in Smaller Package
23 Researchers Embark on Study that Focuses on the Microbes Found on Human Skin
24 A Better Prosthesis: Sandia Invents Sensor to Learn About Fit; System to Make Fit Better
25 Ancient Fossils Confirmed Among Our Strangest Cousins
26 Lake Erie Increasingly Susceptible to Large Cyanobacteria Blooms
27 Astronomers Spot Faraway Uranus-Like Planet
28 Forest Service Says Buy Local Firewood to Prevent Spread of Invasive Beetle
29 Key Moment Mapped in Assembly of DNA-Splitting Molecular Machine
30 Expert Pitch: Ebola Researcher Explains Antibody Treatments, Need for a Therapy that Works Against All Strains of the Virus
31 ORNL Research Reveals Unique Capabilities of 3-D Printing
32 A Global Natural Gas Boom Alone Won't Slow Climate Change
33 Researchers Develop World's Thinnest Electric Generator
34 UNC Researchers Boost the Heart's Natural Ability to Recover After Heart Attack
35 NASA's Hubble Telescope Finds Potential Kuiper Belt Targets for New Horizons Pluto Mission
36 Dolphin 'Breathalyzer' Could Help Diagnose Animal and Ocean Health
37 Brain Surgery Through the Cheek
38 Undue Influence: How Can We Be Effectively Warned Not to Give Away Our Information Online?
39 ORNL's Urban Dynamics Institute Joins Global Fight Against Polio
40 Misfolded Proteins Clump Together in a Surprising Place
41 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Identify Trigger for Crucial Immune System Cell
42 First Responders Identify Gaps, See Results, and Begin Process for Solutions
43 Hubble Finds Extremely Distant Galaxy through Cosmic Magnifying Glass
44 Engineers Find a Way to Win in Laser Performance by Losing
45 New U. Va. Study Upends Current Theories of How Mitochondria Began
46 New Book Documents Power of Smart Cameras
47 Staph 'Gangs' Share Nutrients During Infection
48 Blinded by Non-Science: Trivial Scientific Information Increases Trust in Products
49 Atomic Trigger Shatters Mystery of How Glass Deforms
50 Breeding Soybeans that Can Tolerate Heat, Drought
51 Climate Change Alters Cast of Winter Birds
52 New Insight that "Mega" Cells Control the Growth of Blood-Producing Cells
53 NSF Cybersecurity Scholarships Give Students an Edge in Employment
54 Goldilocks Principle Wrong for Particle Assembly: Too Hot & Too Cold Is Just Right
55 New Study Shows Most Americans Confused on Olive Oil Benefits, Terminology and Uses
56 Research Aims to Preserve the Great Plains Grasslands
57 New High Speed Transatlantic Network to Benefit Science Collaborations Across the U.S.
58 Study Finds Fish Just Wanna Have Fun
59 A New Study Examines Web-Based Biosurveillance Systems in Identifying Disease Outbreaks
60 See-Through Sensors Open New Window into the Brain
61 Findings Point to an "Off Switch" for Drug Resistance in Cancer
62 NSF Grant Uses Macrosystems Approach to Determine Fate of Great Plains Wetlands Species
63 Greenfield Scholars Program by American Society of Agronomy Aims to Increase Number of Grads Working in Agronomy Fields
64 New Methods to Calculate Risk of Floods
65 Center for Biorenewable Chemicals Helps Iowa State Researchers Launch Startup Companies
66 Big Black Holes Can Block New Stars
67 Triplet Threat from the Sun
68 Exploring X-Ray Phase Tomography with Synchrotron Radiation
69 Backpack Physics: Smaller Hikers Carry Heavier Loads
70 Color and Texture Matter Most When it Comes to Tomatoes
71 7 Ways to Feel Full Without Overeating
72 Guano Innovation to Guide Land Managers
73 Super Stable Garnet Ceramics May Be Ideal for High-Energy Lithium Batteries
74 New $1 Million NIH Grant Enables Clinical Trials of Artificial Pancreas for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes
75 U.S. Army Lab Plays Key Role in Helping to Fight the Spread of Ebola
76 Middle-Aged Adults Were More Susceptible to the Flu Last Year Because of a New Viral Mutation
77 When the Isthmus Is an Island: Madison's Hottest, and Coldest, Spots
78 Virtual Internet Tests Software Solutions for Real World Problems
79 Grant Will Help Researchers Develop System to Assess Risk of Mudslides, Rock Falls
80 Expert Pitch: Expert Explains the Hows and Whys of Pesticides
81 UNC Scientists Discover Hidden Subpopulation of Melanoma Cells
82 Silencing the Speech Gene FOXP2 Causes Breast Cancer Cells to Metastasize
83 Phytoplankton as Carbon Pumps
84 Adaptive Zoom Riflescope Prototype Has Push-Button Magnification
85 Coordination Between Gut Bacteria and Biological Clocks May Fight Obesity
86 Mathematical Model Shows How the Brain Remains Stable During Learning
87 From Sub-Neptunes to Super-Earths: The Search for Habitable Worlds
88 Exploring the Fabric of Time and Space: Upcoming Physics Webcast Tackles Quantum Mechanics and Spacetime
89 Highly Effective New Anti-Cancer Drug Shows Few Side Effects in Mice
90 Olive Oil More Stable and Healthful than Seed Oils for Frying Food
91 Turning Waste from Whisky-Making into Fuel--Close to Commercial Reality?
92 UT Austin to Lead $58 Million Effort to Study Potential New Energy Source
93 Organic Molecules in Titan's Atmosphere Are Intriguingly Skewed
94 WVU Geography Professor Investigates Risks to North America's Largest and Rarest Bird
95 Department of Environmental Quality Awards $1.6 Million Grant to OU Scientists to Continue Water Cleanup
96 A New Tune: There Is Intonation in Sign Language Too
97 Impact of Invasive Species Varies with Latitude, Highlighting Need for Biogeographic Perspective on Invasions
98 Lucky Star Escapes Black Hole with Minor Damage
99 New TSRI Studies Bring Scientists Closer to Combating Dangerous Unstable Proteins
100 Close Encounters: Comet Siding Spring Seen Next to Mars
101 National Synchrotron Light Source II Achieves 'First Light'
102 New Microscope Collects Dynamic Images of the Molecules that Animate Life
103 Scripps Research Institute Chemists Achieve New Technique with Profound Implications for Drug Development
104 Cutting the Ties that Bind
105 Indiana University Investing $7 Million for New Complexity Institute
106 UCLA and UCI Awarded $8 million Grant to Launch Collaborative Stem Cell Clinic "Center of Excellence"
107 Increasing Protein, Fiber in Pasta, Baked Goods
108 Ebola's Evolutionary Roots More Ancient than Previously Thought
109 From Rock-'n'-Roller to Biomedical Scientist
110 Climate Change Impacts Countered by Stricter Fisheries Management
111 A New Dent in HIV-1's Armor