File Title
1 Have cosmologists lost their minds in the multiverse?
2 Astronomers Create First Realistic Virtual Universe
3 Proving uncertainty: New insight into old problem
4 Liquid spacetime
5 Physicists consider implications of recent revelations about the universe's first light
6 BOSS quasars track the expanding universe--most precise measurement yet
7 Creating virtual universes
8 These aren't the voids you're looking for
9 Probing the edge of chaos
10 A forgotten model of the universe
11 Einstein's conversion from a static to an expanding universe
12 Massive neutrinos solve a cosmological conundrum
13 Massive Galaxy Cluster Verifies Predictions of Cosmological Theory
14 ISS MAXI-mizing our understanding of the universe
15 Newly discovered three-star system to challenge Einstein's theory of General Relativity
16 Recipe for a Universe
17 Collapse of the universe is closer than ever before
18 Scientists Seek Other Scientists for Cosmology Problem
19 Stanford researchers show how universe's violent youth seeded cosmos with iron
20 Researchers say they used MacBook to prove Goedel's God theorem
21 Big Black Holes Can Block New Stars
22 Hungry black hole eats faster than thought possible
23 Big surprises can come in small packages
24 Mysterious quasar sequence explained
25 NASA's RXTE Satellite Decodes the Rhythm of an Unusual Black Hole
26 All-You-Can-Eat at the End of the Universe
27 Astrophysicists Detect Destruction of Three Stars by Black Holes
28 Mysterious black holes may be exploding into 'white holes'
29 Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of galaxy
30 Black hole trio holds promise for gravity wave hunt
31 Astronomers pierce galactic clouds to shine light on black hole development
32 Swiftly Moving Gas Streamer Eclipses Supermassive Black Hole
33 Turbulent Black Holes
34 Surprisingly strong magnetic fields challenge black holes' pull
35 Black Hole 'Batteries' Keep Blazars Going and Going
36 Mars Orbiter Image Shows Comet Nucleus is Small
37 Mars Odyssey Orbiter Watches Comet Fly Near
38 MAVEN Studies Passing Comet and Its Effects
39 China to send orbiter to moon and back: report
40 Russia to Orbit 9 MilCom Satellites by 2020
41 Development of software for electronic warfare resumes
42 Northrop Grumman Debuts Low-Cost Terminals to Protect US Warfighters
43 'Space bubbles' may have aided enemy in fatal Afghan battle
44 Space control Airmen ensure constant communication
45 Physicists build reversible laser tractor beam
46 Cree Power Modules Revolutionize Inverter Platform for Power Generation Systems
47 Revving up fluorescence for superfast LEDs
48 New Absorber Will Lead to Better Biosensors
49 Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics
50 Lego-like modular components make building 3-D 'labs-on-a-chip' a snap
51 Novel capability enables first test of real turbine engine conditions
52 Cutting the cloud computing carbon cost
53 New Family of Materials for Energy-Efficient Information Storage and Processing
54 Changing temperature powers sensors in hard-to-reach places
55 Ultrasensitive Biosensor from Molybdenite Semiconductor Outshines Graphene
56 Scientists craft atomically seamless semiconductor junctions
57 Scientists uncover clues to role of magnetism in iron-based superconductors
58 Increasing cosmic radiation a danger for Mars missions
59 Mars One--and done?
60 Humans may only survive 68 days on Mars: study
61 MIT study finds 'Mars One' passengers could die of starvation
62 Humans to Mars a Principle of Space Exploration
63 First LDSD Test Flight a Success
64 NASA plans to colonize Mars
65 US Congress and Obama administration face obstacles in Mars 2030 project
66 NASA's human spaceflight program doomed to fail: study
67 NASA Should Maintain Long-Term Focus on Mars as "Horizon Goal"
68 LDSD Testing for Large Payloads to Mars
69 When fantasy becomes reality: first seeds to be planted soon on Mars
70 NASA wants greenhouse on Mars by 2021
71 ISS research shows that hardy little space travelers could colonize Mars
72 1980s aircraft helps quantum technology take flight
73 Rare 'baby rattle' molecules reveal new quantum properties of H2O and H2
74 Getting sharp images from dull detectors
75 Failing was fun: Japan Nobel winner
76 A Quick Look at Electron-Boson Coupling
77 Novel approach to magnetic measurements atom-by-atom
78 A piece of work by NUP/UPNA researchers demonstrates various ways for controlling light in the terahertz frequency range
79 Uncovering the forbidden side of molecules
80 Chemical bond between a superheavy element and a carbon atom established
81 Two-dimensional electron liquids
82 Single laser stops molecular tumbling motion instantly
83 Cool Calculations for Cold Atoms
84 Technique uses fraction of measurements to find quantum wave functions
85 Removing the outcome unpredictability of ultracold atomic reactions
86 First Indirect Evidence of So-Far Undetected Strange Baryons
87 A study of possible extended symmetries of field theoretic systems
88 Disney tops and yo-yos with stable spins despite asymmetric shapes
89 Electrons moving in a magnetic field exhibit strange quantum behavior
90 Watching Schrodinger's cat die (or come to life)
91 Finding quantum lines of desire
92 Scientists separate a particle from its properties
93 Measuring the Smallest Magnets
94 Is the Universe a Bubble? Let's Check
95 Ferromagnetism at 230 K found in diluted magnetic semiconductor
96 Reigning in chaos in particle colliders yields big results
97 Researchers Detect Smallest Force Ever Measured
98 Time-traveling photons connect general relativity to quantum mechanics
99 Laser Physics upside down
100 Long-range tunneling of quantum particles
101 Viewing deeper into the quantum world
102 Exotic Particle Confirmed
103 Controlling Complex Systems Comprising Many Quantum Particles
104 WSU researchers confirm 60-year-old prediction of atomic behavior
105 Toronto physicists take quantum leap toward ultra-precise measurement
106 'Star Trek' teleportation style works on sub-atomic particles
107 Satellites for smart logging
108 UK Space Agency report reveals continued growth of UK space sector
109 In a first, astronomers map comets around another star
110 Getting to Know Super-Earths
111 Astronomers Spot Faraway Uranus-Like Planet
112 NASA's Hubble Maps the Temperature and Water Vapor on an Extreme Exoplanet
113 Hubble project maps temperature, water vapor on wild exoplanet