File Title
1 Microplastic Pollution Discovered in St. Lawrence River Sediments
2 Sandia Magnetized Fusion Technique Produces Significant Results
3 Expert Pitch: Expert: Texas Tech Professor Leading Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Research
4 U.S. Army Looks to Daphne Yao to Provide a More Secure Cyber Space
5 Asteroid Named for University of Utah
6 UW-madison Team Developing 'Tissue Chip' to Screen Neurological Toxins
7 Dying Brain Cells Cue New Brain Cells to Grow in Songbird
8 Case Western Reserve University on Track to Become No. 1 Synchrotron Lab in World
9 A Step in the Right Direction to Avoid Falls
10 Flying Doctor Bees to Prevent Cherry Disease
11 New Mobile Solar Unit is Designed to Save Lives When the Power Goes Out
12 Animal Physiology: A Looking Glass into Health, Disease and Environmental Adaptation
13 New Technique Reveals a Role for Histones in Cell Division
14 UF/IFAS Team Part of NSF Effort to Study Least Understood, Oldest Fungi
15 Can Cartoons Be Used to Teach Machines to Understand the Visual World?
16 Water Research Tackles Growing Grassland Threat: Trees
17 Strategic or Random? How the Brain Chooses
18 New Protein Players Found in Key Disease-related Metabolic Pathway
19 Surprising Diversity of Antibody Family Provides Clues for HIV Vaccine Design
20 Biologists Try to Dig Endangered Pupfish Out of Its Hole
21 Dinosaur Family Tree Gives Fresh Insight into Rapid Rise of Birds
22 Blackout? Robots to the Rescue
23 UIC to Help Bring Women, Minorities into Computer Science
24 Cloudy with a Chance of...Solar Flares?
25 New UT Dallas Technology May Lead to Prolonged Power in Mobile Devices
26 Got Power?
27 Texas Tech Wind Researchers Receive $1.4 Million for Innovative Project
28 Great Elephant Survey to Commence in Mozambique
29 You Are in Command as NRAO's 'Milky Way Explorer' Tours the Solar System
30 ORNL Team First to Fully Sequence Bacterial Genome Important to Fuel and Chemical Production
31 Air Force Reserve, Army units collaborate on World War II chapel renovations
32 ORNL Researcher Is Working to Predict Electric Power Blackouts Before They Happen
33 ORNL Researchers Develop 'Autotune' Software to Make It Quicker, Easier and Cheaper to Model Energy Use of Buildings
34 Tooth Buried in Bone Shows Prehistoric Predators Tangled Across Land, Sea Boundaries
35 Increasing Nitrogen-fixing Capacity of Soybeans
36 Supersensitive Nanodevice Can Detect Extremely Early Cancers
37 Tooth Serves as Evidence of 220 Million-year-old Attack
38 The National Science Foundation Funds Three Penn State Teams to Study Two-dimensional Materials
39 In-flight Sensor Tests a Step Toward Structural Health Monitoring for Safer Flights
40 UF/IFAS Researcher Continues Quest for Peanut that Won't Cause Allergic Reaction
41 Unlocking Enzyme Synthesis of Rare Sugars to Create Drugs with Fewer Side Effects
42 October Blizzard in Midwest Not Attributable to Climate Change
43 Two Ivory Poachers Arrested Near Elephant Stronghold in Mozambique
44 Wayne State Research Aims to Develop New, More Efficient Catalytic Materials
45 Study Reveals New Clues to Understand Brain Stimulation
46 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Shed Light on Cause of Spastic Paraplegia
47 Deceptive-Looking Vortex Line in Superfluid Led to Twice-mistaken Identity
48 How Do Lawyers Matter? Study Explores the Question for Low-income Litigants
49 Mountain Pine Beetles Get a Bad Rap for Wildfires, Study Says
50 Mymetics' Promising HIV Vaccine Candidate Obtains Funding to Begin Study at Texas Biomedical Research Institute
51 Operation Deep Freeze Main Body Season Starts this Week
52 Virginia Tech's Pruden Receives Innovation Award and $100,000 for Her Work in Water Quality
53 Fuel Cell-powered Mobile Lights Tested, Proven, Ready for Commercial Use
54 Florida's Climate Boosts Soil-carbon Storage, Cuts Greenhouse Emissions
55 Air Force Reservist Trades Computer for Parachute
56 Major Bust of Indonesia Manta Ray Dealer
57 More Waters May Deserve Federal Protection, Study Suggests
58 DNA Signature Found in Ice Storm Babies
59 Laser-guided Herds of Sea Monkeys Show how Zooplankton Migrations May Affect Global Ocean Currents
60 Taking Thin Films to the Extreme
61 Unexpected New Mechanism Reveals How Molecules Become Trapped in Ice
62 Weizmann Scientists Identify the Signature of Aging in the Brain
63 Untangling the Maze, Imaging the Fetus
64 Revisiting Stokes Drift: Waves of the Future
65 UA Researchers Develop Novel Method for Making Electrical Cellulose Fibers
66 Improving Babies' Language Skills Before They're Even Old Enough to Speak
67 Ethical Filament: Can Fair Trade Plastic Save People and the Planet?
68 Microbes in Central Park Soil: If They Can Make It There, They Can Make It Anywhere
69 Iowa State Physicists Among Teams Preparing for New Energy Department Supercomputer
70 Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize Can Help with Exercise
71 Researcher Creating Shape-shifting Material Geared for Correcting Facial Defects
72 Stressed Out: Research Sheds New Light on Why Rechargeable Batteries Fail
73 Why Wet Feels Wet: Understanding the Illusion of Wetness
74 Brookhaven and the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment
75 'Stealth' Nanoparticles Could Improve Cancer Vaccines
76 Hide & Seek: Sterile Neutrinos Remain Elusive
77 Genetic Secrets of the Monarch Butterfly Revealed
78 Dog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways
79 Ancient Sabertooth Cats May Have Used Their Jaws like a Can-opener
80 MRSA Biofilms in Joint Fluid Make Infections Tough to Tackle
81 Grafted Stem Cells Display Vigorous Growth in Spinal Cord Injury Model
82 Spiders: Survival of the Fittest Group
83 Climate Change, Cosmic Dust, Fish-inspired Wind Farms and DARPA's Post-GPS Push
84 Seed Science Might Save the World
85 HHS Releases 13th Report on Carcinogens
86 Earthquake alone could not have generated such high waves
87 Diet Affects Mix of Intestinal Bacteria and the Risk of Inflammatory Bone Disease
88 New Technology Isolates Tumor Cells from Blood to Optimize Cancer Therapy
89 Ancient Protein-making Enzyme Moonlights as DNA Protector
90 Physicist Turns Smartphones into Pocket Cosmic Ray Detectors
91 Satellite map reveals secrets of the sea floor
92 Curiosity puts brain in state to learn
93 Fly above curtains of colour
94 Saturn's rings reveal how to make a moon
95 NASA Rover Opportunity's selfie shows clean machine
96 NASA's Kepler discovers first Earth-size planet in the 'habitable zone' of another star
97 Internet use can help ward off depression among elderly
98 Doubts surface over climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue
99 Controlling the weather with a dressed laser
100 Vitamin B3 might have been made in space, delivered to Earth by meteorites
101 Researchers find 3-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland ice sheet
102 A cross-section of the universe
103 'Exotic' material is like a switch when super thin
104 Testing protocols in Internet of Things by a formal passive technique
105 Old tires become material for new and improved roads
106 Impact glass stores biodata for millions of years
107 Scientists successfully use krypton to accurately date ancient Antarctic ice
108 Progress made in developing nanoscale electronics
109 For an immune cell, microgravity mimics aging
110 A new key to unlocking the mysteries of physics? Quantum turbulence