File Title
1 Ping-Pong Sized Robots Could Collaborate on Major Projects
2 Swarms of Tiny Robot Helpers May Be the Wave of the Future
3 Micro-Turbine Technology Could Use Wind Power to Charge Mobile Devices
4 MagnetoSperm Robots Could One Day Be Used for in Vitro Fertilization
5 When Science and Religion Collide, It's Not Always a Bad Thing
6 Are Christians Becoming More 'Green'?
7 Americans and Religion Increasingly Parting Ways
8 'Spiritual' Young People More Likely to Commit Crimes than 'Religious' Ones
9 ZoomBoard Lets You Type On a Smartwatch
10 Scientists Designing Robot for Inspecting Tunnels
11 Nearly Half of All US Jobs Are Threatened by Robotics
12 New Age Suggested for East African Rift
13 Organisms in 33.6 Million Year Old Ice Pack Evolved to Survive
14 Prehistoric Fossil Discovery Reveals Details About Earth's Most Successful Mammal Lineage
15 Fossil Discovery Adds New Chapter in History of Venomous Snakes
16 Flowers in Amber Show Earliest Evidence of Pollination
17 Eating Utensils Make for Calmer Mealtimes
18 Roosters Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Because of Genes Not Light
19 Why Is It So 'Tough' to Make Healthier Hot Dogs?
20 Will Your Next Bandage Be Made of Cured Salt Pork?
21 Eat Up! There's Plenty of Bacon for Everyone
22 The Bacon Craze: Enough Already
23 Internet Traffic to Grow by More than 20 Percent Thanks to Video
24 Take the Bore Out of Long Videos Using New LiveLight Application
25 New Method Provides Nanoscale Details of Electrochemical Reactions in Electric Vehicle Battery Materials
26 Unexpected Electric Polarizations in Promising Ferroelectric Materials
27 Important Step Made Towards Creating Medical Nanorobots
28 Tiny Electronic Gadget Joins Forces Between Buckyballs and Diamondoids
29 General Relativity Gets Its Toughest Test Yet from Clumped Galaxies
30 Time Warp: LSU Researcher Shows Possibility of Cloning Quantum Information from the Past
31 Hot Days May Increase Odds of Developing Kidney Stones
32 New Test Predicts Risk of Developing Second Kidney Stone
33 Study Shows As People Live Longer and Reproduce Less, Natural Selection Keeps Up
34 Global Population Could Reach 11 Billion by 2100
35 Cities Are like Stars, Says Researcher, and We Need to Better Understand Them
36 Cities Are a New Kind of Complex System: Part Social Reactor, Part Network
37 Drug Patch Treatment Sees New Breakthrough
38 Polymer Coatings Based on Molecular Structures
39 Engineers Develop Self-Healing Material Capable of Fixing Larger Cracks and Holes
40 Prototype Generators Emit Much Less Carbon Monoxide
41 Researchers Gain Insight into Protective Mechanisms for Hearing Loss
42 UEA Research Reveals How Farmers Could Mitigate Nitrous Oxide Emissions
43 New Project Maps 3D Motions of the Nearby Universe in Unprecedented Detail
44 The lonely landscape of Rosetta's comet
45 Fairness evolved to support co-operation
46 Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel prize
47 Martian rush hour: two spacecraft arrive this week
48 Pacific settlers developed gardens to survive
49 Cosmic inflation: BICEP 'underestimated' dust problem
50 Molten metal batteries aimed at the grid
51 Climate change summit: Global rallies demand action
52 China's per capita carbon emissions overtake EU's
53 'Artificial retina' could detect sub-atomic particles
54 Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel
55 Time is right for global focus on forest land rights
56 Murder 'comes naturally' to chimpanzees
57 Europeans drawn from three ancient 'tribes'
58 Chin strap makes electricity from chewing
59 Public transport holds key for clean cities, says study
60 NASA picks astronaut crew ship designs
61 King Richard III killed by blows to skull
62 Ebola vaccine trial begins
63 Hedgehogs' inky paw prints point to sparse distribution
64 Mars Maven mission arrives in orbit
65 Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis
66 Are all the ants as heavy as all the humans?
67 From toilet to table, overcoming the 'yuk' factor
68 Plutonium: The scary element that helps probe space's secrets
69 The freedivers who swim with whales
70 Five bugs you can catch in the changing room
71 Tesco suspends execs as inquiry launched into profit overstatement
72 Ed Balls sets out priorities for 'first Labour Budget'
73 David Cameron hosts Tory MPs for 'English votes' summit
74 Scottish Referendum: 'Two Scotlands have emerged'
75 'I lost a job because of my tattoos'
76 Temple of Mithras: How do you put London's Roman shrine back together?
77 Bollywood cleavage row shows India's 'crass' side
78 British Museum to be digitally recreated in Minecraft
79 Breaking Bad 'inspired murder plot by daughter'
80 'Naked pictures' of Kim Kardashian and others 'leaked'
81 BBC apologises for airing Jimmy Savile appearance
82 Tony Blair on Islamic State: 'Don't rule out ground troops'
83 eBay under pressure as hacks continue
84 Microsoft delays Chinese launch of Xbox One console
85 Row restores online access to key US court records
86 eBay security flaw has existed for months
87 EE to take over 58 Phones 4U stores
88 Google and Apple to introduce default encryption
89 Oracle's Larry Ellison steps down as two successors named
90 Users frustrated by Apple iOS update
91 University of Sheffield show first pictures from DIY telescope
92 US military contractors 'hit by Chinese hackers'
93 Microsoft cuts another 2,100 jobs as it nears 18,000 target
94 A skin printer and bee health-checker win Dyson awards
95 Puppet Labs: US software firm creates 100 jobs in Belfast
96 Hiding currency in the Dark Wallet
97 India's farmers beating climate change with technology
98 Can Alibaba's kung fu culture floor its global rivals?
99 eBay redirect attack puts buyers' credentials at risk
100 Rockefellers to switch investments to 'clean energy'
101 'Why I bet 900k pounds on the Scottish referendum'
102 Oxford entry more transparent, says outgoing admissions head
103 Heads reject Ofsted's poor classroom behaviour claims
104 Call to offer HPV vaccine to boys
105 Thousands of Hong Kong students start week-long boycott
106 Early years education improvements planned in Wales
107 School Reporters react to referendum result
108 NHS whistleblowing 'problems persist'
109 Peanut allergies: 'Roasted worse than raw nuts'
110 Ebola outbreak: How Liberia lost its handshake