File Title
1 Comet smells like rotten eggs, horse urine, alcohol, bitter almonds, vinegar: scientists
2 Being unfair is bad for us
3 Craters mark double asteroid impact on early Earth
4 Early Easter Islanders had contact with Americas
5 Ring of stellar fire
6 U.S. Air Force moving X-37B spaceplanes to former shuttle hangars
7 FDA panel offers mixed view on Boston Scientific Watchman device
8 US Navy uses prototypes, in-house know-how to speed weapons work
9 New meat-eating dinosaur species found in Venezuela
10 Rattlesnake repertoire boosts snake-like robot's skills
11 Drought exposes once-submerged Oregon town to archaeological dig
12 Archeologists unearth ancient village in an Arizona national park
13 Secretive U.S. robotic mini-shuttle to end 22-month mission on Tuesday
14 Britain to hunt for King Harold's body to test theory about his death
15 Conjoined twin Texas babies to take first step to separation surgery
16 Stop the hop: for huge ancient kangaroos, hopping was dicey
17 Spacewalking astronauts begin preparing station for new space taxis
18 Lockheed says makes breakthrough on fusion energy project
19 Saturn moon may have 'life-friendly' underground ocean: scientists
20 Severe weather alert: U.S. study finds tornadoes coming in swarms
21 Lawsuit seeks to stop Boeing, SpaceX work on NASA space taxi
22 Are we there yet? Scientists prepare for change of epoch
23 U.S. Air Force lands robotic X-37B space plane in California
24 GMO labeling foes spend big on campaigns in Oregon, Colorado
25 Humans should thank ancient Scottish fish fossils for joy of sex
26 Comet makes rare close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch
27 Cell transplant helps paralyzed man walk with frame
28 23andMe, MyHeritage partner to combine DNA and family trees
29 Greek archaeologists unearth head of sphinx in Macedonian tomb
30 Cosmonauts breeze through spacewalk outside space station
31 The beast with the behemoth arms: A dinosaur mystery is solved
32 French entrepreneurs launch test to detect pork in food
33 Fixing 'Ebolanomics' in pursuit of vaccines and drugs
34 Easter Island's ancient inhabitants weren't so lonely after all
35 Old, cold and bold: Ice Age people dwelled high in Peru's Andes
36 Microbes in Central Park Soil: If They Can Make It There, They Can Make It Anywhere
37 Iowa State Physicists Among Teams Preparing for New Energy Department Supercomputer
38 Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize Can Help with Exercise
39 Researcher Creating Shape-Shifting Material Geared for Correcting Facial Defects
40 Stressed Out: Research Sheds New Light on Why Rechargeable Batteries Fail
41 Why Wet Feels Wet: Understanding the Illusion of Wetness
42 Brookhaven and the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment
43 'Stealth' Nanoparticles Could Improve Cancer Vaccines
44 Hide & Seek: Sterile Neutrinos Remain Elusive
45 Genetic Secrets of the Monarch Butterfly Revealed
46 Dog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways
47 Ancient Sabertooth Cats May Have Used Their Jaws like a Can-Opener
48 MRSA Biofilms in Joint Fluid Make Infections Tough to Tackle
49 Grafted Stem Cells Display Vigorous Growth in Spinal Cord Injury Model
50 Spiders: Survival of the Fittest Group
51 Climate Change, Cosmic Dust, Fish-Inspired Wind Farms and DARPA's Post-GPS Push
52 Seed Science Might Save the World
53 HHS Releases 13th Report on Carcinogens
54 Chakhalian Awarded $1.8 Million to Create Novel Quantum Materials
55 Earthquake alone could not have generated such high waves
56 Researcher Receives $1.2 Million to Create Real-Time Seismic Imaging System
57 Diet Affects Mix of Intestinal Bacteria and the Risk of Inflammatory Bone Disease
58 New Technology Isolates Tumor Cells from Blood to Optimize Cancer Therapy
59 Ancient Protein-Making Enzyme Moonlights as DNA Protector
60 Physicist Turns Smartphones into Pocket Cosmic Ray Detectors
61 High-End Brakes for the Cinquecento?
62 Batteries Included: A Solar Cell that Stores its Own Power
63 On-Site Construction Begins on the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii
64 Fish Colon Offers Insight into Evolution
65 Are Montana's Invasive Fish in for a Shock?
66 Discovery of a New Way to Make Foams Could Lead to Lightweight, Sustainable Materials
67 Children Understand Familiar Voices Better than Those of Strangers
68 'Programmable' Antibiotic Harnesses an Enzyme to Attack Drug-Resistant Microbes
69 Fall Means Mulching Time in the Garden
70 Biologists Unlock Non-Coding Half of Human Genome with Novel Sequencing Technique
71 Getting the Most out of Aquaculture: Pearls of Wisdom from Farmed Oysters
72 Small Spills at Gas Stations Could Cause Significant Public Health Risks Over Time
73 Students' Religiosity More Influential than Education in Views on Evolution
74 Killer Whales Learn to Communicate like Dolphins
75 Responses to Global Change: Acclimatize, Adapt or Die
76 Cancer Researchers Identify 'Achilles Heel' in Metabolic Pathway that Could Lead to New Treatments for Lung Cancer
77 Bioinformatician Helps Biologists Find Key Genes
78 Researchers Pump Up Oil Accumulation in Plant Leaves
79 Researchers Receive NSF Grant to Develop 'Sparse-Sensing' System for Wireless Sensor Networks
80 Texas Tech Astrophysicist Part of Team that Stumbled upon Brightest Pulsar Ever Recorded
81 Expert Pitch: Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Should 'Spark Imagination of Would-Be Scientists Everywhere,' Says Cornell Chemist
82 Researchers to Examine Using Autonomous Vehicles to Improve Traffic Flow
83 Dartmouth Researchers Develop Reproducibility Score for SNPs Associated with Human Disease in GWAS
84 Tick-Borne Disease Research Aims to Develop New Vaccines
85 UW Fusion Reactor Concept Could Be Cheaper than Coal
86 Benaroya Research Institute Receives $2.2 Million to Discover Biomarker that Triggers Allergies
87 Skidmore College's Solar Array Completed, Generating Power
88 Penguins Use Their Personalities to Prepare for Climate Change
89 Proactive Office Ergonomics Can Increase Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention
90 International Collaborations Produce More Influential Science, Analysis Finds
91 New Nonprofit Supports Women in Science
92 Researchers Find RNA Molecules in Urine and Tissue that Detect Prostate Cancer
93 San Diego Researchers to Receive $4.4 Million in NIH Initiative to Harness 'Goldmines' in Biomedical Data
94 Special Chromosomal Structures Control Key Genes
95 New Class of "Good" Fats Offers a Promising Direction for Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
96 Scientists Discover a 'Good' Fat that Fights Diabetes
97 Set of Molecules Found to Link Insulin Resistance in the Brain to Diabetes
98 Hubble Maps the Temperature and Water Vapor on an Exoplanet
99 Mouse Version of an Autism Spectrum Disorder Improves When Diet Includes a Synthetic Oil
100 Snakes and Snake-like Robots Show How Sidewinders Conquer Sandy Slopes
101 Plasmonic Paper
102 Balancing Birds and Biofuels: Grasslands Support More Species than Cornfields
103 Newly Discovered Brain Cells Explain a Prosocial Effect of Oxytocin
104 Dissolvable Silicon Circuits and Sensors
105 Launch of New Sensor Device on Hudson River Set to "Wire" River for Cleaner Water
106 TSRI Scientists Create Mimic of 'Good' Cholesterol to Fight Heart Disease and Stroke
107 How Beavers Have Affected the Ecosystem at Voyageurs National Park
108 Researchers Look Inside to Reveal Workings of a Powerful Biochemical Switch
109 NUS Research Team Pioneers Novel Ultra Light-Weight Cloud Arch Architectural Technology for Sustainable Construction
110 Leaky, Star-Forming Galaxies Lead Johns Hopkins Researchers to Better Understand the Universe