File Title
1 Hypertension may be initiated by an autoimmune response
2 Men who improve their fitness levels can hold off development of hypertension
3 The relationship between milk and dairy consumption and disease risk
4 Your daily sandwich may be chewing up nearly 50% of your sodium allowance
5 Early intervention may benefit preschoolers who stutter
6 A deadly strain of meningitis is rising in the UK--international charity says these deaths are preventable
7 Ultrasound revealing secrets of deadly abdominal aortic aneurysms
8 Surgeons at NewYork-presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital save a newborn's life with the support of 3-D printing
9 Researchers uncover molecular pathway possibly leading to better treatments for bipolar affective disorder
10 Study shows inpatient palliative care reduces hospital costs and readmissions
11 FDA approves Esbriet to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
12 FDA approves Ofev to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
13 New perspectives for development of an RSV vaccine
14 New study finds that orange maize improves vitamin A in children
15 Researchers develop new cells meant to form blood vessels, treat peripheral artery disease
16 Survey shows 43 percent of americans ages 40 and older have experienced symptoms of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
17 Rare genetic disease protects against bipolar disorder
18 Benefits, risks of yoga for bipolar disorder: survey results
19 Patient needs for palliative care not being met by US health system
20 Palliative care not available for many patients with terminal cancer
21 FDA approves first drug-coated angioplasty balloon catheter to treat vascular disease
22 Researchers reach 'paradigm shift' in understanding potassium channels
23 Neglected tropical diseases--looking at Ebola through a different lens
24 Drug-resistant candida glabrata infection in cancer patients
25 Seroprevalence of norovirus genogroup IV antibodies among humans, Italy, 2010-2011
26 Legionnaires' disease incidence and risk factors, New York, USA, 2002-2011
27 New research highlights public demand for health technology to combat obesity epidemic
28 AstraZeneca launches Fit2Me, a free customized diet and lifestyle support program for people with type 2 diabetes
29 Novel RNAi-based therapy for anemia stimulates liver to produce EPO
30 Public Health in the 21st Century
31 Ebola: CDC expands passenger notification
32 Rising energy drink consumption may pose a threat to public health, says WHO
33 Polyunsaturated fats 'lower bad cholesterol' during weight gain
34 Phototherapy safe for skin conditions in elderly patients
35 Eating breakfast reduces cravings, overeating
36 Awareness of 'sudden unexpected death in epilepsy' low among patients
37 Scientists claim myelin production is crucial for learning new skills
38 Sugary soda drinks linked to cell aging
39 Seniors 'comfortable with aging' are more likely to attend health screenings
40 Personalized ovarian cancer vaccines set for human trials
41 The digital age of medicine: cadavers still best choice for learning anatomy
42 Silicon Valley offers egg freezing to employees--but is it safe?
43 Nodding syndrome may be spread by blackflies
44 Precise triggers mapped that activate and neutralize brain cell networks
45 Morphine-epilepsy drug combo can result in less pain, lower opioid doses
46 Genetic test would help 'cut bowel cancer spread'
47 New cancer drug target involving lipid chemical messengers
48 Destroying chemo-resistant ovarian cancer cells
49 Experimental therapy stopped the metastasis of breast and ovarian cancers in lab mice
50 Malaria severity influenced by five human genes, say researchers
51 Higgs Boson Data Becomes Musical Masterpiece
52 Rogue Winds Put Humans on Earth's Remote Islands
53 From Dinosaur Arms to Bird Wings, an Evolutionary Twist
54 Manhattan's Central Park a Microbe Goldmine
55 The Secrets of Fibromyalgia Slowly Revealed
56 New Ocean Map Reveals Secrets of the Sea
57 Is Wetness Just an Illusion?
58 Making Biofuel Cheaper: New Yeast Strategy
59 Cerebellum Growth Explosion Made Man from Monkey
60 Kinshasa: the Origin of Aids
61 Meet the World's First Solar Battery
62 Ant Bigheadedness Makes for Powerful Army
63 A Mother's Love: Brain's Response to Child vs. Dog
64 One Step Oxygen Formation: A Promise of Terraforming?
65 Snowflake Networks Make for the Best Tech
66 Curiosity a Key to Learning
67 Historic Paisley Caves Are a National Treasure
68 Frequent Coffee Drinkers Are Often 'Cold Hearted'
69 Over 400 Gene Regions Influence Height: Study
70 Frog Fungus: Researchers Decode a Deadly Disease
71 Scientists Go Under the Sea to Explore Ancient Settlements
72 For Plants, More Stress Means Stronger Offspring
73 Scientists Want to Improve Photosynthesis, but is that a Good Idea?
74 Dino Diets Helpful at the Dinner Table
75 Indonesia Cave Paintings Rewrite History of Human Art
76 Venezuela's First Dino Predator Unearthed, and He's a Survivor
77 Ancient Rhino Relatives Were Actually Swimmers
78 Oxygen-thieving Material Could Help us Breathe Underwater
79 Yeast: Why People (and Flies) Love Beer
80 Leaves and Violins Evolved in the Same Fashion
81 Seaweed: Fuel and Food of the Future
82 Scientists Scour Ancient Roman 'Titanic' for Artifacts
83 'Love Hormone' Utterly Rules Female Sexual Attraction
84 Scientists Discover Southwest US is a Methane 'Hot Spot'
85 Near-death Experiences Could Be Real
86 Icebergs Once Frequented Florida?!
87 Floor Mosaic Adds to Mystery of Ancient Greek Tomb
88 Camel Captures Google Street View of Liwa Desert [VIDEO]
89 Territorial Hawk Attacks Drone Quadcopter, Highlights Potential Amazon Setback? [VIDEO]
90 Magnetic Mirrors Light the Way for New Technologies
91 Could We Already Have an Alternative to LEDs?
92 Australia's Volcanic Mystery Has Been Solved
93 Ancient Figure-eight Creatures Related to Humans?
94 Narcissists Know Themselves Well
95 Milky Way Secretly Steals from Nearby Dwarf Galaxies
96 Saturn's Wobbly Moon Hints at a Secret Sea
97 Send Your Name to Mars on Orion's First Flight
98 NASA Reveals Some of Sun's Secrets
99 Drone Offers Glimpse into Life of Wild Orcas
100 Some Gluten Free Foods Could Contain Arsenic
101 Is Ebola Immunity Real? How it Could Help the World
102 Mystery Sea Creature with 100 Arms Flummoxes Fisherman [VIDEO]
103 Warming World Reshapes Cast of Winter Birds in Northeast
104 Entomologist Finds Largest Spider in the Amazon, Lives to Tell the Tale
105 GMO Feed is NOT Hurting Our Livestock, Say Researchers
106 Toxic Toads Leap Straight to Invade New Grounds Faster
107 Leaving Our Mark: The Age of Humans
108 Fish and Mirrors: a Major Flaw in Aggression Studies
109 Sun's Activity Impacts Ozone, Regional Climate
110 Iron Age Chariot Discovery the 'Find of a Lifetime'